Seven questions for Greg Hunt

marohasyBiologist and blogger Jen Marohasy (left) is watching the mail for a response from the Environment Minister to her queries about the means and methods used by the Bureau of Meteorology to produce, year after year, those unrelentingly alarmist epistles. You know the sort: we’ve never known it hotter, the planet is baking, we’re all in lots of sweaty trouble etc etc etc.

Among the things about the BoM that intrigue Marohasy:

  • why does it use 1910 as the start date for the official temperature record, ignoring earlier decades’ worth of reliable records?
  • the locations of the actual stations used to calculate the 2013 average mean temperature anomaly


  • Given potential for conflicts of interest, could the Australian Bureau of Statistics, rather than the BoM, be tasked with interpreting the historical temperature record?

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