The scum also rises

leak apologistDeath brings maggots and Bill Leak’s demise has been no exception to the rule. Within minutes of news breaking that he had been carried off by a massive heart attack at 61, the usual scum was floating in a froth of jubilation from the bottom of Twitter’s  cesspit. As experience tells us to expect, those who profess to care most about their fellow man are always eager to demonstrate just how very deeply they hate. Below, the first thoughts of creatures whose bylines you may know.

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Michael Lucy, online editor at The Monthly:leak tweet 1Pulp science fiction novelist and pink-slipped Fairfax columnist John Birmingham tries to be noticed

leak birminghamPaul Kidd, a gay hissy-fitter, who lists his recreations, when not shrieking to see the repeal of laws making it illegal to transmit HIV, as “golf and masturbation”.leak kiddRead Eureka Street, underwritten by the Jesuits, and you realise they don’t make Jacks like they used to. Eureka Street (and ABC) favoured opinionator Fatima Measham

leak meashamPlaywright, finishing-school gal and Australia Council grant recipient Nakkiah Lui

leak luiAmy Gray, Fairfax/Guardian opinionator

leak grayK Thor Jensen, an American with presumptions to being a cartoonist, decided to do some corpse-kicking from the other side of the Pacific. Check our Jensen’s cartooning to see why he might resent someone with talent

thorSonia Nair, who once worked for the journalist’s union:

leak nairFairfaxer Jenny Noyes, one of the Daily Life harpies,

leak noyesIt’s all there on Twitter, if you have the stomach to observe an onanists’ collective doing what they do best and most often.

Or you can follow the link below and read Mark Steyn’s tribute to a great man, Bill Leak.

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