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Bah, Humbuggered!

  • brian.doak@bigpond.com

    Malcolm could mirror the leadership of John Keye the former PM of New Zealand who it is said declined to take a salary in his prime ministers role of leading his country back to prosperity. Malcolm could easily afford the cost of such exemplary action. What a needed morale booster it would be for fellow Australians if Malcolm practised self denial while proposing to restrain spending and cut entitlements.

  • Salome

    They don’t wear hankies on their heads. They wear little sheets.

    • padraic

      As an Australian I have no problem with an independent Commonwealth using the existing Constitution but having a local Head of State. Good luck to Malcolm on this issue. John Keyes was allowed to be patriotic when he suggested a new national flag reflecting pride in his country. It’s not like we will be throwing out our British heritage with the bathwater. We have come a long way since the days of Governor Phillip who introduced the British system of governance to Australia. We have moved from a Colony, to self-governing colonial States, to a Federation and in all cases having an overseas Head of State. In that time generations of Australians have been born here and identify solely with their country of birth. We see the Brits as our distant respected cousins, but we want to run our own show not just de facto but de jure. I don’t see this as a big deal. However, now that most of the jurisdictions have agreed in principle it is up to them down the track to pursue this issue. I think a red bandana is not a good look.

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