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Thanks, Minister Kean, You’ve Settled All Doubts

I suffered a Road to Damascus moment on a recent daily walk-through of the electorate of Wentworth.  Allegra Spender did not appear before me demanding, as Jesus asked of Saul, “Why are you persecuting me?” Instead, I experienced a revelation: I could not with clear conscience first-preference Liberal candidate Dave Sharma.

The moment occurred as I was meandering along a circuitous route through Paddington and Rushcutters Bay. As I progressed, I happened upon a copy of local newspaper The Wentworth Courier, which included an interview with Dave Sharma MP in which he proudly declared his role in preventing oil and gas exploration off the east coast of Australia.

In times gone by, an express wish to cripple the nation and limit its resources would have been met with stern discipline from the authorities. Stalin would have shot him. But today, Dave is happy in seeking the approval of 15-year-old climate-crazed schoolgirls and their mental equivalents in the Eastern Suburbs rich housewives set. Mind you, a last-minute letterbox drop on Friday from some mob called smartvoting.com.au attempts to claim Dave actually opposed the PEP-11 exploration licence.

My walk on this day commenced on Oxford Street, where I learned an Oroton store is shortly to arrive. Passing by the YOGIBEINGS Concept Store I was asked to subscribe to some Ayurvedic texts which reveal that copper is apparently able to balance all 3 doshas: Yatta, Pitta and Kapha. A trinity of doshas I am unfamiliar with, minerally or religiously.

As I approached the Paddington Fiveways intersection, I recognised a singular phenomenon regarding Allegra Spender posters. The number in the window of any building is in proportion to property value. The $6 million terrace on Glenmore Road, “the ultimate family entertainer full of luxury updates and spilling out to a north-facing pool deck,” — yep, Allegra poster. The red brick unit on the wrong side of the railway tracks with concrete front steps and aluminium windows, no Allegra poster. Funny that.

As I trekked further, I reflected on the week of bumf that had arrived in my Wentworth letterbox. It began with scratchy delivered on Saturday by the Liberal Party, asking me to discover the result of “Independents Bingo”. Those who live in a safe Labor or Liberal electorate will not have been troubled by such rubbish. The Wentworth electorate is one of the marginals that have been responsible for keeping the printing industry alive.

The Bingo Card from the Libs was actually quite good. Scratch the three buttons for “Who Will Call the Shots” and you are answered with “Union Bosses”, “The Greens” and “Labor”. Sounds about right, especially about the danger of “Independents on the sidelines”.

However, a personal card from “Modern” Liberal Dave Sharma on Monday provided me with the news that “we are on track to reach net zero emissions.” Also, that Dave is a “strong advocate for climate action who knows how to get things done by blending his diplomatic skills with policy knowledge.”

There were a number of superfluous passages of highlighted text on the printed card which demonstrated his diplomatic skills blend with graphical banality. The reverse of the card began a troublesome trend of less than worthy candidate testimonials.

Matt Kean, NSW Minister for Energy, acknowledged as a ridiculous figure by all sensible people, was effusive in his praise: “Net zero only happened because we had people like Dave who prosecuted the case and won the argument for taking strong and decisive action on climate change in the Coalition Government.”

Allegra hit back on Tuesday with a letterboxed pamphlet that included testimonials from some Eastern Suburbs’ heavy hitters: her former principal, a Former Reserve Bank Board member, a UNSW professor and “Ian”, a Wentworth resident who announces, “I’ve voted Liberal for 58 years. This time I’m out … I’m voting for Allegra Spender.” Ian’s current mental faculties or financial allegiances were not detailed.

John Howard was next into the letterbox, the second time in this campaign. “I know Dave Sharma and I have high regard for his ability. He is someone who can make an enormous contribution to his community and our country. Voters in Wentworth should think twice about the risk of losing someone of Dave’s quality.” I have thought more than twice and the risk of losing someone of Dave’s quality is something I am prepared to entertain.

I was prevaricating over my traditional Liberal vote and began considering Lib Dem Candidate Daniel Lewkovitz. He can be seen on this remarkable video which makes Sharma and Spender seem like the political lightweights that they are. His party will likely have about as much impact as One Nation or Clive Palmer in the final 2022 Election result, but Lewkovitz is a revelation. It may be a bit ironic for a Catholic to turn to a Jew as his political saviour, but a Damascus Road experience cannot be denied.

It is also problematic as I placed a large bet with TAB on Wednesday for a Coalition majority at 9:1. The odds have since shortened considerably. If my ship comes in there will be a huge celebration by the Waverley family at restaurant Hubert next week. If a side bet on Katherine Deves at 6:1 is also successful, dinner will be accompanied by some fine French champagne.

Walter Waverley is the pseudonym of a Wentworth resident who prefers anonymity to grief from his woke neighbours.

12 thoughts on “Thanks, Minister Kean, You’ve Settled All Doubts

  • DougD says:

    I’m going to miss Wally on Wentworth when this election is over.

  • pgang says:

    Well done Walter. Come and join the born again.

  • pgang says:

    Weird that Howard thinks anyone gives a toss what he thinks.

  • john2 says:

    It is almost worth applying to the AEC to seek an extension of this election campaign so that Correspondent Waverley can file a couple more letters from the inquietude of the Wentworth Front. Onya Walter. Your running commentary on the real-life satire (ie you couldn’t make this stuff up!) performed by candidates who are ridiculous caricatures of themselves has injected some much needed comic relief into an otherwise dismal six weeks.

  • john2 says:

    On a more serious subject, to wit the referenced smartvoting.com.au, this is the (perhaps intentionally incognito) recently activated political wing of the Smart Energy Council, “the independent body for the Australian smart energy industry”, who are “accelerating the transition to a sustainable future”. They are a peak industry body representing the interests of businesses large and small in the renewables sector. In that regard, good luck to them. It is noted that one Mr Holmes a Court has the honour of serving on its Board.

    Why a separate political wing has been swung into action is unclear, because the Smart Energy Council have been actively politicking in their own name for Labour/Greens-type energy policies for many years now. If the ALP wins on Saturday, the Smart members are poised to get the payola from one of the mightiest pork barrells going: a huge expansion of the already burgeoning renewable energy sector. Their save-the-planet marketing schtick is smart. From the moral high ground it taps into and accelerates the capture of hearts and minds and institutions to believe that renewables will save the day for us all. And, more smartly still, they fashion themselves as the underdog fighting the wicked old guard of the Establishment. Whereas, in fact they are no longer the underdog. They are already the New Establishment. It is just that most people haven’t woken up to it yet. I guess that’s smart politics for ya…

  • Biggles says:

    Should Labor/Greens win on Saturday, the only advice I can give is; invest in companies making stand-by generators. Everyone will need a generator once the loonies demolish our remaining coal & gas-fired power stations. It will happen sooner than you think.

  • call it out says:

    As I read this on election eve, 71% of the nation’s electricity is coming from black coal, brown coal, and gas. All 24/24 reliable power sources.
    Does Albo even know this? And what will happen over the next eight years to change this?

  • vicjurskis says:

    spot on Wallywaverley! north shore libs, eastern suburbs libs and shire libs are now an unholy alliance worse than lefty greens. no more green, red or blue. they’re all rainbow watermelons. democracy doesn’t work if you ain’t got a choice to vote for someone who can make a difference

  • Daffy says:

    I have yet to hear the engineering case for a ‘smart’ future run on low energy density, high energy input, unreliable generation. Then I’d like to see the costs. A similar exercise was done by the Manhattan Contrarian for the USA…the costs were off the planet.
    Then there’s the arrant but unintentional humour of fixing the climate by controlling 0.04% of a minor so-called greenhouse gas.

  • Peter Marriott says:

    For me it’s still basically Left Labor and Right LNP, and while the LNP can drift left it’s reset position is always Right which is the good one for me, while with Labor sometimes they drift a bit Right but their solid reset position is Left, which is bad for me, and there is no real centre as this was captured by the left 40 or 50 years ago.

  • STD says:

    Walter, in regard to your final paragraph- we do indeed live in hope, and unfortunately the banquet feast we envisaged ,is merely a tipple of its former self, in the cold bleak hearted light of this dawn.

    Having said ,all of that Walter, to see Morrison get up and concede victory to Anthony Albanese preceded by “Welcome to country and acknowledgement of elders past, present and emerging” , to my sense of being Australian tells me that the political intent across the board is to fragment our culture and society
    The politicians on both ends of the spectrum are actively destroying the last vestiges of Christianity, and on top of that ,Australian Culture and what it actually means to be Australian ,is being destroyed by the multicultural polyglot seeded by globalism.
    The rest of the world doesn’t think we are a country of mugs ,and don’t they know it.
    If indeed the numbers have worth and are anything to go by, global warming and now climate change and climate action are now well and truly the gluttonous fare of our times.

  • whitelaughter says:

    pgang wrote: Weird that Howard thinks anyone gives a toss what he thinks.

    Weird that the most successful living PM is aware that his opinion matters?
    Do you think the Libs would be trotting him out if they weren’t desperate to remind us that the Libs were once worth voting for?

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