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Quadrant’s Special August Edition Against the Voice

Welcome to the special edition of Quadrant Magazine for August 2023. We don’t normally produce a separate edition for this month but, with the looming referendum to install the Aboriginal Voice in the Australian Constitution, we felt it imperative to expose and oppose this foolish proposal. Our 210-page edition is written by more than forty authors.

Download it now free of charge, and make it a point to share the pdf file with all your friends.

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24 thoughts on “Quadrant’s Special August Edition Against the Voice

  • rosross says:

    Brilliant work. Quadrant is a bastion for reason, facts and historical integrity.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Quadrant – leading the way. Your piece on Galarrwuy Yunupingu was such an eye-opener Keith.
    Superb, and a disgrace that this man has been seen as a leader of his people. He is a classic tribal Big Man.
    Like some tin-pot African dictator, your piece showing where some of the money has been going, to the detriment of his people. We need to all Vote No and audit this nonsense now.

    • nilsm says:

      I went sailing with Galarrwuy Yinupingo in Gove in about 1983. I did the foredeck in races. The cruising couple who owned the yacht invited him out for one of the Saturday races. “Woman, get me a beer!” he shouted at the wife, owner, who’d invited him aboard.

    • NarelleG says:

      I was fortunate to have an informant tell me of this man’s wickedness.

      I was a bit forthright in telling the truth with all the who-har with his ‘state funeral’ – and my informant suggested i tone it down.
      Brave man is our Keith.

      Thank you Mr Windschuttle.

  • nilsm says:

    I’m unsure whether this is the right place to respond to Roger Franklin’s invitation to add to his fifty reasons to vote no. With apologies for the language, I add:
    Another reason. Because I’m sick of little eight year old Aboriginal children telling me “you white c*s stole our land”. Try riding on the Midland or Armadale lines, and I mean go all the way to the end stations.

    • Brian Boru says:

      Their uncle, Robert Bropho, convicted rapist and pedophile, is one of the Elders being respected by Bunbury Council and other virtue signalling idiots.

    • nilsm says:

      PS. Even an adult Aboriginal speaker at an acknowledgement ceremony at a public meeting told us audience “you white people stole our land”. The meeting was entirely unrelated to politics or Aborigines. This parasitic entitlement underpins the Aboriginal extortion racket, such as the Whadjuk Aboriginal Corporation who demanded $2.5 M from local landcare groups on 14 July 2023 to get permission to plant seedlings along the Canning River. The planting had to be cancelled because of their extortion.

      • Brian Boru says:

        At the time of white settlement, Australia was home to about 300,000 aboriginals. Now it is home to over 26 million and feeding millions more. In addition we export much needed resources to the rest of the world.
        The likes of Uncle, whoever he was, should be glad that the land his mob wanted to monopolize is now being put to such good use.
        That is a different issue to the way his mob were dispossessed of that monopoly. But we cannot undo history. We can however go forward in a way that ensures that all, no matter their ancestry, are treated equally.
        Unfortunately, Uncle, whoever he was, has glimpsed an opportunity to get a share of the spoils from treaty and reparations. Maybe he already is getting a payoff.
        I don’t want Australia to be a racially divided country. That’s why I shall vote No.

        • nilsm says:

          I also don’t want Australia to be divided by any classification and by non-equal treatment. Sadly I think we already are, to a large extent, with grants, subsidies, payments, medical treatments and scholarships available only to Aborigines. On the weekend I learnt (“WA missing out on free jab…”, p9, “The West Australian”) that free B-strain meningococcal vaccinations are available only to Aboriginal children, but not to white children.

        • john mac says:

          Nice post BB , would have said to that Indigenous chap ” Well , you had 60,000 years (and counting) to do something with it , make it productive , and therefore valuable , but could not master your own environment , so enjoy the spoils of what we did with it in the blink of and eye !

      • Brian Boru says:

        It is ironic that white settlement took the land according to the culture of the Aboriginal, ie by force. But now the Aboriginal uses the white culture concept of stealing. Thus indicating an acceptance of at least that part of white culture.

  • john.singer says:

    At least this is now ahead of any dishonest application of any “Misinformation or Disinformation” legislation’s attempt to distort free debate on the Voice. Thank you Quadrant.

  • Dallas Beaufort says:

    Good Idea as a trial, I would suggest posting all contributing pieces separately as well, upping the share and circulation rate of Quadrants material to those lowest common denominations, not normally highly strung.

    • Roger Franklin says:

      That’s the intention, Dallas. The first individual files should appear by day’s end on the ‘latest issue’ index page. The rest will follow over the days to come.

      • NarelleG says:

        @Roger – thank you – I have been asking in my group if there is anyone who can convert pfd to text documents 🙂

        So look forward to sharing them all.

        Could you attach twitter, instagram and facebook handles to each one – easy peasy for a TSO 🙂

        Thanks everyone at Quadrant – you are saving our sanity.


  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Will this edition, as originally stated, be on-line only? I realize that that producing an extra hard-copy edition would be much more expensive, but I much prefer something I don’t have to read on a screen, and can underline and mark (for future reference) as I like.

    • NarelleG says:

      Roger said each paper will be presented separately – I would suggest that you copy into a word document and print off.
      That’s what I will be doing.

      • Rebekah Meredith says:

        Thanks, NarelleG. I probably will copy the whole thing off (on my computer, at least, I can do that from a PDF file); but that’s a lot of printing, and a lot of loose pages!

  • cbattle1 says:

    Yes, it is imperative to broadcast this message as wide as possible. The Left are at the Vanguard of the “Yes” campaign, and they occupy (with few exceptions) the communications high-ground. This situation has to change. I suggest that Windschuttle’s “Fabrication” series be re-published in a low-cost paperback format, which should generate some heat, considering that the Left view the “History Wars” as dead and buried history, with they being the victors of that war!

  • padraic says:

    I sometimes see the hard copy of Quadrant being on sale at the local newsagent. Would it be possible to have a printed copy of this edition funded by “crowd funding” or by wealthy donors and made available in newsagents around Australia for about 3 to 4 dollars? It would have an impact.

  • wdr says:

    Not The Voice – Actually The Invoice.

  • Adelagado says:

    Labor MP’s cannot all be in agreement that we should vote yes simply because its ‘the right thing to do’. Surely many of them have another aim, namely to entrench Labor in power forever. The Voice (a huge of group of in-house lefty aboriginal activists) will make life impossible for any conservative government. So reason 51 should be ‘Vote No unless you want a permanent Labor/Communist government’.

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