He stands on his record


Dylan Voller (above), the oft-convicted pin-up thug at Their ABC, is drawing financial support via a GoFundMe page. It tells us that he

…has hit the road this week on a national campaign for justice and basic Indigenous human rights in Australia.

Dylan is on a journey “around Australia to meet people and share story’s (sic) gather ideas” and intends to “finish this trip and arrive in Canberra on invasion day, the day we suffer”.

Since being released from detention, Dylan has become a centre-point for Indigenous rights in Australia. He has become connected with long time Indigenous rights leaders and is ready to pick up the fight.

All very inspiring and no doubt ABCers will be contributing generously, that being the least they can do after spooking a prime minister with their 4Corners beatup and consequently saddling taxpayers with the cost of a royal commission which recommended the closure of a youth detention centre that was being closed anyway.

Fair enough. The Left loves a cause, and the ABC-approved miscreant has raised $2,530 of his $5000 target.

But not all the contributions to the fund-raising page will be quite so valued by the young man who now sees himself as a champion of civil rights and racial equality. Two days ago, a poster going by the name of Shannon Petty puckishly added this information to Voller’s GoFundMe page and his public biography:

…Assault and aggravated assault Oct 2009 • Two counts unlawfully damaging property Dec 2009 • Armed with an offensive weapon Feb 2010 • Stealing, unlawfully damaging property and unlawfully using a motor vehicle April 2010 • Drive a vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public Sep 2010 • Five aggravated assaults Apr, Oct and Nov 2010 • Three counts breach good behaviour bond Dec 2010 • Aggravated assault, disorderly behaviour in a police station, resist police Jan 2011 • Seven breaches of good behaviour orders Mar 2011 • Assault a member of the public service Mar 2011 • Unlawfully damage property Mar 2011 • Aggravated assault, being armed with an offensive weapon Apr 2011 • Two assaults on members of the public service May 2011 • 6 breaches of good behaviour orders Jun 2011 • Assault and damage property Jul 2011 • Damage property Aug 2011 • Assault a member of the public service Oct 2011 • Aggravated assault Oct 2011 • Assault a member of the public service Nov 2011 • Assault a member of the police force Nov 2011 • Two counts of unreasonably cause substantial annoyance Nov 2011 • Assault against a member of the public service. Dec 2011, Jan 2012, Jan 2012 • Damage property Jan 2012 • Assault a member of the public service Aug 2012 • Driving recklessly and disqualified from driving Oct 2012 • Aggravated assault Oct 2012 – [Causing BLINDNESS] • Assault a member of the police force Dec 2012 • Assault a member of the public service, hinder police, damage property Jan 2013 • Attempted robbery Feb 2014 • Aggravated robbery Feb 2014 • Recklessly endangering serious harm to a police officer Feb 2014.

The GoFundMe page can be viewed via this link or the one below.

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