alfred e obama smallThe US military gets a bad rap from time to time, accused by the likes of Edward Luttwak of preparing for the last war while forever being caught on the hop by the present one, lambasted by congressmen for buying $600 toilet seats and, of current interest to Australian taxpayers, for pumping billions of dollars into gold-plated hangar queens. One thing on which the US military cannot be faulted, however, is the good manners of its military colleges’ students. President Obama’s visit this week to the Coast Guard Academy, where he welcomed graduates to their country’s service, makes the case.

In the Middle East, evidence of US impotence is rampant. How ever did ISIS manage to stage a full-fledged victory parade, in broad daylight no less, without seeing its festivities dispersed by loads of laser-guided bombs? Obama may know the answer to that; then again, maybe not. With this President, any cause that demands more than a bombardment of TelePromptered cliches probably isn’t going to get off the ground. So Obama dodged mentioning that situation, and the mess in Libya, plus the likelihood of a nuclear-armed Iran, and a good many other of his ongoing debacles.

Instead, he identified the real enemy: catastrophic climate change.

To their immense credit, not one of the Coast Guard graduates laughed out loud.

Obama’s defence of warmism and its rent-seekers can watched in full via the link below.

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