Copyright Agency grants to leftists: a selection


$18,000: Griffith Review
$20,000: Guardian Australia -Weekly reviews of Australian books
$10,000: Towards Overland Journal writers’ fees for Friday Features


$15,000: Adelaide Writers’ Festival
$10,000: Brisbane Writers’ Festival
$7500: Byron Writers’ Festival
$28,290: Byron Writers’ Festival
$7500: Canberra Writers’ Festival
$20,000: Melbourne Writers’ Festival panel sessions
$25,000: Sydney Writers Festival, panel sessions
$15,000: The Wheeler Centre Speakers’ fees
$20,000: Griffith Review
$20,000: Guardian Australia
$6,000: Festival of Dangerous Ideas- commissioning fees for writers
$16,000: Griffith Review
$60,000: Meanjin Journal over three years
$5000: Tracey Spicer – interviews with Australian women and marginalised writers conducted by noted reviewers and writers
$75,000: For authors of essays on Fire, Flood & Plague. Guardian/Random House


$15,000: Adelaide Writers Week
$30,000: Australian Publishers Association – program for editors
$5000: Byron Writers Festival
$5000: Newcastle Writers Festival
$10,000: Perth Festival
$15,000: Sydney Writers Festival
 $30,000: Griffith Review
$10,000: Bruce Pascoe, Cutter & Couta


$25,000: National Musuem – For non-fiction essays, Living with the Anthropocene.
$15,000: Perth Writers Festival
$20,000: Adelaide Writers Festival
$25,000 Sydney Writers’ Festival
$30,000: The Guardian – To grow readership of Australian writers and books
$30,000: Australian Publishers Association
$115,000: Australian Society of Authors
Toward the Copyright Agency Developmental


$20,400: Primary English Teaching Association Australia –Writing the Future Showcase
$75,000: Griffith Review (over three years)
$20,000: Griffith Review – project competition
$66,000: Griffin Theatre (over three years)
 $20,000: Adelaide Writers Week
 $15,000: Perth Writers Festival
$27,600: Sydney Writers Festival
$5000: Canberra Writers Festival
$90,000: Melbourne Writers Festival over three years
$10,000: Newcastle Writers Festival – over three years
$5000: Tasmanian Writers Festival
$20,000: Griffith Review
$60,000: Meanjin, over three years
$30,000: The Guardian – increased book coverage
$20,000: Australian Society of Authors– Virtual Professional Development
$40,000: Australian Publishers Association – Futurebook Australia where next for book industry

 $15,000: Anne Summers Reports (ASR)


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  • brandee says:

    So everybody wins a prize except for Quadrant and The Spectator Australia! How come?
    Why is the ‘Turnbull Times’ receiving $20,000 in 20 and 21? It seemed to miss in 19 but received $30,000 in both 18 and 17 when the the patron was in office?

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