Pride and a New Prejudice

We could do with some good news down here in Melbourne, where a kind of grey despondency cloaks the city, rather like East Berlin circa 1960. Though officially loosed of our lockdown chains, the vacant shops and empty offices suggest a bona fide economic recovery is a long way off. Of course it’s not all gloom: Premier Daniel Andrews’s government’s sterling record in keeping coronavirus deaths in Victoria down to only 820 out of the national total of 909 – that’s 90.21 per cent – shows what good hands we’re in as we wrench ourselves out of the quagmire of restrictions and embark on the painful climb back to “normality”, if anyone can remember what that is.

The good news is that through all the disruption and suffering, Melbourne’s gift to Australia, its unique contribution to social exclusivity and communal disunity, has being forging ahead unhampered by the legislative strictures that have shut down just about everything else. I refer to the Pride Centre (above) in beachside St Kilda, a monument to the power of the gay, lesbian, trans etc. establishment in contemporary Victoria. Its progress is worth recording as an example of that selectivity which has seen not everything in Victoria put on hold. I suppose it depends on who you know, and the Pride Centre has powerful connections in high places.

It is now moving towards its opening ceremony in May. On its website some of the interiors of the grandiose new temple of divisiveness are on display. Though as an edifice designed by cutting-edge architects it will automatically be described as ‘iconic’, the building is nothing to write home about aesthetically, its principal feature being a series of round and oviform holes, one above the other, jumbled together to make a façade. It looks like a piece of Swiss cheese in a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Nor is it felicitously located. On its doorstep in Fitzroy Street, formerly Melbourne’s most ‘cosmopolitan’ avenue and now rubbish-strewn and melancholy, homeless representatives of our so-called ‘first nations’ congregate, some slumbering, others engaged in unseemly squabbles or hurling invective at passers-by. It’s unlikely that the highly placed members of the Pride Centre board (bureaucratic mandarins, banking panjandrums, legal hotshots, all presided over by veteran ‘Gay Lib’ trouper Jude Munro AO) and their grand guests will wish to encounter these inconvenient citizens as they step from expensive cars for May’s opening ceremony.

This will create a quandary. On the one hand the local authority, the Port Phillip City Council, which is responsible for streets and public places, is second to none in its aspirations to ‘inclusivity’ and its protestations of ‘respect’ for the various ‘nations’ to which these unfortunate down-and-outs belong, and is always piously ‘acknowledging’ that they somehow have custody over the land the municipality stands on. The Pride Centre even has an Aboriginal board member, though not a homeless one, Dr Vanessa Lee-Ahmat ‘from the Yupungathi and Meriam people’, who in her day job is one of the army of toilers in the ever fertile field of opposing ‘domestic and family violence’. On the other hand, you can’t have the street-dwellers greeting the gathered dignitaries with picturesque epithets. You can’t have the Pride Centre’s designer-clad membership stepping over their recumbent forms on their way to the weekly ‘tomboy party’ (‘Meet the real babes of Melbourne on a steamy rooftop!‘) or making a quick visit to Be Who You Are (‘clothing and makeup support for transgender women all ages 16+’). That would be just, well, too inclusive.

The GLBTI-and-so-on ‘community’, as an allegedly persecuted minority, is a paid-up component of the Left, and the Left is a vipers’ pit of competing ‘identities’. In any given skirmish you need to know which identity trumps which. For example, for feminists does a woman’s right not be genitally mutilated trump a Muslim’s right to mutilate? (‘Usually not’ is the answer, though if this were a Christian practice there would be feminist shrieks that it was the most barbaric thing imaginable.) In the case of the Pride Centre the issue is less clear, but the smart money is on the council finding a way to disencumber the Centre’s showy elliptical portals and send the homeless packing (not that they have anything but a few grubby blankets to pack).

This is because this particular municipality has form in exploring the frontiers of wokeness, being the same council blasted by the Victorian Ombudsman for skipping the required tender process to  employ self-declared “white witch” Caroline Shabaz as a “change management consultant” at the cost of some $620,000, plus another $200,000 in consequent legal fees. In another testament to Port Philip Council’s stewardship, some years ago it decided itinerant Aborigines gathering on public land near the beach, where they could use the lavatories, were in the way of a ‘beautification’ scheme. The council pulled down the lavatories and the Aborigines disappeared. There are no lavatories outside the Pride Centre (there will presumably be sumptuous ones inside) but doubtless some other stratagem will be found for bundling the ‘first nations’ folk offstage. Cheerfully cooperating with this will be Victoria’s aggressively politicised police, keen promenader in gay parades but hopelessly compromised by, among other things, trying to frame George Pell, exploiting the relationship of trust between Lawyer X and her clients and conducting no more than a limp and quickly abandoned investigation of Labor’s ‘Red Shirt’ rorters.

The whole saga encapsulates the hypocrisy of identity politics. The homeless have no political or social clout. The gay establishment has, enjoying this exalted status because of what philosopher Camille Paglia has identified as the obsession with homosexuality common to declining civilisations like ours, and of course our pathological mania for ‘diversity’. Yet where’s the diversity nowadays in being ‘queer’, ‘non-binary’ or even trans? It’s the defenders of old-fashioned normality who are out of step now; indeed they are criminalised if they fall foul of Victoria’s new ‘conversion’ prohibition bill. Why turn back the clock by constructing an edifice that by its very existence reinstates discrimination, albeit in the opposite direction from the way it used to be?

If, as the Left never tires of bleating, sexual discrimination is a social evil, so is the lavishing of public money on such a divisive project. This same municipality probably hasn’t a clue how many homeless are sleeping on its streets, yet it had the nerve to contribute the equivalent of $13 million to the Pride Centre by donating the land. It could have provided many beds in shelters for that. The Victorian government’s gift of $15 million would have paid for a lot more. But what’s that compared with funding a ‘beautiful, safe and inclusive place’ where (if you’re lucky enough to be included) you can sit and sip a Queer Coffee all day and witter on about social justice?

Christopher Akehurst wrote “The Decline of the Suburban Church” in the December issue.

  • gary@erko

    Non-heterosuxuality is an evolutionary safety net. Somehow they have an innate knowledge that perpetuation their genes wild be detrimental for humanity.

  • Tony Thomas

    I love this one Chris! I laughed out loud – disturbing my wife who was reading the Herald-Sun – at least four times

  • RB

    Then, Tony Thomas, your wife owes Mr. Heathcote Akehurst a debt of gratitude by my measure. (edited — rf)

  • nfw

    Lefties and luvvies use their own dosh to build their own temple? Hardly. Lefties and luvvies are very keen on everybody contributing to their causes and their version of “The Truth” as long as they don’t have to themselves.

  • nfw

    Regarding “Premier Daniel Andrews’s government’s sterling record in keeping coronavirus deaths in Victoria down to only 820 out of the national total of 909 – that’s 90.21 per cent – …” one has to question the validity of the data. Let’s face it this whole scam was initiated by the lefties and RINOs in the US to destroy Trump and install a bloke and his running mate descendant of a slave owner VP. You know those two, the two who would battle it out for last place in the Primaries ’til the Democrat Gangster Party Machine (which the ALP loves) made a mockery of the democratic process and re-installed its own Tammany Hall rules by having real potential winners drop out.

    So any numbers out of the Wuhan Flu capital of Australia would be a double edged sword for broken Ribs Dan. At first it was simply following the probable CCP line of having huge grandma killer numbers as an excuse to lock everybody up illegally and destroy the economy. Now the rest of the country (standfast WA which is its own story of power and greed with one or maybe two whole cases of the worst thing to ever happen to the planet, although the dinosaurs might disagree) has had statistically no Wuhan Grandma Killer Flu deaths it makes the CCP colony of Victoria look bad.

    And finally will the Premier, ie Broken Ribs Dan, stand up in Parliament and deny the rumours he broke his ribs at a millionaires party? He needs to do that to lay these rumours circulating in the Victorian legal industry to rest. It has to be in Parliament as he knows he can’t lie to Parliament.

  • Blair

    Does this mean more beds to spare at the YMCA?

  • Helmond

    Grey despondency like East Berlin in 1960? I must be living in a different Melbourne!

    Maybe I don’t get around enough, but Chadstone and pretty much every Bunnings in town is rocking ‘n’ rolling on weekends, so we’re obviously not all ready to slash out wrists just yet.

    Melbourne is not quite the same as pre-COVIS maybe, but at this very minute there are probably about 80,000 people at the MCG watching a game of AFL football.

    Curious about how, when and why Premier Andrews took a fall.

  • Harry Lee

    There is urgent necesity for this:
    The rehabilitation, improvement and expansion of the numbers of white heterosexual nuclear families-
    such families that produce non-violent and productive children who grow up to be non-violent, productive, contributing adults.
    How to fund this campaign?
    Let us assume that the billionaires and those on the way to billionaire-hood (such as the Turnbulls and Rudds) will not put up the cash.
    And let assume that too few ordinary white heterosexuals of the mere millionaire category can be bothered either.
    So, it’s up to the nominal non-leftist political parties, when they are in power, to use tax-payer funds.
    There are some projects that governments’ uses of tax-payer-created funds really must be spent on.

  • norsaint

    the august publication Cairns News has the oil on Andrews and his “fall”. Not sure whether it’s believable but interesting nonetheless. A few days after he thankfully disappeared from public life, a tweeter going under the sobriquet of “City Lawyers” opined that Andrews had been severely beaten up by one of his trade union bruvvers. Whatever happened, we’re all wishing little Danny a full and very, very slow recovery. None of this rushing back to work business.

  • abailey

    Reads more like Christopher Akehurst than Christopher Heathcote.

    • Roger Franklin

      Correct. Due to my negligence the piece was posted with the wrong byline, since fixed. — rf

  • DG

  • Helmond

    Maybe Mr Andrews was seriously drunk and did fall on some wet stairs. Everybody is allowed to get plastered. But the media is pretty vague on the circumstance and Andrew’s minders aren’t saying a thing. Like where was the beach house and who owned it? What was his blood alcohol level? Who was there?
    Somebody must know more than the simple story that Mr Andrew just slipped on some wet stairs. If indeed there is some dirt, why haven’t Andrews haters, for example News, come up with a credible alternative story?
    So maybe the simple story is accurate, but intreaguing to think that there might have been some rough stuff happening.

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