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Our Kavanaugh

Quadrant contribuor Michael Giffin, a priest in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, reacts to the Pell verdict:

Like Tony Abbott, Cardinal Pell has always been a lightning rod, a whipping boy, a scapegoat for what the Left despises about traditional Christian values. For decades now, he has been an enduring symbol of everything Australians hate about the Church.

The flimsy case against Pell rests on the absurd idea that, while wearing a cope, over an alb, tied with a cincture, over a cassock, over street clothes, he sexually assaulted two choirboys, during High Mass, while leaving the door open. If that defies logic, this is not about logic.

As Brietbart’s John Nolte said in his October 6 evaluation of the Kavanaugh hearing:

We are not arguing The Patriarchy is perfect, but we have just spent 18 days living inside The Matriarchy only to discover it is a circle of hell built on a foundation of nightmares—of shrill injustice led by mindless mobs cheered on by brown-nosers … who conceal their bullying behind ‘virtue’ as they proclaim we’ve ‘heard enough from men’.

Australia has now had its very own Kavanaugh moment.

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