A COVID Conundrum for the Cognitively Consonant

Statistics can be wielded to suit a purpose. Lies, damn lies, and statistics, as it were. Climate change is replete with statistics. If you’re like me, you can’t keep up. Help me. Is it a record if it is the hottest day since 1932?

COVID comes with statistics. The number of cases is the most favoured statistic of them all. A case is registered when someone who most likely isn’t the least bit ill gets tested and is found to have the virus. Why would you get tested voluntarily if you are not ill? That’s one of those sweet mysteries of life. I can offer no explanation.

Deaths is the next favoured statistic, with hospitalisations coming in third. In itself this relegation to third place is also a bit of a mystery; if you recall that flattening the curve, popular near the beginning of 2020, was all about ensuring that hospitals could cope.

So far there have been over 206 million cases worldwide, according to Worldometer‘s latest numbers as of August 13. But remember, if you’ve had it and have not been tested, you’re not a case. So how many infections have there actually been? As the disease is asymptomatic or very mild in children and young healthy people, the number who have been infected might, possibly, be some multiple of 206 million. I don’t know. No data. You guess.

Deaths are more matter of fact than cases. Dead bodies are hard to invent or ignore. However, death leaves enormous scope for allocation among many causes. If a dead person had three morbidities which one to hold responsible is not an easy matter to determine, I would think.

Doctors, I’m sure, do the best they can. But there have been stories of pressure on doctors and hospitals to assign COVID as the cause, if present, whatever other morbidities are present. How much that has inflated the numbers (now reportedly 4.35 million deaths worldwide) I don’t know. On the other side, Greg Sheridan, a COVID worrywart, suggested that deaths in India were significantly undercounted. So the data might not lie, but what is the data?

This isn’t. Public Health England claimed in its weekly surveillance report (August 12, page 18), via its modelling, that vaccinations had saved 84,600 English lives (up to August 6). Funny, it claimed only 60,000 lives saved (up to July 23) in its previous report (Page 18). Nearly 25,000 lives saved in two weeks! A miracle of modelling.

Actual recorded (not modelled) deaths from all causes, broken down by cause, across 2019, 2020 and 2021, which won’t be available until well into 2022, might provide some guidance in assessing how many (net) deaths have resulted from COVID, at least among countries whose data is halfway reliable. Though, again, it will be complicated. Lockdowns will have both saved lives (for example, from accidents) and cost lives (for example, from delays in diagnosing illnesses and from self-harm).

Trying to get a better handle on the data is one thing, trying to put data into a well-rounded perspective is quite another. The first is susceptible to rational inquiry. The second is undercut by COVID derangement syndrome (CDS). Reason fails. One characteristic of CDS is mawkish sentimentality; another is cognitative dissonance.

On mawkish sentimentality, witness the Prime Minster referring to each death from COVID as not just a tragedy but a “terrible tragedy.” Let’s try to get rational.

Most people who die of COVID have other debilitating morbidities, including diabetes and obesity and are generally old. Nevertheless, a death is death you might say. But I would counter, death is commonplace among the old and ill.

In 2019, the last full year for which we have mortality numbers from the ABS, 169,301 people (464 each day) died in Australia. The median age was 81.7 years. Of the 20 principal causes of death only two had median ages below 70 years. Under the category of self-harm 2,480 people died, the median age being 43.9 years. Cirrhosis accounted for 2011 people with a median age of 65 years.

Since Australia’s first reported death in March 2020, 947 people have reportedly died from Covid (at Aug 13). The federal Department of Health reported that the median age is 86 years. That, I think, gives a grounded perspective on COVID deaths. Those dying from the virus are generally older than those dying of all other causes taken together. However, to be fair, that is a partial perspective.

The closest companion to COVID is perhaps influenza-related pneumonia. The median age of death from this cause is recorded in 2019 as 88.8 years. It would be a very rough and ready guess but you might conclude from this that those dying from COVID were robbed of 2.8 years on average. This would mean that the virus has taken from Australia 947 times 2.8 years, equalling 2,652 years of life in total. That’s not a small thing, but it is dwarfed by lives lost to cirrhosis.

If the 2011 people who died from cirrhosis in 2019 had lived to the median age of death (to 81.7 years) an additional 33,584 years of life would be gained. Those dying from self-harm: an additional 93,744 years. And, note, I haven’t even broached the death of children, which I do regard as tragedies.

I don’t know the secrets of the universe, but am prepared to throw it out there. Someone dying from any disease in their eighties, their late seventies even, cannot be said to be a terrible tragedy, whatever the cause of death. Sad, of course, for family members and friends. Not a tragedy. On this measure, not many COVID deaths have been tragedies.

On cognitive dissonance, there are a number of examples. People in the outdoors walking around with masks; even running and bicycling, some of them. I mentioned before, people who are not ill queuing for hours to get tested. Premiers and their health officers triumphantly announcing the death of any young person from COVID, while studiously proclaiming to have no knowledge of whether the unfortunate person had any underlying vulnerabilities. This is a particularly curious one from the Jerusalem Post 12 August: “In an effort to curb an ever-climbing number of new corona cases – including a serious cases hitting a new fourth wave of 400 – the corona cabinet met … and passed a new set of restrictions.” Hang on to the figure of 400. You’ll see it again.

What are these new restrictions? They widen the scope of COVID passports (“green cards”) and now require them starting from age three (yes, no misprint, 3). Those unvaccinated “will be required to present a negative Covid test before entering swimming pools, gyms, academic institutions, sports and cultural events, conferences, museums, libraries, restaurants and hotels.”

Now peruse this, in the same account (emphasis added):

On Wednesday morning, the Health Ministry reported 694 people were being treated in Israeli hospitals for the virus, among them 400 in serious condition, with 64% of those patients defined as serious cases being fully vaccinated.

Something is amiss here, is there not? Vaccinations are the ticket to freedom. Yet, almost two-thirds of hospital patients in a serious condition are fully vaccinated. Confusing? Only to the cognitively consonant.

33 thoughts on “A COVID Conundrum for the Cognitively Consonant

  • March says:

    I’m pretty sure sure CHO Chant and the rest of her ilk are energy vampires. If you haven’t seen one the this clip provides an explanation…

  • Stephen Due says:

    Hospitalization and death from Covid-19 can largely be prevented with multi-drug early treatment using hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and other repurposed drugs in accordance with proven FLCCC Alliance protocols. This has been known for over a year. During that year the TGA has prevented doctors from prescribing those drugs for Covid-19 in Australia. Who then is really responsible for Australia’s Covid-19 deaths? Could it be the government officials who have forbidden the use of effective therapies?
    The entire management of the Covid ‘pandemic’ in Australia has been and continues to be a disgraceful fiasco: a smorgasbord of incompetence, bungling and tyranny. The only plan has been to lock up the entire population until everyone gets vaccinated. I should imagine the average 14-year-old could have thought that one up.
    One international expert describes the Covid-19 vaccines as a ‘poison death shot’. The inventor of the mRNA technology used in the vaccines has stated repeatedly that the long-term adverse effects are unknown – this is not a case of how the data is interpreted, because there is no data. The vaccines are experimental products, and therefore their use in mass vaccination programs is unethical.
    Scientific data can be interesting when available. However most of the Covid-19 modelling presented to the public, and most of the case numbers and death statistics, are practically meaningless to the extent of being irrelevant to the evaluation of public health measures and to personal behavior. The mask mandates and associated propaganda are just signs of a serious intellectual deficit in their proponents. The ludicrous lockdowns are mainly acting to prolong the agony by preventing the build-up of natural immunity in the population and causing the evolution of more variants – while having a catastrophic effect on general health, social well-being and the economy. The average person would think lockdowns were bad public health policy, which is correct.
    What should be done? Answer (unchanged from a year ago): revoke the emergency powers and send the senior public health officials on a well-deserved holiday to Macquarie Island. Revoke all the pandemic regulations. Protect the elderly. Treat the sick.

  • Ceres says:

    Peter many get tested because they have to for work, or they choose to for the $450 (Vic) isolation payment whilst they wait for the result. If people stopped getting tested, unless symptomatic, these lockdowns based on CASE numbers would have to end.
    The CHO’s seem to revel in the increasing case numbers which means they will exercise even harsher measures. Get jabbed or lockups will continue they threaten, but your paragraph in italics shows the vaccine ain’t all its cracked up to be with cases and serious ones, continuing in Israel and elsewhere. What’s Plan B Premiers?

  • Ceres says:

    Stephen, ivermectin can be prescribed off label at your Doctor’s discretion.

  • gareththomassport says:

    My experience with my GP colleagues is that many (most?) Have not even heard of ivermectin.
    This is because the medical colleges, AMA, TGA, etc will not countenance discussion. The poor GP who has to know a bit about everything has no hope, and essentially follows the flow chart. That is the basic model for modern general practice- free thinking is strongly discouraged.

  • gary@erko says:

    It’s the excitement of living during a moment of world wide historical importance.
    Except it isn’t.

  • Daffy says:

    Ah, some brilliant comments. I wish we had ‘reply’ and ‘thumbs up’ or smiley buttons, but I know, that’d be a tad prole.

    Still, Gary@erko is way ahead on points, IMO.

    But back to ‘models’. I wonder of they are proper models with ranges and confidence intervals, and monte-carlo simulations along with sensitivity testing and continual re-calibration from observations…and if they include all other public health factors: death from self-harm, missing your radio therapy because your son had a cough ( me-sweating bullets at the time, cause there ain’t no second crack at that duck ), lowered general health and increased vulnerability because of social deprivation…and the sheer boredom of daytime TV.

  • padraic says:

    I agree – get rid of models and stick to arithmetic. Now that we have vaccines for Covid, State authorities who have the constitutional head of power for health should do the following: 1. write down the number of people fully vaccinated plus those who have had one dose. 2. subtract that figure from the rest of the population in their State who are not yet vaccinated. 3. Estimate (based on the daily capacity of the system to vaccinate) how long it would take to vaccinate all that cohort if all took up being vaccinated. 4. This will give a date at which all are theoretically vaccinated. 5. At this point announce that on that date everything will return to pre-covid normal, with shops open, planes flying etc. It will act as an incentive for those who believe in vaccination to get vaccinated before the deadline and equally please those who don’t believe in getting vaccinated. The other plus would be that the media could switch over to news that might appeal to their readers, viewers and listeners.

  • 10416 says:

    If you contact the Covid Medical Network, they will supply a list of doctors who will prescribe Ivermectin. I have just started taking it as a prophylactic and also have a separate pack for use if I contract the virus.
    If this drug was given to those people when they tested positive (and their close contacts) we would not have the runaway infections we now have nor any need for lockdowns. At least a proportion of the deaths may have been avoided.
    It is very sad that you need to protect yourself because those in power will not.

  • lbloveday says:

    Quote: “Deaths are more matter of fact than cases. Dead bodies are hard to invent or ignore”.
    An Indonesian driver said last week (I translate) “They say there is an epidemic, they say there are millions dead; if so, where are the corpses?”.
    He did not believe the government/media supplied “facts”.

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Some good points Peter, clearly put. On the Jerusalem Post stats. of course we have no way of knowing how many people were in contact,yet didn’t catch the virus, or get ill, purely because they were vaccinated. The ICU serious cases would probably be normal, vaccinated or not, if the patients already have chronic morbidities and immune senescence, but the vaccine may still keep them alive, My doctor always tells me the flu vaccine won’t stop you getting it, but if you’re fit with normal immune system, it’ll be mild, advice that no doubt also applies to the covid vaccine. I’ve had passed to me an article from the editor of the Cairns News of August 13th 2021 that The Centre for Digestive Diseases in Sydney issued a press release titled, Ivermectin Triple Therapy Protocol for Covid-19, released to Aussie GPs for infected elderly and frontline workers combining Ivermectin with Doxycycline and Zinc. Triple therapy specialist Professor Thomas Borody, famous for curing peptic ulcers released the treatment protocol to GPs, ( with an email link to obtain the dosing protocol ), who can legally prescribe it to their COVID-19 patients and can also prescribe it as a preventative medication. Borody says this could be the fastest and safest way to end the pandemic in Australia within 6-8 weeks. The medications are on the chemist shelves right now and GPs can legally prescribe the treatment as an off label treatment, according to Australian Guidelines, a standard practice in medicine. Borody says they’ve written to Minister Hunt Vic Premier Daniels for an urgent briefing, to bypass the raft of “advisors”. I hope they all get behind it….quickly.

  • lgsprp says:

    Just signed up to Quadrant, Peter I really enjoy your articles, the link below is from the uk gov public health.

    For the dreaded Delta strain, page 18

    The take from the numbers available are; 1 jab is all that is needed in both over and under 50s. 2 jabs (fully vaccinated) is detrimental in both age groups. In under 50s the risk of dying increases with being fully vaxxed over unvaxxed.


  • Stephen Due says:

    Apologies to all for my incorrect claim that the TGA has “prevented doctors from prescribing” hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and other drugs for – and thanks to Ceres for your correction.
    I was misled by a report on the ABC News website 22 February 2021 which stated of hydroxychloroquine: “The TGA has banned doctors from prescribing the drug to combat Covid-19”.
    However, if the TGA has not literally banned the drug, it has certainly gone as far down that road as possible. According to the same report a TGA spokesperson said: “The safety and effectiveness of these medicines for COVID-19 has not been established, and the use of unapproved treatments may cause serious adverse events, or inappropriately delay patients seeking definitive clinical care.” How many doctors are going to prescribe “these medicines” for Covid-19 after that ominous warning?
    The Australian Government Department of Health website states:
    Re Ivermectin: “There is currently insufficient evidence to support the safe and effective use of ivermectin…. for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19….
    Re Hydroxychloroquine: “The use of hydroxychloroquine… for the treatment of COVID-19 is not recommended….
    Re Off-label use (on the same page): “Doctors who prescribe medicines off-label should do so taking into account the potential risks and benefits for the patient…”
    In addition, the TGA has very publicly taken action to silence a group of Melbourne doctors by preventing them ‘advertising’ the use of these drugs for Covid-19 treatment.
    While exercising its prerogative to make unsubstantiated claims about “insufficient evidence”, the TGA has effectively silenced doctors who wish to make counter claims in a public forum. This is a kind of censorship which, surely, doctors should not tolerate. In addition, there is an implied threat in the official pronouncements on off-label use that every legal avenue may be pursued to prevent the use of these drugs for Covid-19, on the grounds that doctors prescribing them have disregarded “potential risks and benefits to the patient”.
    It is tempting to conclude that there is a political agenda behind the official Australian government position on early treatment protocols for Covid-19. Specifically, that the authorities want to drive people into the unethical and potentially dangerous mass vaccination program which they have presented as the only ‘way out’ of the lockdowns. In the background are the powerful pharmaceutical companies, which clearly will not tolerate anything that threatens their profits, including the sales of the ‘booster’ shots needed to fix the vaccines that are already failing. It is a pity that the TGA and the Department of Health do not apply the same standard of evidence to the vaccines as the one they claim to be applying to the early treatment protocols using cheap, safe and effective repurposed drugs.

  • ianl says:

    Both McGowan (WA) and Andrews (Vic) have stated in a deliberate 180 backflip to the National Cabinet decision they signed off a few weeks ago that irrespective of 70%-80% vaccination rates, lockdowns and other much disliked restrictions will remain. Our Gladys (she of the sneaky bent) has constantly hinted at this in her execrable 11am pressers and has been ambiguously supported by Chant. Both agreed to allow the police to write their own ticket on restrictions … which they promptly did.

    The idiot CMO in SA (she of the “footballs and pizza boxes are lethal” hysterics) has directly backflipped with a totally unembarrassed 180 on an NC agreement she and Marshmallow signed only days before her backflip, that returning SA Olympians that had quarantined in Sydney must now repeat the exercise in SA.

    At the core of these cynical exercises in power is the still prevalent belief in a majority of the population that zero-COVID is possible without retreating to single inhabitant rock caves. 80% vaxxes won’t change that notion. Only a majority change of belief – that living with C-19 is the better resolution – will change this. A long wait, I suggest.

    The daily *ratio* of untracked (as yet) cases to the number of daily tests done is the key measurement. In NSW, this is actually subsiding now, so the Glad and Kerry Show avoid making this clear. I expect that the stats will shortly not be released at all. Our despicable MSM won’t pursue it as it doesn’t push their COVID-porn clickbait business model (undeclared).

  • rod.stuart says:

    We are fortunate in that in response to the TGA’s insidious attack on Dr. Mark Hobart in particular and the CMN in general, Minister of Health Huint issued a statement in which he uneqivacably calrified that in this country a qualified medical practitioner can prescribe whatever he damned well likes, after informed consultation with the patient.

  • rod.stuart says:

    The number of knowledgeable professionals who call for an end to the distribution of these toxic injections grows by the day.
    Vaccine Expert Vanden Bossche Calls For “Immediate Halt” To Vaccinations, Says They Encourage “Escape Mutant” Variants | ZeroHedge

  • STD says:

    rosross, it all looks great taken on face value, however the left wing acolyte Fauci’s advice to President Trump ,was a political disaster for Trump, not for Biden though.

  • Bwana Neusi says:

    An excellent article Peter and Stephen Due, thanks for your contribution.
    My wife has lupus for which the prescribed treatment is Hydroxychloroquine. At the outbreak last year, she was unable to use her repeat prescription for over six weeks because the Government had withdrawn the availability of all supplies to any of our chemists.
    remember also the temerity of Trump to use HCL and this unleashed a veritable broadside, that the drug was highly dangerous etc etc.
    Then Ivermectin was in the crosshairs after India had the temerity to prescribe the antiviral as an effective prophylactic against COVID with the predictable response that it was dangerous.
    We only know of some of the short term adverse effects of the new vaccines with the predictable response that it is “Less dangerous than the virus” You know – the lesser of two evils.
    Review of the Japanese vaccination programme identified an alarming congregation of the lipid nano particles in women’s ovaries. The longer term ramifications have yet to be determined, but infertility and fetus mutations cannot be discounted, nor can the possibility that there is a covert objective to limit the Global population growth (sorry – conspiracy stuff)
    We are both in our seventies and our use of HCL and or Ivermectin are preferred to the pandora’s box of vaccinations where the global population is seen as the guinea pigs in the experiment.
    One last point CDC have now confirmed the the PCR test is not accurate and often records false positives thus inflating “The Cases” whilst also recording false negatives thus releasing real cases out into the population. If the PCR test cannot differentiate a flu RNA fragment from a Covid fragment, perhaps we have a “Flu Pandemic”

  • quaestio says:

    I had to have a medical procedure recently. I am sixty nine. A virology was done. Found out I have had H1N1 (Swine flu). I cannot even remember having it. I have had the common cold like we all do. Obviously it was not severe enough to even go to the GP. I wonder how many have had Covid – 19 and fobbed it off as the Common Cold??

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Beautifully put BN, we probably do have a bit of a flu pandemic, marching along with, & disguised by, Wuhan Covid. One things for sure, the flu is still out there and people are still getting it, but in the present context, mainly political now I think, the media, including talk back radio, the gov and our charming TGA etc are aggressively and arrogantly determined not to mention it along with the hated hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. They’ve all become officially sort of persona non grata, beyond the pale and never to be mentioned….or invited into the conversation.

  • pgang says:

    Today it was reported that a teenage boy who had contracted meningitis and covid has just died. Awful. But I think we know what killed him.
    Yesterday about 470 people died in India with covid. Out of about 28,000 known deaths. 1.6%.
    Worldometer has about 100,000 serious cases of covid in play at any given moment. Out of a population of 7.9 billion. Or 0.001%, if I have my exponents correct. 1 person in 79,000. Sick, not dead.
    Around 59 million people died in 2020, about as expected. Covid made little if any difference.
    Around 200,000 Australians have died since we became a totalitarian dystopia, About a thousand with covid. 1 in 200 of all deaths. 1 in 26,000 people. If we compare that with the 150,000 diggers at the Somme in 1918, that would equate to 6 casualties over the course of a year.
    Just btw, many people are forced into testing just to be able to continue working,

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    pgang–It’s hard to believe, but from the report I heard on the radio I think that the teenager you mentioned was actually NOT counted in the covid deaths. Of course, that moment of truth may have little effect on the paranoia in the media or the public relating to his death.


    The mRNA anti-Covid treatments are non-sterilizing which is why calling them vaccines is misleading. They may ameliorate the symptoms of Covid for those who’ve taken the shot, but those infected, having caught the disease, are still capable of passing it around. Case in point: Gibraltans and Icelanders at 98% & 90% respectively jabbed have arapidly rising new case-load, apparently with Delta, most likely due to antibody-dependent enhancement. Importantly, though, these stats put the kybosh on the notion of vaxxine passports. They’re anti- logical and represent a return to the dark ages of superstition and knee-jerk group think resulting in a bum rap for the un-vaxxed.

  • pgang says:

    Rebekah, he is a covid stat. After dying from one of the most dangerous diseases in existence. Disgraceful.

  • Bwana Neusi says:

    How easy would it be to immediately prescribe the low cost and readily available antiviral Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine especially if used in conjunction with doxycycline and see a rapid decline in the cases of Covid. But that would run contrary to the accepted narrative for Big Pharma.
    If we even contemplate even for one moment that there is an ulterior motive to Big Pharma profit and the objective is to get the global herd “Vaccinated”, just how are they going to coerce the third of the population that decline to be guinea pigs?

  • gilmay97 says:

    A coroner as a government or judicial official has a prescribed duty is to oversee or conduct an inquest into the manner or specific cause of death, when numerous deaths occur it is a Coroner’s responsibility to identify why and what were the causative factors accidental, deliberate or criminal, for future prevention and police prosecution.
    When over 400 people die from covid vaccination where is the Inquest to finitely and provably establish the exact cause of their death?
    What is written as the cause of death?
    A cause of death cannot be just listed as an adverse or fatal reaction to a vaccine, that does not identify a cause of death, that identifies an action that caused the death result.
    What specific cause of death has been established and proven: That states the precise identity of what caused the death, how and why and to what organs.
    Many fit healthy people have died solely from vaccination effects — some have been reported as death from blood clotting, has the coroner’s office identified why and what were the causative factors for clotting? Was it contaminated, faulty or deliberated act to cause death and if so a criminal offence?
    Were clotting factors in all vaccines, or specific brands — when deaths are being caused and vaccines known to cause deaths then predetermined factors constitute premeditated murder and government complicity, whereby criminal charges are relevant.
    Clearly an Inquest is required under the terms of your legal responsibility of office.
    As government reports state blood clotting are isolated cases — what specifically were the causes of the non-isolated other deaths?
    Have there been blood slides taken and photographed from people after vaccinations at regular intervals of blood irregularities being caused as a precautionary identification factor for medical and coronial reference?
    Have major organs and brain been autopsied to identify if spike proteins or other were present and causative factors for death? (Pfizer documents acknowledge spike proteins can be transferred onto unvaccinated people ‘by inhalation or skin contact’.)
    Have there been detailed pathology analysis looking for and identifying bacteria that may have caused the death — and been treatable by antibiotics?

  • shop says:

    Could it be true that APRA – a financial regulator, can discipline Australian doctors for having reasons NOT to recommend experimental injections?

    See here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/VJj4CqlpwEjh/

    And even if this proves not be absolutely clear cut.

    A little research on The Australian Medical Association (AMA) site finds:
    AMA’s recommendation is still for people to follow the ATAGI advice and have the recommended vaccine when its available.

    And the ATAGI role is to …
    … advise the Minister for Health on the medical administration of vaccines available in Australia, including those available through the National Immunisation Program (NIP)

    And the NIP is advised by :
    Office of Health Protection
    Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation
    National Immunisation Committee
    Therapeutic Goods Administration
    Advisory Committee on Vaccines
    National Health and Medical Research Council
    Process for listing new vaccines on the NIP

    All these, in purely practical terms, benefit financially by ensuring there are a plethora of mandatory vaccines to advise on…

    THIS SITUATION amounts to a nightmarish injection machine with no individual accountability if individual doctors , treating individual patients are NOT permitted to NOT recommend or administer an experimental drug or risk going against this machine.

    Absolute insanity!

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    pgang-My apologies. The first report I heard seemed to be saying that the teenager’s death was in addition to the “official” ones, and I am trying to be completely fair (it isn’t too hard; there are so few good things to say about the official line in the Present Crisis). But you were right; last night’s news made it clear that, despite having a disease that is known to be dangerous to young people, this teenager is being made another covid statistic. “Disgraceful” is right.

  • pgang says:

    And it gets worse Rebekah:
    ‘The parents of Osama Subuh, a teenager from Sydney’s southwest, who is understood to have contracted coronavirus at his part-time job, was forced to attend his funeral via FaceTime.’
    Is this hell? Are we dead?

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    Romans 1 makes it clear that when people reject God, they do crazy things. I know that plenty of people who do not even believe in God, much less follow Him, can see the Panicdemic for what it is. I also know that, shamefully, many of God’s children have fallen for at least some of this madness. But the world as a whole has rejected God and the principles of His Word (including such things as church attendance and working to provide for one’s family). “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

  • hfreytag says:

    “almost two-thirds of hospital patients in a serious condition are fully vaccinated. Confusing?”
    Because Israel has got a high vaccination rate. Imagine everybody is vaccinated with a small chance to still need hospitalisation, then *all* hospital admissions would be vaccinated. Prior probabilities have to be applied to the ratio (aka Bayes Theorem).

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