Temperature-tickling at the BoM

climate nob smallThere is a scandal you wouldn’t have heard too much about it via the ABC nor seen covered in the Fairfax press, first because The Age and Sydney Morning Herald just aren’t read (or edited) by sensible people these days, and second, because both newspapers have pointedly avoided giving the topic any ink. Nevertheless, the Bureau of Meteorology’s habit of “homogenising” temperature data and then claiming its figures reflect real-world conditions presents a prima facie case for an official inquiry.

What these adjustments mean, according to Dr Jennifer Marohasy, is that cooling trends evident in specific weather stations’ long-standing and meticulous records suddenly become — hey presto! — “evidence” of global warming. The next time the BoM announces that Australia has survived yet another “angry summer”, rogue winter, squealing spring or whatever tag some weather-woe PR specialist dreams up,  know that the BoM’s numbers have been credibly challenged and the response so far has been a dismissive sneer at meddlesome outsiders.

As Marohasy puts it, citing one example:

“The Bureau of Meteorology includes Rutherglen in a network of stations that it uses to report on regional and national temperatures. But it doesn’t report on the temperature values as recorded at Rutherglen. It first remodels them. Through this process the mean annual minium temperature trend is changed from cooling of 0.35 degree celsius per century to warming of 1.73 degree celsius per century. That’s a pretty large change in both magnitude and direction.”

Environment Minister Greg Hunt may not have been fully briefed on Marohasy’s insistence that she has found clear evidence of temperature-tickling, and perhaps this explains why he has not so far ordered an inquiry to establish if an institution that was once, like the CSIRO, amongst Australia’s most trusted has been corrupted by the pursuit of warmist dollars. If the minister has been getting his news only from Fairfax and the ABC, he really should find ten spare minutes to hear Marohasy make her case, as she does to Alan Jones.

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