Sting, Where Are Thy Deaths?

The sting: When Donald Trump was interviewed by Sharri Markson they speculated on the origin of the virus. It’s fair to say they both thought it had come from the Wuhan lab. Trump clearly concluded that it was accidental otherwise, as he said, it would have been an act of war.

So far, I believe, we’ve had three possibilities mooted. One is an animal to human transmission, liked by those fond of China for various reasons or who fear retaliation in one form or another. A second is an accidental escape from the lab, favoured it seems to me by an increasing number of people based on the circumstantial evidence. The third is a deliberate leak orchestrated by the CCP, or a faction in the CCP, in order to damage the West.

I plump for the second, but only if forced out of my ‘don’t-know’ comfort zone. Let’s face it, my opinion is worth diddly-squat. Even so, I will mention a fourth possibility, which is perhaps a little conspiratorial for comfort. It’s titled how drug companies make a bonanza.

Suppose you have an untried, experimental, spike-protein vax in the back office with no takers. You need the right transmissible infection. Nothing of great lethality. Nothing of triviality. The right infection happens. A convenient coincidence? Maybe. Sometimes life works out. Everything almost falls into place. There’s a missing link, as it were. And then comes Trump, in all naïve innocence, I believe.

COVID was taking a political toll. Trump needed a vaccine. He put Warp Speed into action. Great cover for the speedy production and distribution of vaccines which normally take five and more years to prove. Enter Trump again and HCQ. Now who got him to promote HCQ? That queered the pitch for therapeutics.

Vaccines could not have been given emergency authorisation if effective therapeutics were in use. Therapeutics had to be driven out of the medical marketplace. And associating them with Trump did the trick.

If you think this is a stretch, how in the world have we got to a point where people are being persecuted (including being robbed of their livelihoods) for refusing to take a ‘vaccine’ to combat a disease of very limited lethality; which, in any event, doesn’t prevent you getting the disease or passing it on; whose effectiveness quickly wanes; and whose long-term effects are, by definition, unknown. And, worse, and morally repugnant, where very young children, at no risk from the disease, are now being lined up, as though guinea pigs, to take the jab.

Sure, useful idiots predominate. But I, for one, am not ruling out sinister players. Cui Bono.


Death stalked the land in 2020 as COVID wreaked havoc with our medical infrastructure. Bring out your bodies heralded each morn. Not quite.

In fact, the ABS reports that deaths in in 2020 at 161,300 were fewer than in 2019 at 169,301. The 20 leading causes are listed. COVID didn’t make the cut, but was given special mention as the 38th. It reportedly caused 898 deaths with a median age of 86.9 years compared with 81.7 years for deaths as a whole. Sad though most deaths are for families and friends, how can those dying in their mid-eighties be described by the Prime Minister as each a “terrible tragedy,” without losing all sensible perspective and running out of superlatives fit for purpose.   

Let me mention the 3,144 women who died in 2020 of breast cancer, with a median age of 72 years. The 2,186 people who died of melanoma, with a median age of 64.7 years. The 16,587 who died of heart disease, with a median age of 84.7 years. The 3,139 who committed suicide, with a median age of only 43.5 years. Children also died in 2020; each properly described as a terrible tragedy.

By the way, make of it what you will. Set against COVID deaths of 898, influenza -pneumonia deaths in 2020 were down 1,837 on their level in 2019 (admittedly a high year). But they were also down 815 on their level in 2018 (not a high year). Net-zero COVID/ Flu deaths perhaps?

The risk of dying from COVID is small, vanishingly small if you are neither old nor have serious underlying illnesses. That of course doesn’t fit the agenda. You can’t scare people witless and force novel so-called vaccines on them by telling the truth.

You have to invent a different truth built on modelling hyperbole, misinformation and secret public health advice. Then you can mask them, isolate them, prevent them having access to cheap therapeutic medicine, and then, finally, vaccinate them and their children. And boosters are dessert. Money rolls in.


  • rod.stuart

    A slightly different explanation:
    1) There is a cabal, about which Eisenhower, JFK, and Reagan warned about.
    2) That cabal has grown so powerful that it virtually owns the whole world, through investment houses Back Rock and Vanguard. It is the real government of the USA, and controls all fo the three letter agencies (FBI,CIA, NIS, NIH, etc.
    3) This cabal meets in Davos every year to discuss plans to establish a non-elected, non-accountable New World Order. To do so will require a population reduced to about two billion, all housed in large cities, as detailed in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Funds furnished by the Clinton Fouondation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Soros Open Society Foundations, and tax money.
    4) It also requires destruction of the middle class.
    5) For some several decades the intent has been to use a vaccine to eliminate ¾ of the population, and through meticulous planning and a military psychological operation this can be accomplished by manipulation people to seek this vaccine in drove.
    6) The vaccine has been cunningly formulated to gradually, slowly at first and the suddenly destroy the vascular system through employment of the spike protein.
    7) To this end the “vaccine’ was perfected, and a suitable virus prepared at Fort Detrich, Maryland, then transported to a class 4 lab in Winnipeg Manitoba, for furtherance to Wuhan by way of Vancouver using a Chinese employee in the lab.
    8) Such was carefully prepared for the ‘military games’ to be held in Wuhan, so that service personnel from many nations (accommodated in tiny rooms) could contact it in such a way that the whole thing could be blamed on the CCP (who were implicit in the planning)
    9) The compliant media worldwide, who incidentally are owned by and large by Back Rock and Vanguard, then hyped up the fear campaign, assisted by ‘newsreels’ in Wuhan depicting devastation and rapid construction of hospital facilities.
    10) The compliant media also fabricated tales of full hospitals in Lombardy, and Texas, all of which were fake.
    11) Because the Great Reset requires a collapse of the entire world financial structure, it was necessary to have government puppets arrange ‘lockdowns’ to slow the economies of the West.
    12) Coincidentally, it was necessary to disallow the use of repurposed drugs in order to create phony EUA’s for the vaccines. In addition, idiotic regulations and face masks, as well as isolation and a Stasi like police state are all exquisitely executed in order to make the public accustomed to the police state with presenting papers, checking in whever they go, to prepare people for a Chinese type ‘social credit” system. These preparations, all of which trample laws, the Constitutions and codes ‘for the common good’.
    13) And that is where we are now, waiting for the Cyber Polygon (the second shoe) to drop.
    14) Just as Event 201 brazenly spelled out the plandemic, so too Cyber Poloygon 2020 ands 2021 have defined the financial collapse brought about by a “Rogue State”.
    15) Just as Deagel.com forecast, the population of Australia will be only 9 million in 2025, the population of Canada 15 million, and the population of the USA 150 million.

  • Stephen Due

    Agreed there is probably a conspiracy behind the release of the virus (which in military terms is classed as an unrestricted bioweapon). In addition, there must surely be a conspiracy behind the dominant preferred solution of global mass vaccination.
    The ruthlessness and uniformity with which mass vaccination has been pursued around the world – in defiance of logic, science and common sense – is truly remarkable. There has been an orchestrated global propaganda campaign. Uniform measures, including lockdowns, censorship, and suppression of medical treatment, have been deployed internationally.
    This is extremely sinister. There must surely be a powerful agent in the background. Popular suspects include the WEF, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates. Suggested objectives include global population reduction, the Great Reset, and the New World Order. Hopefully one day some enterprising person will write the book that explains it all. With luck we’ll still be around to read it!

  • Greg Williams

    Here’s Bill Gates in 2015


  • Doubting Thomas

    Wow! Puts me in mind of that famous scene in the movie “When Harry Met Sally”. To paraphrase, “I’ll have what they’re having.”

  • Tony Tea

    No matter what the real story is, there will be a huge number of novels and movies in the pandmic. (Provided the authors and film makers, who are fond of China for various reasons or who fear retaliation in one form or another, don’t clam up.)

  • ralphlhpain

    Peter as always a brilliant and insightful piece. Always so deeply sane.

  • Dallas Beaufort

    Hypothisisf number 4, Asteroid bound, Prof Ted Steele, take a bow.

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