The real foe: global warming

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There were times over the past century when Australian soldiers tackled the Kaiser’s hordes, the sons of Nippon,  Pyongyang’s human waves, Uncle Ho’s legions and, more recently, the misogynist weird beards of Afghanistan. Enemies have changed, however, as new ADF chief Angus Campbell explained at the Adelaide Convention Centre on September 6, 2016. He wasn’t going on about the shame of seeking martial inspiration from Spartans, which is his more recent theme. No, the real enemy is the weather.

From that address:

“The instability I refer to is global.  It is being caused by climate change associated with global warming” …

“For the first time in mankind’s history our planet may become unsuitable for habitation in many of the places where large populations presently live… 

“The cost of inaction on climate change is estimated as a 23% decrease in global GDP by 2100. By way of contrast, the cost of action is estimated as a 1.6% decrease by 2050…

“… over 500,000 people from the small Pacific and Indian Ocean island states will be impacted as island states may well become uninhabitable between 2050 and 2100…

“Armed forces have their role to play in response to climate change.”

For Zeg’s thoughts on what the heirs of ANZAC must now combat, follow this link or the one below.

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