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The Content of His Character

2 thoughts on “The Content of His Character

  • gray_rm says:

    But really, where is this going to go?
    Is there any doubt that Goodes will return soon to standing ovations, garlands, devotions of bravery, strength, courage?
    And that anyone continuing to boo will be branded racists, expelled from the grounds? Twittersphere is already boasting about their smugness of getting booing spectators ejected.

    Anyone with a contrary opinion – like Zeg and the article – will be pilloried, hectored and abused, a bit like Andrew Bolt receives. Those without the ability to retort through their own blog – that is, nearly all the other spectators at matches and those who disagree with the hagiography of Goodes, will be humiliated and silenced.

    All will be well in the Leftist ‘smugerati’, until the next horrific transgression against their leftist viewpoint. Like asylum seekers, welfare, climate change, reconciliation, gay marriage, free education, feminism, victim hood etc.

    It will concentrate its energies in schools, where the viewpoints above already are mandatory. Universities were taken over decades ago.

    And who will stand up to this relentless attack on traditionalist values? Cory Bernardi by himself? Tony Abbott? A few grumpy people like me who read Quadrant as the last bastion of sensibility ?
    Oh dear.

  • Patrick McCauley says:

    … but O thank God for the lumpenproles! Let us be grateful that they (at least) continued to boo long enough to break the great silence, like a long drought, that has been pressing down on us for years. That they, who do not bow to Generals or to bosses, have found it in themselves to also not bow to false gods. Let us take heart and hear that same booing behind the audience at Q&A and the 7.30 report. Let us heart the growling of the masses who have been accused of misogyny and racism and homophobia and silenced. Let us hear the lumpenproles speak about what they expect from Australia. The journalists and politicians (the AFL) have had more than their fair say.

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