Sorry, Kids, Monsters Really Do Exist

I read on Friday that almost 2.3 million Australian kids aged from 5 to 11 years can look forward to being jabbed. Scott Morrison, of no fixed principles, reportedly said that this would be “welcome news for millions of families across the country who want the opportunity for the children to be vaccinated.”

The children”? Whose children? I must have missed the crowds chanting, ‘What do we want? Our 5-year-olds vaxxed. When do we want it? Now!’

Vacuously, Morrison also apparently said that “Australia is a proud vaccination nation.” Mind you, I can’t believe he actually said that. It must have been made up, surely. There is more that he said, reportedly. My stomach isn’t strong enough to repeat it all.

What is worth repeating is that healthy children are at no material risk from the virus. Only one Australian child under 11 years of age has died and, sad though that is, the child concerned had serious underlying conditions. In fact, I bet you would be hard put to find many, if any, healthy persons under 40 years of age who’ve succumbed. But, of course, we are in tyrannical times in which propaganda is the lingua franca of the day.

My own health, I fear, is at risk. Being gaslighted by chief health officers and premiers for 20 months takes a toll. The unconscionable prattling of Morrison and Greg Hunt, his sidekick in infamy, about vaxxing ‘voiceless’ innocent children might take me over the edge.

Following the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s  approval, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) completed the monstrous approval process. It’s worth reading its recommendations. Every word counts and I’ve picked out some. Be disoriented.

“This approval is based on the results of a recent clinical trial…”  One recent trial. One!

♦ On the risk of myocarditis, we are told that, “the clinical trial was insufficiently powered to assess.”

♦ “The risk of myocarditis or pericarditis after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in children aged 5-11 years is not yet known…”

“Vaccine effectiveness data from real world experience are not yet available for children 5-11 years but are expected in coming months.”

“Clinical trials were conducted prior to the emergence of the Omicron variant and the results reflect efficacy against older strains of SARS-COV-2.”

Pardon me, this seems scant evidence to recommend “vaccination with the paediatric Pfizer COVID vaccine for all children.” And there’s more. Enter a sinister element. ATAGI weaselly notes that it “does not support restricting activities of children in this age group who are not vaccinated or have only received one dose.” What the heck has this to do with a technical body advising on immunisation? But, of course, in no circumstances should young children be subject to medical apartheid. The very idea is grotesque beyond words. Yet, don’t rule it out.

It would be a mistake to think it can’t happen here in Australia. Where middle-aged women can be knocked to the ground and peppered sprayed; where rubber bullets can be fired at peaceful protestors; where pregnant women can be handcuffed and carted off for a Facebook post; where law-abiding uninfected citizens can be excluded from participating in everyday life. And, most frighteningly, where those unaffected look the other way. Yes, it can happen here.

ATAGI goes on:

“There are significant detrimental impacts of exclusion from education and other community settings on children. AGAGI therefore recommends that vaccination should not be mandatory in this age group and being unvaccinated should not be a reason to routinely exclude children from school and other activities critical to their development and well-being … There may be some exceptional settings where the consequences of transmission may be extreme and may justify exclusion of unvaccinated children (e.g., transplant wards) but these should be considered carefully.”

What to say about this? First, notice the phrase, “should not be mandatory in this age group.” And there’s silly me thinking it wasn’t mandatory in any age group. Notice this, “being unvaccinated should not be a reason to routinely exclude children from school…” Routinely? Only on special occasions, then? Apparently too, poor little Jill, in need of a transplant, must be allowed to die if not vaccinated. Think about the sheer idiocy of this statement and weep for the situation we’re in; being advised by numbskulls.

For the information of these evident numbskulls working for ATAGI, those who are vaccinated can have caught and can, thus, pass on the disease in transplant wards. Those entering such wards should be tested, twice or three times if necessary, to ensure they don’t have COVID or any other communicable disease going the rounds like the flu. An uninfected unvaccinated person cannot pass on the disease. An infected vaccinated person can. Is that crystal clear?

Finally, how does ATAGI square vaxxing healthy children, who face no material risk from the virus? By sophistry is the answer.

The so-called direct benefits were based on a trial of 2186 participants aged 5 to 11 years. Apparently only three of the 1305 participants on the vaccine tested positive; whereas 16 of the 663 participants on the placebo tested positive. Reportedly, also, in most cases, those 16 children on the placebo developed a fever, while the three children on the vaccine did not. But the killer conclusion dwarfs everything else: “There were no cases of severe COVID-19 in either group.” Then how in the world do these results justify vaxxing?

One other thing. We are not told the length of time between vaccination and testing. This may well be relevant in judging the extent to which the effectiveness of the vaccine wanes among young children; thus, maybe, conferring no sustained benefit.

The so-called indirect benefits are where evil can be spotted lurking. Not at first. At first, it’s just bait and switch. Children, we’re told, should be vaccinated to prevent them from suffering “increased stress and loneliness due to remote learning.” Children often get sick and have to be kept from school. This they tend to enjoy (the parents not) provided they are not too sick or away too long. The problem is not the virus itself but government policy. “In Australia,” ATAGI avers, “there was a marked increase in children aged 5-12 years who contacted the Kids Helpline during the first lockdown of the pandemic.” You don’t say. That’s the problem, extended lockdowns, not the virus!

Now we come, at last, to the unconscionable; to evil incarnate. To wit, “reduced transmission of SARS CoV-2 among children may lead to lower SARS-CoV-2 incidence in all age groups … reducing COVID-19 hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths in the overall population.” When did it become OK – I must have missed it – for children to be put at risk to protect the lives of the old and sickly? That’s where we are; pathetically and immorally ready to enter the gates of Hell in order to “keep safe”. How far we’ve fallen.

On reflection, it becomes fairly obvious. Decadence must have been already there, growing among us. A nasty flu simply brought out the monster.

25 thoughts on “Sorry, Kids, Monsters Really Do Exist

  • Citizen Kane says:

    Only a mindless moron could still possibly argue in the face of all the evidence that the vaccines reduce the transmission of Covid. UK with close to 90% of eligible population double vaccinated at over 50 000 cases a day and still growing (rolling 7 day average), US now at over 120 000 cases a day (rolling 7 day average) and skyrocketing mostly in the states that have highest vaccination rates. Furthermore an argument that the vaccines reduce morbidity and mortality in the very small window that they offer any efficacy whatsoever is also shaky, given that there introduction correlated with the arrival and spread of Delta variant which is known to be more transmissible but less virulent and lethal. At best this is correlation and not causation in respect to the evidence of vaccine efficacy. Every single day the news is replete with one of the double vaxxed elites coming down with Covid, yet the same brain dead flag wavers will be out there spruiking the booster shots, incapable of making the intellectual calculus that exactly the same result will ensue. To them, I say they should book in a ‘jab’ on a weekly basis, indeed why not walk the talk-live their morals and make it personally mandatory!

  • Stephen Due says:

    Deeply sinister things are happening in Australia at the moment – although this could be an understatement. One is medical apartheid based on the vaccine passports, apparently based on the idea that the unvaccinated may contaminate the vaccinated. Another is the concentration camps. Another is the forced vaccinations aka ‘mandates’. And then of course we have the perverse idea of banning treatment for the disease in order to encourage people to take the vaccines.
    The vaccines are failed products. Their adverse effects are off the scale. They do not prevent transmission. They provide some protection for about 10 minutes. They offer no conceivable benefit to children, since a child’s risk from the virus is precisely zero. It would be difficult to come up with a stupider idea than injecting these useless concoctions into children.

  • pgang says:

    Well said Peter, as usual.
    Citizen, the vaccines shouldn’t even be called that. They are achieving nothing. Statistically, once Simpson’s Paradox is taken into account, they make no difference to mortality, as against the un-vaccinated population.
    There is sufficient data available now to tell us that it is people with significant immune system disorders who are suffering the worst effects (think elderly people for a start). Therefore, ‘vaccinating’ healthy people was always a pointless exercise anyway, especially given that there is no interruption to contamination. This also explains the first point.
    What a rotten situation we are in. This is socialism claiming victory over democracy. There is still hope in the USA for a revival, but if it were up to Australia we would already be doomed, given our mono-political culture and total absence of care for our souls.
    Hayley Hodgson described socialism perfectly when she talked about her detention experience as being reduced to nothing, a nobody. This is the entire goal of socialism.

  • lbloveday says:

    “2186 participants”, “1305 participants on the vaccine” and “663 participants on the placebo”.
    The other 218 dropped out?

  • tommbell says:

    “How far have we fallen?”

    Not far enough it appears. The potical class think “vax,vax, vax” is a winner. Hard to disagree with them.

    Go to any gathering of “well educated” (LOL) people and you will be derided by a clear majority for your anti-vaxxer position. The fact that you’re not anti-vax (and have had heaps of them thru life) is irrelevant. This has become an expected part of my daily routine.

    Morrison will run hard with the vax narrative . He thinks it’s his only hope. He’s probably right -sigh.

    Prohibiting the unvaxxed from normal social intercourse is here and will only get worse. Apparently being vaxxed only protects you from other vaxxed people!! And when Fauci tells us the definition of “fully vaxxed” needs to change to encompass boosters for the rest of life – and here is little push back, you know we’re stuffed.

  • john2 says:

    Some anecdotal experiential evidence to corroborate the thesis of official insanity:
    Elderly family patriarch is currently in ICU with a non-COVID illness. It is touch and go as to whether he will pull through. Visiting family members (restricted to two per day) are required to show vax certificate to gain entry. But NOT a negative covid test. Thus, the gatekeeper’s logic allows the following scenario:
    For the vaxxed and infected, “please to enter, sir”.
    But, unvaxxed and uninfected, “begone, ye unclean”.
    This is happening in real time in a hospital near you.
    When (and where) will it all end?

  • DougD says:

    “Scott Morrison, of no fixed principles” – I used to think that too. But I’ve since discovered one principle Morrison seems ready to fight to the death for: a federal anti-corruption commission. But only if it’s toothless.

  • mpaine says:

    Peter don’t stop writing. My head is spinning from our country going down the plughole and I am clutching desperately for sane voices like yours. Quadrant and spectator are the only mainstream publications that I can stomach at the moment. I protest marched yesterday but the vaccinations of the little ones are going to start and I am in despair. My grandchildren are now homeschooled and their parents wonderfully wise but we have personal knowledge of teenagers with myocarditis and it is gut wrenching. Some of their parents thiink it is a minor issue – how on earth did they get that idea? When this is done and if we can recover from it all how on earth is the general medical profession going to earn back our trust? The politicians (with a few honourable exceptions) from Morrison down are irredeemable. Greg Hunt is not going to stand again so he can be a more present father. Now he has aimed a flamethrower at the nations’s children he will ride off with his rewards to the bosom of his family – lucky Greg.
    I found it difficult to read Gulag archipelago but it is astonishing to be living through an Australian modern version of it and fear it is going to get worse. Some of the commentators I once admired and who championed Alexander Solzhenitsyn are now championing vaccinations. Where are their researchers? There is so much information available if you really want to look and it is undeniable. It is with great sadness that I thank you Peter for it is knowing that people like you are among us that gives me some hope.


    Inflicting the prospect of significant injury on children via a poor risk/benefit medical proceedure so that our PM, Premiers and Chief Health Officers can feel safe whilst boasting about Australia being a proud vaccination nation is disgustingly wicked and cultish. The cult of vaxx is consuming our kids now.

  • Ceres says:

    Always love seeing another article from P.S.
    Totally sinister to hear the words of the so called health experts and the power hungry politicians pushing the inoculation for kids who produce an immune response which is 99.99% effective. Do they read nothing or too busy with their fear/control media appearances or intent on bragging about 100% vaccinated? Maybe after the quinella – had the most lockdown city in the world and now after the most vaccinated country in the world. Given up trying to fathom anything they do. Yes Peter, it does your head in.

  • gareththomassport says:

    Mpaine, I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say, and thank you Peter for putting into words what most Quadrant and Spectator readers think.
    I read the Gulag Archipelago last year and find myself referring to its themes with monotonous regularity.
    History certainly does rhyme.

  • Phillip says:

    Peter as you’ve correctly noted the actions by Morrison are evil, horrific and shameful. The silence and cowardice of our medical & legal professions to allow these appalling coercive political mandates, lockdowns, quarantine camps and poisoning is deplorable. The underlying causes of death in Australia for the period ending Sept 2020, lists COVID-19 as the 38th leading cause of death.
    For the 1-14 year age group malignant tumours and suicide were the leading causes.
    For the 15-24 years suicide and car accidents were the leading causes.
    Death by COVID-19 is well outside the top ten causes of death in these groups.

    So why is Morrison promoting such evil agendas as forcing children to be poisoned with NIL foresight on future harm or sterilization that will occur?

    We are being lied to. Obviously government is being held to supply contract clauses by big pharma, wherein bonuses will be paid (to political individuals?) once society attains a vaccination percentage. Neither Morrison nor Albanese nor any any state leader care one iota for the Australian citizen.

    We are being lied to. Enough evidence exists to prove a Virus was created in Wuhan to assimilate with a “vaccine”. Valuable people have their employment and careers taken away from them for the 38th leading cause of death and Morrison doesn’t care.

    Morrison has let the States and workplaces create bad laws and mandates and he does nothing. Nothing.


  • Stephen Due says:

    There is useful data on childhood Covid vaccinations from the US where they have significant numbers.
    An interesting analysis is provided today by Steve Kirsch in his Newsletter under the heading “We’ve now killed close to TWICE as many kids from the vaccine as have died from COVID”:

  • Stephen Ireland says:

    We’ve had the marketing from Canberra. When will the TGA hats, Pfizer Masks and other merchandise by rolled out to complement the jelly beans?

  • Occidental says:

    “The vaccination nation…”, says Scotty, of no fixed principals. That has given me a laugh.

  • Occidental says:

    “Principles” I have to train myself to proof read before posting.

  • Stephen Due says:

    Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) is running a campaign to alert parents to the risks of Covid shots in children. They have information and flyers:

  • Adam J says:

    I wonder if Australia should have elected Bill Shorten instead.

  • Geoff Sherrington says:

    If observations from South Africa continue on present trends and if those trends will more or less apply to other countries, the omicron variant will dominate over the delta variant in a few weeks. In a couple of months, omicron will have spread world-wide, despite efforts to restrict it. Most people can be expected to catch omicron.
    The big question is whether those ill from omicron will continue to show only mild illness, compared to delta, or whether it is equally deadly. If the latter, kiss your family goodbye now and make your will. If it continues to be a mild illness as shown in South Africa so far, then it should end the Covid threat by creating mass herd immunity.
    It is plausible that arguments over vaccination and tennis players and children will become immaterial in the next month.
    So, be patient and let Nature (the stronger force) do what it will, which might not be the same as what medical experts (the weaker force) might want to do. Geoff S

  • Surftilidie says:

    Recently my wife and I went to a local GP (in Cottesloe, WA) to have our ears de-waxed. While there, my wife, who was quite ill with a virus early in 2020 (before COVID was even talked about), asked the GP if it was possible to have a blood test to check for COVID antibodies, as she suspected she was one of the early COVID cases. The GP informed us that if he ordered such a blood test, he would be liable for a $50 000 fine. We were so flabbergasted when we heard this that we didn’t immediately quiz him with some of the more obvious questions. We did ask why on earth this was the case, and he rattled off some line that everybody would want one and it would become too expensive, or something along those lines. What we didn’t ask was:
    (a) who was imposing the fine? (we just assumed it was the WA Government as they are imposing fines of $20 000 on some unvaccinated people going to their workplaces and $100 000 on employers who allow such lepers onto such workplaces) and
    (b) was this a means to stop people discovering they had COVID antibodies, and therefore no need for vaccination? and
    (c) were there any other conditions which blood tests could detect for which he would be fined $50 000? and a multitude of other questions.
    We haven’t gone to another GP and asked the same question, as neither of us sees a GP on a regular basis, as we are rarely sufficiently ill to warrant such visits. In fact, having a need to have our ears de-waxed is hardly an illness, but we do this every couple of years. So we are not at all sure if this GP was just making it up, or if indeed he would have been liable to such a fine. If what he said to us is true, then this is truly frightening.

  • Q says:

    Peter, thank you for your articles. They keep me sane too.
    For those interested in the medical fraud being perpetrated this link to a paper titled ‘The Covid Fraud and War on Humanity’ by Dr Mark Bailey and Dr John Bevan-Smith can be downloaded from the website of Dr Sam Bailey. It covers the players, the PCR tests, the virology and the modelling.


    In WA the chief health officer has signed an order PROHIBITING the use of serological tests in the diagnosis of acute Covid as it may “adversely affect the prevention,control and abatement of the serious health risk posed by Covid 19”!! Up to $20000 fine for individuals and $100000 for corporate bodies.
    Go figure!

  • Phillip says:

    Q, Thank you for the Smith & Bailey reference.
    Peter, Keep on keeping on the good work.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Best thing for kids is for them to get mild or non-symptomatic Covid. Omicron looks good for that.
    They’ll get it anyway vaxxed or not, as kids pick up most viruses going around. They are little mmunity machines. With the mRNA vaxxes in particular it seems prudent to wait for a better and more tested vaxx unless a child is at a particular risk. Hard to believe how many countries are currently jumping on the 5 to 11 mRNA vaxx bandwaggon with such a limited study of possible effects on young immune systems.
    I certainly don’t want my younger grandchildren so-called ‘protecting’ me by taking an uncertain vaxx.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    “The big question is whether those ill from omicron will continue to show only mild illness, compared to delta, or whether it is equally deadly. If the latter, kiss your family goodbye now and make your will.” Geoff neither of these variants seems as deadly as the original variety of Covid, which was specifically deadly only to the old and infirm. Also important in any equation are greatly improved treatments, often forgotten in any discussion of the impact of Covid, especially if taken early on in the infective sequence. I’m hoping, like you, that Omicron just demolishes the whole Covid edifice of panic and fear.

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