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Suffer the little children

While the gender clinic at the Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital continues dishing out the hormones and puberty blockers, in other jurisdictions trans ideologues in white coats have wormed and wriggled around laws restricting such ‘treatments’. In City Journal, Christopher Rufo reports how Texas Children’s Hospital appears to have broken the law in its ‘treatments’ for children and how Joe Biden’s Justice Department pursued a whistle-blowing nurse:

…Some years ago, Vanessa Sivadge thought she had it made, having just accepted a position as a registered nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital. She had wanted to be a nurse since high school and felt a sense of joy in helping children.

But her feelings toward Texas Children’s didn’t last. Beginning in 2021, Sivadge saw a dramatic rise in the number of “transgender children” treated at the hospital. These patients struggled with various problems: depression, anxiety, addiction, suicide attempts, physical abuse, and discomfort with puberty. But rather than deal with these underlying psychological conditions, Sivadge says, doctors at the hospital would diagnose them with “gender dysphoria” and assign them to a regimen of “gender-affirming care.”

The practice made Sivadge recoil. “In the cardiac clinic, we were taking sick kids and making them better,” she says. “In the transgender clinic, it was the opposite. We were harming these kids”…

In the latest Quadrant, physician John Whitehall addresses the truth of “gender affirming care” and its often tragic consequences.

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