Jeremy Clarkson, You Big Dill

British writer and television presenter Jeremy Clarkson recently did something very stupid. No, it wasn’t that he wrote the now infamous column about Meghan Markle and how yearns to see her pelted with dung while paraded naked through the streets. That was bad taste to be sure, a bit worse than typical of the acerbic and politically incorrect Clarkson, but that wasn’t the particular species of idiocy for which he deserves rebuke.

No, Clarkson’s stupidity was apologising to Prince Harry and Ms Markle. You never, ever say sorry to the Woke. It’s the political equivalent of admitting to a Nazi that you once met a single, bad Jew or telling a communist that a capitalist ripped you off. Context, to the Woke, is detritus to be cast aside, and they relish your mea culpa as confirmation of their own twisted conspiracy theories. To the Woke,  a solitary swallow will always be taken as proof that summer has arrived, or that one isolated example from their catalogue of malfeasance is proof that systemic prejudice exists. That people they perceive as evil might be having a good time at the expense of the oppressed is another woke bugbear. They will allow you, in their beatitude, the right to to laugh and be merry, but outbreaks of good humour are only permissible if presented in a way the Woke believe is moral and advances whatever their cause du jour. Everything else is verboten.

Woke behaviour makes this abundantly clear. There is nothing in the world more stone-faced than a Wokester  hearing an opinion or a joke they don’t like. A face red as the proverbial spanked arse is likely the first observable symptom as they fight an internal battle to, first, compose themselves, and then, second, wonder how best to destroy the thought criminal in need of the strictest and most severe censorship. Cancelling the offender and his or her livelihood will be another immediate reaction. With the exception of the speed of light, there is nothing faster in the universe than a Wokester twisting innocence into malice, truth into falsehood, or ideology into a simulacrum of reality. The Woke, to put it in rhyme, are utterly shameless and deliberately brainless.

Much more, though, is at stake in the standoff between dumb, unsophisticated commoners and the Woke, of which Clarkson versus the Sussexes is a perfect example: a contretemps pitting a loudmouth media personality against two lightweights who, to put it clearly, have more fame than insight. It goes beyond an ostensibly wicked man mocking two rich and entitled people, one a minor TV starlet and the other a prince. They have nineteen bathrooms in their palatial home, yet are somehow victims of capitalism, the patriarchy, or something. (In relation to race, most of us who are indifferent to royalty had no clue that Meghan Markle was black and we didn’t care. She looks like a typical tanned Californian woman).

What Harry and Meghan are doing is disseminating Woke propaganda into the political mainstream through the media.  This is important because ideology – in other words, what people think – is the foundation of how we maintain and build the judicial, economic and political institutions that govern our lives. And the Woke, with Harry and Meghan as two of their priestly caste want, like the Puritans, Nazis and communists before them, to remake the world in their image. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can stand in the way of their Wokish dreams of a perfect world. The rest of us are mere props in their greater ambitions, simply because they’ have determined they are good and the unenlightened rest of us are not.

If the Wokish agenda of Harry and Meghan could, until now, be plausibly denied because of intellectual obscurantism – posing as defenders of the poor, the marginalised, the downtrodden, the usual causes cited by every ideological movement in history — to hide their real agenda, the Sussexes full-blooded politics was unveiled, perhaps unwittingly, when they responded to Clarkson’s apology. Many of the buzzwords of robotic, unthinking activism were cited in their graceless rejoinder.

First was the word ‘hate’, or ‘hate rhetoric’, to cite the full term they used to describe Clarkson’s journalism. For the Wokester, anything that does not positively affirm their ideology is ‘hate’. Say, for example, there are economic trade-offs which can’t be reconciled with social justice ideology, then you’ve practiced ‘hate’. State that women have a right to privacy and their own spaces, safe from the possible sexual and violent depredations of men pretending to be women, and you’re hateful. Point to the easily provable fact that nothing is or can be equal, or that the manic, obsessional pursuit of “equity” inevitably leads to the Gulag, the Great Leap Forward or the concentration camp, and you’re spreading ‘hate’.

Next was the onanist couple’s glib mention of ‘dangerous conspiracy theories’. It’s hard to credit that the Sussexes are unaware of the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, or the ongoing release of the Twitter Files, which conclusively prove the Democratic Party and American security agencies engaged in a range of appalling attacks on honest journalism and free speech with the eager assistance of Big Tech.  ‘Conspiracy theories’ only exist when it’s your opponents who share thoughts and indulge in activities of which you do not approve. Your own misdeeds, because they are perpetrated in pursuit of higher ends, are blameless, even noble.

Then we have the tired claim of ‘misogyny’, which translated means: you can’t make any general negative observation about women, in any circumstances, ever, even if it is demonstrably true and recognised as such by decent men and rational women. What Harry and Meghan are, irrespective of whether he lacks intellect or she’s manipulative, is diehard warriors of a political ideology which is antithetical to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and freedom of association.

Weaponised compassion is always the last refuse of the con man and the narcissist, and Harry and Meghan are the same ill-informed, midwit type – people intelligent enough to be competent in whatever domain they favour, but who fall for whatever contemporary culture says is true. In plain language, they’re the sort of people who leave a trail of destruction while never pay themselves paying a price.

Envy from the poor is counterproductive but understandable; envy from the rich and famous is an obscenity. Clarkson’s apology indicates that deep in his showman’s heart he knows his column went too far. That said, apologising was still a stupid mistake. Not only was it entirely predictable his mea culpa would be dismissed with scorn, it was just as inevitable Harry and Meghan would spy another opportunity to promote their alleged victimhood, excoriate an un-Woke critic and enjoy a moment or ten of mutual moral preening.

Clarkson is an intelligent man. He should have known better than to extend The Ginger and The Whinger such an opportunity. Let me repeat, never, ever apologise to the Woke.

5 thoughts on “Jeremy Clarkson, You Big Dill

  • Lawrie Ayres says:

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Conversely do unto others what they have already done unto you. The left never apologise, never ever. Did Flannery apologise for inciting governments to waste billions of our money on desalination plants? Nope. Does the BoM ever correct (apologise) when reporters make astounding never before claims of climate catastrophes? Nope. Did Phillip Lowe apologise for telling us that interest rates would not rise before 2024? Nope. Did Albanese apologise for reneging on the promised $275 reduction? Nope. Did Louise Milligan apologise for libeling Cardinal Pell? Nope. I could go on but you get the drift although occasionally the left apologise for things that never happened or that were beyond the ken of living persons such as stolen children and imaginary massacres.

  • Anthony says:

    Clarkeson has Balls, True Grit, and an innate Sense of Humour. I doubled-over in pain from laughter upon my first reading of these comments. I respect a man who speaks his mind.
    The Gingerbreadman, by contrast is consumed to the point of crumbling bifurcation – with legs debilitated in a wake of Wokeness. She – an unctuous partridge with a pair, and His (I suspect) inwardly acknowledged achilles-heel.
    Clarkeson didnt apologise to them. He did it to the rest of us!

    • makar says:

      Yep, he’s a bit of a dill but it was exhilarating to read his no punches pulled comment when it first appeared.
      A no bullshit approach has a lot to recommend it. No?

  • Brian Boru says:

    I still think Harry looked pretty good in his black uniform at his brother’s wedding. I can’t make up my mind whether I would like to wear a black or a red dress uniform but I guess as a lance corporal retired I won’t get the choice.
    It would be nice if ginger and whinger renounced it all, gave their unearned fortune to charity, got real jobs and faded into obscurity. Then they would be both woke and broke and we wouldn’t have to put up with any more from them.
    When I consider the vast unearned wealth of the British Royalty I am tempted to reconsider my position on our Constitutional head of State.
    If only I could be assured that we could change to a republic without disruptive consequences, I would give them the flick in a heartbeat. Although I must acknowledge the service our late Queen gave.

  • Peejay says:

    When Harry wooed and wed Megan and eventually buggered off to the good ole US of A I thought to myself ‘good ridance’.But we can’t be rid of them can we, they won’t (Woke) just fade away.

    When they turned their backs on The Firm it made me feel d’eja vu a la King Edward the VIII. He who gave up his throne for a twice married US divorcee Wallis Simpson. Give Megan who her due she is only once divorced though that could change as the rumour mongers (mongrels) are out there already.

    My thoughts of Harry from day one with Markle were that he is a whinger who couldn’t accept that by the birthright of his brother William he was never going to be King. He’s had plenty of time to adjust to this but can’t. He feels somehow dudded and put it all onto paper with his “Spare” book which I won’t be reading

    I prefer the term “wokist’ with the ‘ist’ bit referring to Communist and thus wokeism refers to communism which is the ultimate aim of all the retards who align with this malicious philosophy.

    We need to spread the word about this scum. The under 30s are the most gullible age group and will go for The Voice because they belong to the wider 70 to 80 % of the population who are just plain stupid and intellectually lazy to find out the Truth for themselves.

    I fear for this Country that I love and would die for but I can’t see the No Vote getting up.

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