The ABC’s Slip is Showing

Last year, before accusations of rape in Parliament House and against a 17-year-old future Liberal attorney-general spawned an eruption of ABC reports about Hunnish behaviour in Canberra, a prominent ABC radio personality added his sneers to the orchestrated leftoid pile-on that made South Australian Liberal Nicolle Flint’s life such a misery she will shortly quit politics for good. Quadrant’s Tony Thomas took up the matter with the ABC, noting that there appeared to have been a clear breach of its employee guidelines and asking what the national broadcaster intended to do about it.

The ABC’s answer, in a word: nothing. Tony’s piece is republished below. — rf


If the ABC didn’t have double standards, it wouldn’t have any at all. Case in point: the matter of ABC Adelaide radio host Peter Goers, who has been a ABC radio nightly presenter there for 16 years. He also writes a weekly column in News Corp’s Sunday Mail, with a prominent tagline below, “Peter Goers can be heard weeknights and Sundays on ABC Radio Adelaide.”

In his July 26 column, this scruffy and overweight Cuba-lover and Israel-hater of the Left wankerati[1] included a prolonged sneer about the (impeccable) dress sense of Liberal MHR Nicolle Flint (above). His sneers violated the very fibre of the ABC’s anti-sexism protocols for respectful treatment of women. But the ABC shrugs off Goers’ insults: its Adelaide pet didn’t do the sneering on the ABC’s own platforms, so move along, nothing to see here.

But, but … didn’t the column tag him as an ABC radio celebrity? Nah, move along, nothing to see here, Nicolle Flint’s a Liberal anyway.

Is this a storm in a teacup? No, not when you go to Nicolle Flint’s back-story. In 2019’s federal election her seat of Boothby, with its skinny margin of 2.7%, looked winnable for Labor. An alliance of GetUp, Labor, union muscle and freelance thugs and ferals operated with the full force of its toxic and tireless venom. The assault was so such it would have given a lesser target a nervous breakdown. They saw Flint as everything that the Left and the ABC hates. She’s a Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott supporter; she backed the Dutton coup against Prime Minister Turnbull; she won’t buy the warmists’ catastrophism; and she prefers opportunities to expand workers’ and tradies’ jobs to underwriting grants for environmentalist piffle artists.[2]

As a 41-year-old single woman living alone, she must have looked vulnerable, and the get-her-to-get-the-seat strategy was good to go. The campaigns were conducted to psychologically damage her, scare her and prevent her freely campaigning, she has said.

On her posters, graffiti artists called her a “$60 an hour whore” and “skank” willing to “go and blow”. She was shouted down at rallies, thugs egged and vandalised her office, property of her team was defaced and a stalker with camera was so persistent and upsetting that she called in the police, who gave the creep an anti-stalk warning. She remained fearful that her home address would become known and a target.

Mass phone-outs by GetUp volunteers included calls describing her as ‘evil’ and seeking to tear her down personally via verballing with loaded language. (GetUp denies even an iota of uncouthness).

At the height of the campaign, the ABC reporters tried gaslighting her with lines like:  “Liberal MP Nicolle Flint has refused to answer questions about whether she regrets supporting the call for a leadership spill that ousted former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.” (The ABC’s shills couldn’t imagine Turnbull’s ouster as anything but an electoral  disaster for the Liberals). Not to miss an opportunity, the national broadcaster put itself at GetUp’s service with lead paragraphs like this: “Activist group GetUp has named South Australian MP Nicolle Flint the state’s ‘most backwards politician’ and has launched a push to unseat her from the electorate of Boothby.”

With such daily pressure over the course of five-or-so months, it was surprising she made it through. What she endured also stands as a horror-story warning for any and every conservative woman considering a career in politics.

In the event, the “progressives” and their tactics alienated Boothby voters and much of the Adelaide public. Flint held the seat narrowly, but with a 3.5 per cent increase in her personal vote.[3]

For the Left and its ABC spear-carriers, the pile-on must never cease while she holds Boothby.  Hence Peter Goers’ (right) column last week mocking her and the way she dresses. His ostensible justification was MPs’ alleged over-use of taxpayer funding to showcase their wares: the allowance is a staple of political life. To amplify his faux indignation, he reminded his readers of Ms Flint’s sympathies for Abbott and climate non-conformity. I’ll furnish the details shortly, but let’s skip now to Ms Flint’s astonishing response.

She has tweeted a one-minute home-made video re-capping Goers’ “sexist rubbish” and asks,  “So Mr Goers, what should a woman in politics wear? How about a garbage bag to match your rubbish views?”

She takes off her black coat to show herself wearing a grey bin bag tied with a black belt. As a political stunt, even some female Labor MPs said they loved it.

The plot thickened when the ABC’s political writer Jane Norman felt compelled to cover — or, rather, spin — the story about her ABC colleague’s discomfiture. The spin involved her re-capping mild sexisms by Liberal politicians and supporters, the technique known as “Look over there, a squirrel!” She included, of course, pundit Alan Jones’ hyperbole that Julia Gillard should be put in a “chaff bag” and dumped at sea and Tony Abbott saying (2013) his fellow-candidate Fiona Scott had “sex appeal”. She didn’t have space to include Tony Abbott’s looking at his watch while PM Gillard hectored him. Ms Norman ended her report with a mysterious circumlocution: “Mr Goers has been contacted for comment.” Perhaps the ABC’s Goers told the ABC’s Norman to get lost,  or he went into hiding from her. The trail then runs cold; nothing more is published that I can find from the ABC on the ABC’s rogue or disappearing Mail columnist.

Goers in  2013, like the profane one-time ABC employee Mike Carlton in 2020,  scored an OAM “for service to the community.” ABC Local Content Manager in South Australia Graeme Bennett, congratulating Goers, said at the time, “Peter’s contribution to ABC Local Radio has been immense, but his contribution to our community has been greater still. Since he joined 891 ABC Adelaide in 2004, he has shown his true colours: compassion, humour and a love of his home state and every person in it. We’re absolutely thrilled at this humbling honour, and privileged to work with a great South Australian. Onya Goersy.”

 You probably want to know, what exactly did “Goersy” write misogynistically about the female MHR? Answer:

In her latest glossy, six-page brochure there are 23 photos of Nicolle. There’s Nicolle with troubled MP Sam Duluk, Nicolle with constituents, Nicolle with ministers, a curious photo of a photographer taking her photo, and Nicolle with a photo of an over-dressed old lady – oh, it’s the Queen.

There’s lots about what Nicolle has been up to but no mention of her support for Peter Dutton, Tony Abbot, bank CEOs and climate change sceptics.

Nicolle wears pearl earrings and a pearly smile. She favours a vast wardrobe of blazers, coats and tight, black, ankle-freezing trousers and stiletto heels. She’s presents herself in her own newsletter, 23 times as a fashion plate. She has blazers and coats in black, blue, pink, red, beige, green, white, cream, floral and two in grey…

(The ABC itself, by the way, has a thing for stiletto heels. Like every Melbournian, I’m bombarded evenings with that ABC promo about Leftist Virginia Trioli strutting Southbank in her stilettos, to the Nancy Sinatra song that ends, “One of these days these boots are gunna walk all over you”).

So this week Quadrant Online queried ABC management. The exchange went:

On July 26 Sunday Mail published a comment piece by the ABC’s Peter Goers, with his ABC status well displayed at the bottom of the piece: ‘Peter Goers can be heard weeknights and Sundays on ABC Radio Adelaide’.

The piece (in my view) was a gratuitously sexist attack on a female elected politician, Nicolle Flint, in violation of numerous ABC guidelines to staff against sexist reporting. I have also studied the guidelines on “Comment” pieces and consider it violates them as well. 

The ABC published a news story mentioning (mid-way) Goers’ comments and Flint’s ‘garbage bag’ response, but this news story failed to deal with or mention the failure of Goer to observe ABC guidelines.

 It also  said, “Mr Goers has been contacted for comment.” It seems one ABC staffer, Peter Goers, is unable or unwilling to respond publicly to another, Jane Norman.

My questions are:

1/ Is Goers a full-time staff member of ABC? If not, what is his ABC status?

2/ What reaction or response, if any, has ABC management made publicly in relation to the sexism in the comment piece by its employee Goers? Ditto, what response internally? 

3/ Did Goers ever respond to the request for comment by your reporter Jane Norman?

4/ If so, where do I find that response? If not, given that ABC is an advocate for fully informed reporting, will management compel Goers to respond publicly?

5/ Is it consistent with ABC guidelines for Goers to refer to Queen Elizabeth 11 as “an overdressed old lady?”

6/ Has Goers apologised publicly in any way for his sexist comments?

7/ Is there a double standard at the ABC that sexist attacks on conservative politicians and the Queen are not as serious as equivalent attacks on, say, Penny Wong or Julia Gillard?

With commendable speed, I received a reply within hours from ABC media PR John Woodward, herewith:

Peter Goers’ remarks regarding the appearance of politicians, was published in his regular Adelaide Sunday Mail column under the heading “Bin the pollies’ newsletters along with corflutes” (Sunday Mail, Sunday 26 July, 2020).

As his comments were published in The Sunday Mail,  your questions regarding the appropriateness of those remarks should be directed to the publishers, News Corp,  and not to the ABC.

As well as being a weekly columnist for The Sunday Mail, Peter Goers also presents the Evenings program on ABC Radio Adelaide.  He has not repeated his views expressed in his 26th July Sunday Mail column on ABC Radio.  Our guidelines cover what is broadcast on our airwaves and/or published on our digital and social media platforms and therefore are not relevant to this issue.  

Requests for comment by Peter Goers received by the ABC on this issue were referred to The Sunday Mail for a response.  We are unaware if The Sunday Mail and/or Peter Goers responded to those requests.  Again, you will need to follow up that line of enquiry with The Sunday Mail.

This response suggests there’s been a major change of policy by the ABC. It seems that ABC presenters and reporters can now say, write or publish whatever inflammatory or hate speech (against the Right) that they like, whether politically partisan, sexist,  racist, non-inclusive or gratuitously offensive to the vulnerable, providing they do not present these views on the ABC or its various sub-platforms.

The ABC has formal guidelines for staff, saying that their on-ABC and off-ABC behaviour should not bring the ABC into disrepute or reflect on its impartiality.  But in this case, despite Goers touting his ABC credentials on his hit-piece against Ms Flint, ABC spokesman John Woodward says Goers’ Sunday Mail scribblings are nothing to do with the ABC, and I should take my complaints to the Sunday Mail itself. Indeed, says Mr Woodward, “Our guidelines cover what is broadcast on our airwaves and/or published on our digital and social media platforms and therefore are not relevant to this issue.”

I don’t think so, Mr Woodward. Try this:

External work and Editorial Conflicts

1.4  External activities of individuals undertaking work for the ABC must not undermine the independence and integrity of the ABC’s editorial content… (Would Goers’ love affair with Cuba undermine the ABC’s integrity a bit?)

4.3  Do not state or imply that any perspective is the editorial opinion of the ABC. (Doesn’t the Sunday Mail tagline about Goers’ ABC job also suggest something about ABC narratives?)

Another set of ABC guidelines for staff, 


The trust and respect of the community depend on the ABC’s editorial independence and integrity. Independence and responsibility are inseparable … It is fundamentally important that the ABC’s content is not improperly influenced by political, sectional, commercial or personal interests.”

Would any of Australia’s Coalition voters — roughly 50% at any recent election — trust Goers or the ABC after reading his columns?

Moreover, the ABC editorial Style Guide warns,

Don’t make gratuitous references to a woman’s physical appearance if you wouldn’t do the same for a man. [4]

The ABC Board is well-stocked with ardent feminists. Chair Ita Buttrose is a founding member and former president of Chief Executive Women. The latest annual report says deputy chair, Dr Kirstin Ferguson, is  an ex-director of SheStarts and the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards, and a member of national and international women’s organisations including Chief Executive Women, Women Corporate Directors and the Women’s Leadership Institute of Australia. She was the creator of the Our Watch #CelebratingWomen campaign, and is the co-author of Women Kind.

Her board colleague, Donny Walford, is a Founding Member of International Women’s Forum Australia and ex-director of the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry. And so on. I’d love to know these ladies’ views about an ABC staffer trash-talking in the Sunday Mail about a much put-upon female elected to Parliament by the ABC’s public.

What to make of all this? First, Don’t trust Goers. Second: Don’t trust the ABC. And third, when it comes to crusading against sexism, there are no greater hypocrites than the Left’s gender warriors.

As Herald Sun/Sky News commentator Rita Panahi puts it, Leftists “preach women’s rights but then they attack any woman who challenges their warped view of the world.”

Tony Thomas’s new book, Come to think of it – essays to tickle the brain, is available as book ($34.95) or e-book ($14.95) here.


[1]   In his Sunday Mail column Goers regularly extols Communist Cuba, “ I’m still in love with Cuba … the joyously fervent socialist state . Like love, Cuba is more magic than real. Viva, Cuba Libre” (2015). Israel, by contrast, has “perfected apartheid” and is about “Guns and Moses … one long persecution of Palestinians”. According to Goers, “three people were shot by trigger-happy Israeli soldiers in the street while I was there [Jerusalem], including one unarmed child who raised his arms and said ‘Allahu Akbar’ – God is great. Israel’s God is greater. His people are armed.” (2016).

[2]  Ms Flint disses green-woke causes, like “saving” great white sharks and crocodiles, and what she’s called the “modern day scourge of environmental and animal activism”. She’s said, “The most endangered species in South Australian coastal waters are our fishermen.”

[3]   She has set out chapter and verse of the Left’s campaign in her October submission to the Senate inquiry into conduct of the 2019 election, a submission recently released after some redactions of names:

GetUp, the Unions and the Labor Party ran an aggressive, relentless and deeply personal campaign against me. I was harassed, faced vile, misogynistic attacks, and frequently feared for my personal safety … I hope that by recording my experience, no candidate, and particularly no female candidate, ever has to face such an experience again.

[4] There is lots of other boilerplate, like “Opinion content must be carefully managed and a proper diversity of views made available to our audiences.” The literally iconoclastic Julia Baird and The Drum don’t know about that, or The Drum wouldn’t have banned the Institute of Public Affairs people from its show. [Baird: The toppling of statues is enriching not erasing history and it has thrilled my heart.”]

20 thoughts on “The ABC’s Slip is Showing

  • GaryR says:

    Another brilliant exposé, Tony. One hopes that, like water dripping on stone, your articles eventually leave an impression. But with the ABC I fear it’s more a case of pissing into the wind.

  • Tony Thomas says:

    Thoroughly off-topic but if you’re an active retiree anywhere in Melbourne and discouraged by the lockdown, we’re seeking members for our young but thriving Bearbrass Probus Club with its Zoom activities. Check us out at bearbrassprobus.org and inquire at bearbrassprobus@gmail.com. Probus I emphasis is non-political but operates to make seniors’ lives and social circle more invigorating. Our fortnightly speakers are terrific.

  • Warty says:

    This looks very much like a cross border attack, seeing Tony lives in Melbourne and Peter Goers in Adelaide. On the other hand ABC covers each and every state in Australia and both territories, which puts it under Federal jurisdiction; as such cross border attacks are permissible.

  • Lacebug says:

    Tony Thomas. Off-Topic comments should be tagged: Lacey Underpants.

  • norsaint says:

    I’m pretty sure the insufferable Goers (a professional bore if ever there was one) is what used to be referred to as a “confirmed bachelor”. Would this explain his tetchiness I wonder? .

  • jackgym says:

    Good one Tony. You clearly show up their ABC for what it is, a cabal of leftist ratbags.

  • Reg brownell says:

    Tony, excellent investigative work, thank you. I hope you have forwarded copies to the relevant federal Minister and PM with a request for comment and action?

  • Simon says:

    One take it that Peter Goers hasn’t got a mirror at home. If he had it would undoubtedly crack at the ugliness it is having to reflect.

    What an funny (peculiar) little man.

  • bomber49 says:

    Try living in Adelaide. Goers is a left wing moron, whom I regularly switch off. At least there is some satisfaction in knowing that he had the crap beaten out of him some years back at his front door when he lived at Norwood. The reason for the attack is unclear and no one was ever charged, but Peter fancied himself as a theatre critic and would crucify most productions that he reviewed. Maybe some disgruntled producer, maybe the who cast had a crack. I hope so.

  • bomber49 says:

    Try living in Adelaide. Goers is a left wing moron, whom I regularly switch off. At least there is some satisfaction in knowing that he had the crap beaten out of him some years back at his front door when he lived at Norwood. The reason for the attack is unclear and no one was ever charged, but Peter fancied himself as a theatre critic and would crucify most productions that he reviewed. Maybe some disgruntled producer, maybe the whole cast had a crack. I hope so.

  • damien.oneil says:

    Goers is a cheap B grade fraud and he wouldn’t get a job anywhere else but wankerville central, the ABC


  • lloveday says:

    “…he wouldn’t get a job anywhere else but wankerville central, the ABC”
    As reported in the article, “He also writes a weekly column in News Corp’s Sunday Mail” (where his sneering rubbish was published) – viz he has a job elsewhere, in a major company.
    PS, I have long-held contempt for Goers, but people should stick to the facts when criticising him.

    Here’s an example of his mental acumen:
    I sent him the following email, in full:
    Mr Goers,

    “A stripper in an AFL box – hardly the end of the world” may be correct, but what followed is a disgrace.
    Despite hitting a police officer in the face, and attacking with a high heel shoe (think of the damage a stilleto in the eye can cause), this stripper had no conviction recorded – the ultimate slap on the wrist.
    Reverse the situation and imagine what would happen if a policeman hit her in the face and attacked her with his boot. Loss of job, criminal conviction, maybe gaol, and journalists screaming blue murder.
    Why the double standards?
    L.B. Loveday
    Goers’ reply, in full:
    Yes thanks

    Sent from my iPhone

  • rosross says:

    Goers may be intemperate and crushingly outspoken and hard to like, but reading what Goers wrote at the time about Israel it is hard to see it as ‘hate’ but rather statements of very evident fact. The only ‘crime’ he committed was daring to suggest that the State of Israel had flaws, and was not a bastion of perfection to the world.

    As to the easily offended female, does no-one have a sense of humour anymore? His comments were sardonic and once would have been seen as humour. Guess the feminazis can’t take a joke anymore. Could they ever?

    I find Goers rather tedious at the best of times, but no-one ever gets it all wrong. And everyone has a right to speak, whether we like it or not, in this democracy of ours.

  • DougD says:

    rosross: your reference to free speech is a bit of a furphy. The article is an attack on the hypocrisy of the ABC, npt a denial of Goers’ right to free speech.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Treating the ABC as though it has double standards and makes some mistakes is to enable the ABC in its destructive works.
    Must comprehend:
    The ABC is thoroughly post-modernist/anti-Westernist/neo-marxist.
    Ditto SBS and 80% of the commercial media
    Ditto the humanities-arts faculties in the universities, including most of the law faculties.
    Ditto 80% of the public services -Fed State, Territory and Council levels.
    And the Australian Constitution does not provide for the defence of Australia from internal marxist-inspired anti-Westernist forces.
    Cannot solve a problem if the grasp of the problem does not grasp the actual problem, as well-meaning as the graspers are.

  • ianl says:

    The ABC really does not have double standards – it has only one, and it honours that without fail. It is: destructive, spiteful malice to those it regards as political enemies, whom it sneers at from an egregiously assumed moral vanity.

    Polls have consistently reported that most people do not watch or listen to it so if these polls are to be believed, why does it matter what spite it burbles up ? I think the real destruction the ABC now causes is through the Twitter/Facebook media, where its’ foot soldiers disseminate their hate to a quite large audience, taking their cues from whatever twisted malice is being disseminated on the day.

    I have seen a report listing the judge that has apparently been allocated to the imminent Porter case. The summarised biography may be of some interest.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Yes well.
    It has been obvious for decades that the ABC is neo-marxist in essence, and therefore has malign effects on the public’s ability to understand the evil effects of the neo-marxist takeover of the nation.
    But clearly:
    No remedy is pursued by the nominally non-marxist Lib-Nat Coalition or the nominally anti-marxist/anti-Big State forces in big business and in the investment communities.
    That’s the main matter to focus on now.
    Say again the obvious:
    We already know, full well, that the ABC is evil at core, and nett nett.
    It’s the evident lack of remedy that is the Main Thing.
    (Ditto the humanities-arts faculties in the universities and in uni top admins.)

  • bomber49 says:

    You will all be pleased to learn that many years ago Peter Goes was a vitriolic and scathing Adelaide theatre critic of mostly local productions and rarely had good word to say about them. At the time he lived in Norwood and one evening when he was about to enter his front door he was set upon and badly beaten. Thereafter, he quit theatre reviews and went into his shell for a time and moved out of Norwood. Coincidence, maybe, but I like to reminisce.

  • Joseph says:

    I think the essence of the problem here is that when ABC types want to sneer at someone they almost always sneer at someone from the sensible side of politics. This is one of the things that make much of the commentary broadcast by the ABC so predictable and boring. So Peter Goers had a crack at Nicole Flint but why doesn’t he exercise his wit on other prominent public figures. For example another sort of South Australian politician, who could have been taken on was our first female PM. Her acquired Melbourne working class accent was surely worthy of a good sneer or two. Then there is the great potential for eye rolling for every occasion that Kevin Rudd bobs up these days. So good on Nicole for firing one back at Goers. He probably doesn’t mind anyway they might keep him on a bit longer.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Couple things that intrigue me about the ABC:
    1. It has not yet declared that heterosexuality is bad and should be stopped.
    2. It has not yet demonised the ANZACs -(oh several of their performers have, I know, but it is yet to become corporate policy.
    3. It has not yet called for all Whites to kill themselves and make way for all the lovely non-Whites with grievances, resentments and hatred for White history/White people, to have Australia all for themselves.

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