An Evening with John O’Sullivan

Next Quadrant dinner: Wednesday, April 1
Union, University and Schools Club, Sydney

 Guest speaker: John O’Sullivan, the new editor of Quadrant


Australian columnists criticize PM Tony Abbott for giving a speech on national security in front of an array of Australian flags. A Labour front-bencher in the UK has to resign when she tweets a photograph of a white van parked outside a terrace house festooned with the St. George’s flag of England — van and flags being symbols among the elite for vulgar jingoism and the white working class respectively. Tory politicians and journalists in the UK start denouncing the vulgar jingoism of UKIP on the grounds that “we English don’t go in for that sort of thing.”

All these particular episodes — and they could multiplied many times over — suggest that patriotism and the flag are now contested issues in the national politics of the Anglosphere, the United States, and continental Europe. National and transnational elites and their allies in ethnic lobbies dislike traditional patriotism and strive in several ways to replace it with a new patriotism suitable to multicultural polities or multi-national global bodies. Young Muslims in the West feel that they lack an identity requiring pride and commitment and so are vulnerable to the appeal of a jihadist identity.

John O’Sullivan is a former advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and the author of The President, the Pope and the Prime Minister on how she, Ronald Reagan, and John Paul II brought down communism.

Venue: Union, University and Schools Club, 25 Bent Street, Sydney
Date and Time: Wednesday, April 1
Drinks 6pm–7pm; dinner from 7pm
Cost: $84 per person.
Dress: Jacket and tie


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  • Tony Thomas

    That’s all great for Sydney-siders. There’s a fairly large city to the south of Sydney, called I believe “Melbourne”. At some point in the next 10 or 20 years, could Quadrant schedule an event also in this “Melbourne”? Ta!

  • Geoffrey Luck

    Ah, yes! Batmanville. I forgot.

    • Bakunin of Barton

      Well the dinners have ventured south to Canberra at least once, so there is hope for Melbourne yet.

      Eric McDonald

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