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Political tip: Never, ever tell the truth

The news from London — not entirely unexpected — is the sacking of Suella Braverman, now the ex-home secretary, by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who took umbrage at her observation British police have one set of rules for Hamas supporters and a different set for civilised sorts who object to their streets ringing with demands for blood and more dead Jews.

The upside is that Ms Braverman’s departure to the backbench will give her more time and opportunity to work on speeches like the one below. For those short on time, skip straight to the six-minute mark, where she addresses the dire and worsening consequences of “multiculturalism”.


5 thoughts on “Political tip: Never, ever tell the truth

  • Peter C Arnold says:

    I have a problem understanding objections to the truth she is stating about multiculturalism. Is this criticism coming from the ‘woke’ brigade?
    Dr Peter Arnold OAM, Sydney

  • Mike says:

    The West desperately needs 1,000 Suella Bravermans.

  • Garry Donnelly says:

    Does anyone else see parallels between Rishi Sunak and Anthony Albanese? Saying what sounds plausible and possible at the time but never delivering on those promises. Border Protection is such an important issue for every Country. Illegal immigrates should be processed as quickly as possible and if not genuine refugees immediately returned from whence they came.

  • Sir Peter says:

    The Tories are toast. Labour will win the election. Britain’s only hope is a Farage/Braverman government to stop the immigration tide, legal and illegal. Although maybe it’s too late, as too many barbarians are already inside the gates.
    If the Conservatives campaigned on stopping all Muslim immigration and deporting those already there they would win every election for the next fifty years. Diversity is strength like cancer is health. Multiculturalism only survives under dictatorship. Yugoslavia is a prime example. With the collapse of communism and the secret police the country disintegrated. Is this Europe’s future?

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