Lost in the Dark Alleys of Outrage

Read couple of articles a week or so ago which in different ways drew distinctions between the sexes. They coincided with the ongoing ridiculous hoo-ha about Christian Porter. Adults in the room should put that matter to bed and not keep rabbiting on about it, as I see they are still doing. Ditto, in my view, for all unsubstantiated and dated claims of sexual misconduct.

Such claims are too easy to make and usually impossible to rebut with hard evidence. People make things up. Yes, even women. Sometimes accusations are so fanciful that they are self-disqualifying. Those against Brett Kavanaugh and George Pell come into that category. Though as we know the stupid and malevolent bought into them; or the latter pretended they did. I think the accusation against Porter falls into that category too. It has the usually embroidery of make-believe.

For goodness’ sake let the man get on with his life. He’ll never be able to prove he didn’t do it. To paraphrase a previous comment of mine, I can’t prove that I didn’t trip an old lady up and steal her purse when I was a teenager. In fact, there’s a million and more villainous things I can’t prove I didn’t do.

Back to those articles. One by Brad Johnson, psychologist at the US Naval Academy, and David Smith, sociologist at the US Naval War College, suggested that it was time for men to fix the gender problem in the workplace. Men have to self-educate, attend to non-verbal language, be attuned to sexist language, learn about women of colour, watch out for imbalances of representation in the room, ask women about their experiences and, if you’re serving in the US Navy make sure of your readiness for war.

Tricked you with that last point. No, that wasn’t included.

I have worked with numbers of women in senior positions in the workforce. I simply don’t recognise the wilting flowers that men have to pussyfoot around. They have all been as confident in their roles as were men. Of course, there are needy people, men and women. Let’s not put that down to their sex.

It is discriminatory to put women in the position of being victims, of needing special attention. How demeaning. I wonder whether psychologists and sociologists in the armed services invent and encourage problems which only they can solve. Like arsonists among fire fighters.

This all said, men and women are different. All of us have the right, whatever that means, to walk down dark alleys unmolested. Personally I avoid them and advise women to do the same. However, I go further and echo Angus Campbell. Be especially wary as women of putting yourselves in vulnerable positions, including of getting blotto in social situations. Unfortunately, our rights to be unmolested are not recognised by villains. So far as women are concerned, it is best to deal with that by lecturing men who are not villains on how to treat women. That should work!

Another well-known difference, of a political kind, between the sexes was covered in an article by Greg Sheridan. He quotes voting figures and sources showing that women are more inclined to support left-wing candidates than men and less inclined to support conservative candidates. And it’s true. For example, Trump would have won sans women’s suffrage. Though who can tell? The Dems might have simply cheated harder, maybe.

The thinking, which Sheridan reiterates, is that conservatives have a problem with women. I like to put it the opposite way. Women have the problem. They have a greater tendency than men to support candidates and policies which will make us all, including them, poorer, less secure and less free. And to lay it on, they support parties which are more likely to form alliances with Islamists, which is hardly in the best interests of women. As Mark Steyn so well put it: I’ll be alright, I’ll just grow my beard longer.

How can the problem be solved? It can’t be solved by conservatives making overtures to women by changing what they stand for. Women in greater numbers have to be persuaded to see the light. With the education system, public broadcasting and social media in the hands of the Left, I’m not sure how that can be done. But that’s the task.

Negative messaging perhaps. e.g, Want the power to go off on a cold night / Want your husband or grown children to be sacked for having the wrong views / Want your young children to be schooled in queer and transgender theory / Want unruly gangs of young migrants roaming the streets? Then vote for left-wing or green parties.

But I don’t know. Perhaps there is no answer. Our civilisation is unravelling and will continue to unravel; with a little more help from women than from men. In this particular case, mourir la différence.

21 thoughts on “Lost in the Dark Alleys of Outrage

  • RB says:

    I wonder what would happen if we just didn’t turn up.

  • Harry Lee says:

    Yes, our version of Western Civ has all but unraveled.
    Since approx 700 BC, at Athens and nearby, observers have noted that societies based on democratic freedoms will inevitably collapse.
    Because abundance and freedom breed idleness and parasitism.
    And anti-Reality and hysteria soon overtake the Group Mind.
    And power-mongering Big Statist politicians and their operatives in all institutions assure the Group that the Good Life of No Work, Freebies, and Virtuous-Feelings-for-Free can be enjoyed in perpetuity if only the Group puts the Big Statists into power and keeps them there.
    Paul Keating was open in explaining all this to the ALP.
    And Keating was simply one of the more prominent of the many anti-Westernist proponents of this destructive truth.
    And the consequences of the immigration/refugee system in bringing in parasitic anti-Westernists, and the effects of this anti-Westernist creed channeled by the education, law, and news/media industries, all ensures the end of our version of Western Civ.
    Grievance, Resentment, Identity-not-Competence, Demand for Reparation and All Sorts of Freebies, Free Passes for Persons-of-Violence-
    -all of this now dominates Life across the Land, because that’s where the votes are.
    Yes, it’s The End Times.

  • Lo says:

    Thank you Peter, women do have the problem and as a woman I absolutely agree. Very few men (or women) have the courage to say this. It is good to see it in print.
    In twenty five years of a challenging career I coped with one “couldn’t we like ships in the night” comment from a fellow student I’d never even looked at and one ‘hand on the knee’ by the HR fellow, who’d forgotten that as soon as I was hired I outranked him, not that that should matter.
    Most women are quite able to stare at the hand until it gets removed from one’s knee, ignore the comment, laugh at the comment, and never drink to the point of losing control of the situation, ever.
    I don’t know who these other women are or why they are so sad.

  • ChrisPer says:

    Basically this is because because our generation enthusiastically pursued equality for women, the next generation were taught that that a claim for power and status can and should be grounded on their type of genitals and skin melanin.

  • lbloveday says:

    “All of us have the right, whatever that means, to walk down dark alleys unmolested. Personally I avoid them..”
    I tend to these days, but around 40 years ago, there was the case of the “Norwood (SA) Stabber” as he was dubbed by the media, a lawyer as it turned out who used to hide in dark places at the side of footpaths in back streets and emerge, stab a passer-by and “vanish”. The victims were seemingly selected by virtue of where they were, not who they were, and none died – he stabbed each just once.
    The police warned residents (I lived in Norwood) to avoid walking at night in other than the main, well-lit streets and people heeded.
    Except me, who took to walking around back streets between 10 & 12 each night, a bit to the road side of the footpath, swaying a little to give the impression of being drunk or infirm, unarmed except for my reflexes and my right cross.
    But the “Norwood Stabber” never emerged, and a few weeks later the police caught him.

  • Michael says:

    Some women seem to think that getting their own way is justice.

  • Harry Lee says:

    I’m not against capital punishment for rape and other violent crimes.
    Fact, I believe capital punishment would reduce the incidence of rape and other violent crime.
    Just a couple points though:
    1. The option of capital punishment would require a degree of responsibility and wisdom among judges and other operatives in the justice system that do not exist these days.
    2. The Left has got itself into a bind:
    Its campaign to establish a Big State controlled in perpetuity by unelected commissars requires the pretence that people are not responsible for their violent behaviour. The cause of violence, says the Left, is a bad (ie non-marxist) society. So, the Left will not permit proper punishment of violent crime.
    3. There is a massive amount of tax-payer money now being spent to sustain the utter lie that multiculturalism simply means interesting new restaurants and take-away food -rather than what it is, namely:
    Pure anti-Westernism and a cover-up for violence and parasitism among non-Western and anti-Westernist groups brought in by the immigration/refugee system.
    This mis-spent money could/should instead be used to improve White culture, esp the culture of violent White males.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    “As Mark Steyn so well put it: I’ll be alright, I’ll just grow my beard longer.”
    And that, for any woman, is the truly terrifying thought. Push cultures too hard as the silliest elements of this current nonsense does and they collapse. From collapse comes the rule of the warlord and not of the law. The law is a woman’s bulwark against the warlord and his backward bearded ilk. Equality under the law has been hard fought by women in past times, to create laws that treat us fairly and with justice, recognizing too the ways in which we are not men and never will be nor would sensibly ever want to be. These aggrandizing women out for blooded testicles, wanting to destroy all that law has given us, could well rue the day they sought to refuse the law to men. All that they are doing is stoking a powder-keg of anger and encouraging the rejection of any real advances in independence and personal agency that women have gained. It’s that old adage: be careful what you wish for.

  • PT says:

    Quite right Michael.

  • Salome says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t seem to see a viable political party that’s going to keep the power on.

  • pgang says:

    Cardi B at the Grammys. What was that all about? Was it an attempt to reduce the sexual attractiveness of women to men, is that the plan? Is it just me getting grumpier or are women becoming less attractive as time passes?
    You take a bold stance Peter Smith, as this topic is the most taboo of all the socialist tools for the unwinding of life. It is extraordinary the way the very victims themselves, women, are convinced that this is all for their benefit. Although that seems to be one of the defining factors of socialism.
    I think your negative messaging is part of the way forward. It is otherwise simply called ‘telling the truth’. In the USA there is apparently a movement on one of those social media things called ‘Super Straight’. It is a following of heterosexuals which immediately garnered massive support. So of course it has since been attacked, cancelled, deleted, etc. and every MSM outlet in the universe has criticised it for its various ‘phobias’.
    But I think that this is where the fight can take on a pulse. Start using their own tactics against them. Start ‘branding’ the things that matter and match them up against the socialist list of entitlements. Take the words back – hold ‘pride’ marches for straight people. Make the rainbow a symbol of faithfulness – of covenants fulfillled. Get the male empowerment movement happening. It will merely take a few moments of courage to stand up to their confected hatred, and then all the nonsense will be drowned.

  • Michael says:

    “We live in a world where lying has become a fairly common occurrence. Indeed, there are now organizations specializing in fact checking political statements and business releases to uncover the fabrications often presented.

    Of course, it’s not just political figures or business leaders with a monopoly on fibbing to us. Lies happen in most homes, whether it’s the little boy standing over the smashed vase he says he didn’t break, or the teenager offering a story for why she was two hours past curfew last night.

    For many lies, the reasons are complicated. Sometimes it’s to protect the liar from being punished, or to protect someone else from punishment. The lie might be to avoid being embarrassed, to hide an awkward situation, or to simply have others think better of the person telling the fib. Such lying isn’t admirable, but not hard to understand why it occurs.

    It’s harder to fathom why some people often tell lies with no clear purpose and when the lies are usually easy to disprove. Researchers say there are various reasons why some people lie compulsively.

    One is that the lie being told may not seem a lie to the person telling it. Repetitive liars can sometimes feel so much pressure that their memory is unreliable. They try to relieve that pressure by saying something that will make the situation work. For that person, what was just said is what they want to believe. The person lying may so badly want the lie to be the truth that the lie becomes his or her actual truth.

    People who lie repeatedly often have a desire to be in control. When the truth of a situation doesn’t agree with such control, they produce a lie that does conform to the narrative they desire.

    Such people may also worry they won’t be respected if the truth can leave them looking poorly. Instead, they offer a lie that casts them in a good light, but they aren’t able to see that in most cases that what they offered has no basis in reality.

    It would be nice if we could believe everything we are told, whether from that child with the broken vase or from that politician at a political rally. But that’s not going to happen and therefore it’s important for all of us to sometimes dig just a little deeper and try to find the actual truth.”

    Understanding Why People Lie, American Counselling Association, 2019.

  • lbloveday says:

    I have read, and it accords with my observations, that girls lie more convincingly than boys because they think the issue through better – the boy won’t have thought of a viable alternative to him as the vase breaker, but the girl will have a comprehensive and viable, albeit false, explanation of why she was late.

  • mags of Queensland says:

    I have been waiting for some journalist to ask Ms Higgins why she was in her boss’s office at 3am with a complete stranger and drunk as a skunk. There are a lot of stupid women out there who think that it is perfectly OK to get so drunk that they have no control over themselves or events that overtake them. They can just claim that they were raped, even if they can’t remember what actually happened or to get out of an embarrassing situation. She was offered assistance with going to the police twice but refused to do so. Then she claimed that no one tried to help her. No wonder her boss called her a lying cow.

    I am so sick of these women who can’t or wont take responsibility for their own lives. This culture of victimhood has undone all the hard work by women of the past to get our freedom to choose. Mind you, there are some male predators out there who should be locked up and the legal system has let women and children down for years. Virtual slaps on the wrist don’t cut it.

  • Michael says:

    I am victim, hear me cry,
    With tears welling in my eye,
    And I its not my fault this happened to me.
    I’ve been heard victim blaming before,
    And been legless on the floor,
    Don’t you ever dare question me.

    I am weak,
    I am vulnerable,
    I am woman.

  • melb says:

    So long as there are homes to which men turn at close of day,
    So long as there are homes where children are, and women stay,
    If love and loyalty and faith be found across those sills,
    A stricken nation can recover from its greatest ills.
    So long as there are homes where fires burn, and there is bread,
    So long as there are homes where lamps are lit, and prayers are said,
    Although a people falter through the dark, and nations grope,
    With God Himself back of these little homes we have sure hope.

    (This was from the 1969 CWA Cookbook)

  • Harry Lee says:

    Who will make the case:
    “Our quite good version of Western Civ can be saved, and actually improved. Here’s how.”

  • Harry Lee says:

    melb -thank you for this poem “Homes” from 1969 CWA Cookbook.
    Beautiful, True and Good.
    All best, Harry.

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    PS: “How can the problem be solved?”

    Here’s how, at least according to https://www.fairagenda.org/jointstatement

    “We should all be safe to live, work and learn free from violence.
    But for too long, a culture of male entitlement, gender inequality and disrespect has enabled men to perpetrate horrific gendered violence against women and girls across their life span.
    And for many, this injustice is compounded by intersecting discriminations.”

    “There is also a crisis in our communities. Horrific violence is being perpetrated and enabled across the country – the result of a wider cultural and systemic problem that manifests in schools, workplaces, institutions and homes.”

    One thing, however, is clear. The events the past few weeks/months have been planned carefully to damage the government and certain men in power.

    Or, as Peter writes, “perhaps there is no answer”.

  • Rebekah Meredith says:

    melb–the poem “Homes” certainly does illustrate much of the modern Western world’s problems; the last line, of course is the real key. We put “Homes” up on our church bulletin board during January.
    However, though I don’t wish to be critical, the poem is in my sister’s 1953 edition of the CWA cook book. Does anyone have any idea how old it is, or who wrote it?

  • talldad says:

    Michael – 15th March 2021 said: “Some women seem to think that getting their own way is justice.”

    That’s been the problem ever since the Garden of Eden. Men failing to do their job and women taking advantage thereof.

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