Israel and Gaza: The Euphoria of Psychosis

This is the euphoria of victory!” proclaimed Khalil al-Haya, a senior Hamas figure, in front of thousands of Gazans celebrating the end of hostilities between Hamas/Islamic Jihad and Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). An estimated 232 Gazans were killed during the latest hostilities, some by Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s own rockets. The local real estate was (once again) left partially in ruins. But a victory is a victory for the two terrorist groups that jointly rule Gaza – even when they have suffered a defeat. Now why, exactly, might that be the case?

This latest “triumph” by Hamas and Islamic Jihad over the Isreali Defence Forces (IDF) follows on from their brilliant “success” in the 2008-09 Gaza War and the 2014 Gaza War. If Hamas and Islamic Jihad keep up their winning ways a prospective 2026 Gaza War, or perhaps a 2028-29 Gaza war, will see the entirety of Gaza reduced to rubble. But our Islamo-terrorists can dream, can’t they? Approximately four thousand rockets were fired at Israel during the 11 days of the 2021 Gaza War, some even making all the way to the Isreali heartland of Tel Aviv. Next time there might be be 6,000 or maybe 8,000 Iranian-financed missiles raining down on “the brothers of apes and pigs”. Armageddon conceived along these lines is what keeps the like of Khalil al-Haya forever posing before the world’s media with a V-sign for victory. Once Jerusalem is vanquished (or obliterated) by Hamas’s Izz as-Din al-Qassem Brigades, or so the Salafi-jihadist narrative goes, a millenialist Islamic state will arise as surely as night follows day.

Inevitably, perhaps, the euphoria of radical Islamic psychosis is interpreted by our PC commentariat as something quite different. Informed by a bohemian-socialist sensibility, they see the 2021 Gaza War as a case of Jean-Jacque Rousseau’s “Noble Savage” defying colonialist “white Jews”. Our left-wing identiarians view the latest death and mayhem in much the same way  Walt Disney’s Pocahontas (1995) portrays the plight of the immaculate Powhatan Native Americans up against the “ravenous wolves” from across the sea who “devour everything in their path”. To put it in the parlance of the woke mob, the “white supremacists” have just spent eleven or twelve days waging an unprovoked war on People of Colour.

If you can make a fact-pattern fit the shape of your screwball ideology, then reality is just a mere distraction. The Sydney Morning Herald, perhaps chastened by the embarrassment of then-columnist Mike Carlton’s critique of the 2014 Gazan War, “Israel’s Rank and Rotten Fruit is Being Called Fascism”, played it more shrewdly this time. The SMH invited Asma Abu Mezied to write her eyewitness account – “I Don’t Think Gaza can Rise from the Ashes This Time” – of the damage inflicted on Gaza by the IDF. As an eyewitness to the events, Dr Mezied, the so-called women’s economic empowerment co-ordinator in Gaza, might be expected to have a touch more credibility than the buffoonish Carlton. And so, we should take her account seriously:

Over the past 12 days, more than 220 people have been killed, at least 63 of them children. Apartment blocks have been destroyed, roads critical to economic centres are pockmarked with craters, clinics and schools have been ruined and international media bureaus have been flattened on live television.             

Nowhere in Mezied’s account, however, is there any mention that Hamas kicked off the latest carnage by firing 100 missiles at Jerusalem or that Hamas/Islamic Jihad ended up firing 4,000 missiles in the direction of Israel. Or that some of those dead 63 Gazan children, if that is a genuine figure, were as likely killed by misfiring rockets from her side of the border. Or that Gazan civilians were put in harm’s way not so much by the IDF but Hamas deliberately positioning their mobile launch sites in the vicinity of hospitals/clinics, schools and civilian apartments. The Islamo-terrorists, in other words, wanted – let us make that clear: hoped and prayed – their captive Gazans are killed in order to increase the martyrdom or propaganda factor. Mezied, prudently, does not mention Hamas or Islamic Jihad at all in her Zionophobic piece for the SMH. If we leave Hamas and Islamic Jihad out of the equation, if we dispense with the inconvenient truth that this terrorist duo started the war by firing 100 rockets at Jerusalem, then – yes – then Jews are, as Adolf Hitler, Hassan al-Bannah, Sayyid Qutb and Osama bin-Laden warned us, our cosmological enemy. Bring on the old blood libel, Asma Abu Mezied.

Dr Mezied, of course, omits Hama and Islamic Jihad from her report on the evil of Israeli Jews because she is savvy enough to know what works with the clueless PC brigade. The Gazans are the innocent Powhatans; the Israelis are “ravenous wolves”. Let’s not complicate the whole business for the simple-minded woke folk with the fact that Hamas has spent the seven years since the 2014 Gaza War acquiring rockets with longer ranges and bigger warheads, building more tunnels (known as “the Metro”), expanding the Izz as-Din al-Qassem Brigades, and developing more sophisticated electronic warfare. Let us ignore the claim by the IDF that 160 of the 230 people killed in Gaza were targeted terrorists and that the State of Israel values the lives of Gazan civilians more than Islamo-terrorists like Khalil al-Haya.

But even that, I am afraid, is not an end of it. Take, for instance, Mezied’s parting contention:

How many more times can we rise again? I don’t want to associate Gaza with the Phoenix anymore if it means we have to normalise the continuous suffering and trauma in the hope of being rebuilt once more.

If Mezied were able – or willing – to tell us the truth about the active, violent millennialism of Hamas, her opinion piece for the SMH would apprise us of the not inconsequential detail that Hamas is bent on triggering the Apocalypse and hastening the Final Judgement. The dawn of 1,000 years of Islamic peace awaits the long-suffering people of Gaza. One perfect day it will rise like a Phoenix out of the smouldering ruins and burnt flesh of Armageddon.

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5 thoughts on “Israel and Gaza: The Euphoria of Psychosis

  • Harry Lee says:

    True, it’s psychotic there around Gaza. And it will never be fixed up. That’s the reality.
    Same can be said for Australia generally, and esp Victoria, the ACT, QLD, WA, and the NT.
    The neo-marxist ALP-Greenist forces and their allies in the public services -esp at the ABC and SBS and in the legal and education systems, and in the immigration/refugee depts- have just about fully destroyed the technical capacities of all the institutions that are required to maintain the civil order, ensure wealth-creation, and defend against internal infiltration by foreign and transnational political or cultural/religious forces.
    To use a term: There’s a very bad psychosis upon Our Once Fair Land that once had a promising future.

  • Stephen says:

    Dr Mezied probably lives in Gaza and, as the “so-called women’s economic empowerment coordinator in Gaza” is very likely a member of Hamas. Any real truth telling in her comments would probably result in her murder by one of her Hamas colleagues. As a result I am prepared to excuse her bias and dishonesty. The sort of folk I’m not happy to excuse are people like the the American based British commentator, John Oliver whose ignorant and frankly moronic views are jaw dropping. Just see the Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkQ4HZAepYc

  • davidfre says:

    The Palestinians have become professional victims.Absolutely unable to create anything viable or to take advantage of their proximity to all that Israel has to offer.Keep its children uneducated and angry with revenge for every slight as the antidote.Supported by the anti western west and the Islamic world.Hopeless and hopeless.

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Good piece Daryl. Israel is a country I very much support, including their Prime Minister, and all of us in the west should support them, because it seems to me when you get down to it, that Israel’s enemies are also our enemies or at least will be if, perish the thought, they were ever to destroy Israel.

  • rosross says:

    Gaza is a prison in Occupied Palestine. The Israeli army controls, having built, the electric fence which surrounds it. Anyone, man, woman or child who comes near the fence is shot. Some 2 million people are imprisoned in this hellhole. Former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, is only one among many who have called it, ‘the world’s largest open air prison.’

    The rest of Occupied Palestine, which is everything beyond the UN Mandate since Israel beyond that does not have defined and legal borders, is a network of illegal Jewish settlements, connected by roads on which only Jews can drive. There are 6 million Palestinian Muslims and Christians held under Israeli military colonial rule, denied freedom, justice and civil and human rights.

    Since 1947 Israel has continued to colonise Palestine and has denied the Palestinians justice, reparation and compensation for the theft of their land, homes and possessions. From the first time the Zionists mooted the plan to colonise Palestine in the mid to late 19th century, the goal was to take all of Palestine. And people wonder why the Palestinians are a tad upset about this.

    “We’ll make a pastrami sandwich out of them. We’ll insert a strip of Jewish settlements in between the Palestinians, and then another strip of Jewish settlements right across the West Bank, so that in twenty-five years’ time, neither the United Nations nor the United States, nobody, will be able to tear it apart.” – Ariel Sharon, 1973 (who later became Israel’s Prime Minister)

    How can anyone defend Israel’s massive military might and violence used to maintain occupation and colonisation when, under UN regulations and the Geneva Conventions, the Palestinians have every right to fight for their freedom and to demand justice? Perhaps even more shocking than Israel’s appalling violence inflicted on the Palestinians is that many of its supporters appear ready to betray any principle of justice, rule of law, democracy, human rights and common human decency simply because they hate Muslims and are happy to see any of them killed. The Christian Palestinians are of course collateral damage in this human rights atrocity/war crime.

    If Australia did to the indigenous people what Israel does to the Palestinians there would be outrage. Why the double standards?

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