Papers, please!

passportsGiven recent resignations in Canberra and an ongoing quest to identify senators and MPs who are citizens of other nations, the list below might be worth keeping handy:

Belgium (1)
Sen Hon Mathias Hubert Paul Cormann

Canada (1)
Sen Larissa Joy Waters

Egypt (1)
Ms Anne Aly

Germany (1)
Sen Hon Eric Abetz

Greece (1)
Ms Maria Vamvakinou

Iran (1)
Sen Sam Dastyari

India (1)
Sen Malcolm Ieuan Roberts

Italy (1)
Mr Antonio (Tony) Zappia

Malaysia (1)
Sen Hon Penny Ying-Yen Wong

New Zealand (2)
Sen Derryn Nigel Hinch
Sen Scott Ludlam

Nigeria (1)
Hon Sussan Penelope Ley

Singapore (2)
Mr Ian Reginald Goodenough
Sen Peter Stuart Whish-Wilson

United Kingdom (10)
Hon Anthony John Abbott
Sen Hon Douglas Niven Cameron
Hon Paul William Fletcher
Sen Alexander McEachian Gallacher
Sen Nicholas (Nick) James McKim
Mr Brian Keith Mitchell
Hon Brendan Patrick O’Connor
Sen Hon Nigel Gregory Scullion
Mr Joshua (Josh) Hamilton Wilson
Ms Rebekha Che Sharkie

Not that there is anything in any way unprecedented about questions concerning the citizenship of elected representatives and their fitness to serve. Follow the link below for some questions put to a politician from the era of Australia’s birth.

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