Ssssshhhh! Don’t mention Islam

ABC HEDGod knows how many West African Christians reside in the federal seat of Parramatta, currently represented by Labor’s Julie Owens, but it is a certain bet they are vastly outnumbered by Islam’s adherents, who seem likewise to have voted overwhelmingly against gay marriage in that electorate and neighbouring seats. Now you might think a news editor would direct his or her reporters to have a word with representatives of the much larger community, the one whose sheer weight of numbers, it is safe to assume, saw homosexual marriage rejected by overwhelming majorities in Western Sydney. In the seat of Watson, which includes the Mini Mecca of Lakemba and is represented by Yes backer Tony Burke, No votes came in at a very nearly a national high of 69.6%.

But no, that wouldn’t be the way of the ABC, whose report on this morning’s AM remained true to the national broadcaster’s habit of glossing over the Religion of Peace’s™ more problematic aspects.

Instead of paying a call on Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, who has preached against homosexuality and whose Fairfield office is at the epicentre of Western Sydney’s No voters, reporter Antoinette Lattouf  interviewed … yes, you guessed it … an African Christian! Her broadcast references Islam only once — and that came not from her lips but those of an interview subject who mentioned in passing that, like his fellow Christian congregants, Muslims are no big fans of homosexuals, let alone recognising their right to marry. The ABC’s headline, reproduced above, captures this don’t-mention-Islam approach in ten short words.

What a pity the report wasn’t more “inclusive”, as multiculturalism’s advocates like to say. How much more compelling and enlightening might the segment have been if Ms Lattouf had made mention of Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, a Lamemba Mosque preacher and honoured guest at PM Malcolm Turnbull’s infamous 2016 Iftar dinner at Kirribilli? Those with more useful memories than ABC reporters and producers will recall the Sheik was subsequently reported as endorsing death as the remedy for homosexuality and stoning the solution to adultery.

This latest example of the selective reporting Australian taxpayer’s get for $1.2 billion a year can be heard via this link or the one below.

UPDATE: Andrew Bolt notes ABC-TV’s similar approach.

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