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Joanne Hackett’s recent Quadrant piece, Saving Australia, one bumper sticker at a time, has launched something of a movement, with orders pouring in for the updated range of stickers shown above, including the last one for the front bumber. She writes:
“Orders for the bumper stickers continue. To date, 1,600 stickers have been sent to postal addresses across Australia.
Interestingly, WA has the largest demand. Many people are sending queries to the contact email address for the stickers, The majority of comments tend to be heartfelt thanks for providing an avenue for people to object to the woke wave of manipulative Aboriginal activism. Others are almost tearful apologies for being too scared to make a stand for fear of retribution and accusations of racism.
We have come to a sad and worrying place when Australians are cowered into silence by the activism of a vocal mob. As for racism, most Australians, like me, believe all Australians should be treated equally, without fear or favour. The real racists are those who want to include in our Constitution that one race of people, the Aborigine, be given privileges not given to any other Australian. That is racist.”

To order stickers, please contact me via

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  • NarelleG says:

    Great work Joanna.
    Sadly some of us live in areas where we cannot display on our cars. :/

  • lhackett01 says:

    More than 1,200 stickers have now been distributed across Australia. Yes, many people are too scared to make a stand. Nobody wants their car damaged by someone who disapproves of the sticker messages. However, the stickers can be placed in many other locations. Remember the statement attributed to Edmund Burke: ‘All it takes for evil to triumpf is for good men to do nothing.”

  • lhackett01 says:

    ‘triumpf’?? triumph!!

    Now, 1,600 stickers distributed.

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