A Sunday roasting…

god headstoneThe existence of God is a possibility that has seen chins wagged and brows furrowed for quite some centuries, with the latest wave of assaults on theism attracting a crew of particularly sneering and acerbic sloganeers. If the much-feted and showcased ABC guest Richard Dawkins springs immediately to mind, hold that mental image while reading California academic Dr Edward Feser’s critique of “the New Atheists”.

The depth of the New Atheist writers’ ignorance of the actual content of the philosophical and religious ideas they attack is matched only by the breathtaking condescension and nastiness with which they attack them. Dawkins and Co. were asking for a little abuse.

If there is a Supreme Being, he must surely love fools above all other of His creations. Why else would He have made so many of them?

Follow the link below for the full text of Feser’s critique.

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