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At The Pipeline, Michael Walsh reflects on our modern day Napoleons … or perhaps that should be Josephines:

…. this is the lunatic world we currently live in, thanks in large part to the tolerance brigade, which demands that normal people (and yes, there are such things) tolerate and even encourage mental illness on a hitherto unimagined scale—as a glance at the mentally ill people who post their psychological problems on TikTok and Twitter for all the world to admire plainly indicates. Never mind the damage this does to impressionable and insecure young people, some of whom have killed themselves after being pressured into “transitioning.”

Time was when demanding that humanity address you as Napoleon bought you a trip to the funny farm; today, psycho-sexual mini-emperors lord it over the rest of society and demand to be indulged and given prizes.

It seems some of those ‘psycho-sexual mini-emperors’, or their courtiers at any rate, have landed jobs vetting reader comments at The Australian, as Quadrant subscriber Kathleen Fry noted while passing along several of her rejected posts on the current transmania. One of them — a respectful observation, one would think if not a newly hired recent journalism school grad — is reproduced below:

A change in the current testosterone level requirement will not alter the fact that even with newer rules about transgender competitors women will still have to compete against a male’s broad frame, narrower pelvis, greater musculature and more capacious heart and lungs.  These all develop in males during puberty and continue into early adulthood to grow and change.

Men who ‘feel’ they are women are not actually women.  They should be treated with courtesy as per their desires where it is simply a matter of social acceptance of their personal choice.  But we need to be able to say, without censorship, that trans women are not born women in a physiological sense and they should not compete in physical events with born women.

Ms Fry isn’t the only one questioning The Australian‘s thinking in hiring a legion of woke censors to moderate the posted thoughts of a readership generally inclined to a conservative view of politics, society and the world.

To comment on this post or share spiked comments The Australian‘s woke kiddies have deemed beyond the pale follow this link.


  • GaryR

    Yes, one wonders if the real editors at The Australian have any idea what the commentary screeners are doing.
    It has become a bit of a game for me to try to cast a comment in such a way as to enable it to get through while still making the point. But I am clearly not very good at it, as illustrated just today by the following rejected comment on a breathless piece titled ‘ANU, Bond at top of sex shaming ranking’ :

    “Apart from ‘unwanted touching and hugging’, which is clearly harassment and, at the extreme, criminal, the criteria look more like that age-old game called boy tries to meet girl (or vice versa).”

    It was a prompted by the failure of the article to question even slightly the survey methodology, despite the controversy about an earlier such survey. (See article by Bettina Arndt in Quadrant.)

  • john2

    Ah, it is good to see that a group therapy session is being set up for those of us who are left livid at being rejected by TheOz’s comment censors. This has happened to me on numerous occasions during the late disturbance known as the “pandemic”. Whilst in the thick of it all, views considered unprintable included:
    – anything that could be construed as questioning the efficacy or safety of the vaccines;
    – any attempt at registering a more accurate estimate of the anti-mandate protest crowd sizes than the woeful and risible gross under-estimates provided by the “authorities”; and, of course,
    – any line that expressed even the mildest disapproval of the coercive no-jab-no-job policies of governments and of public and private sector employers.
    All of this was mere insult added to the injury of selective reporting, non-reporting and negative reporting on pandemic-related issues at odds with the mainstream narrative.
    Of course, now a careful recalibration and self-rehabilitation process is underway whereby TheOz, in common with its MSM brethren attempts to slowly walk back its shameful positioning and conduct during the pandemic, hoping we will forget how egregious it all was. Down the Memory Hole, as it were…

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