Wish Granted, Good and Hard

The storming of the Capitol will be written into folklore. I say this not because of the import of the event. It’s hardly a Bastille moment. But because the media is largely in the hands of the Left which will want to exaggerate and enshrine its significance.

I don’t read left-wing media. I don’t have to. I read The Australian. That’s as left as I ever want to go. Well, that’s not entirely true. I don’t want to go any distance in that direction at all. But then what to do? Even Fox News is scurrying leftwards.

Paul Monk in the weekend edition of The Australian, among a number of those penning anti-Trump diatribes, spoiling my breakfast, wrote this: “At Fox news, no less, widely respected anchor Chris Wallace called the assault on congress ‘the rule of the mob versus the rule of law and the Constitution’”.

Doesn’t Monk know about Wallace? Widely respected by whom? He’s the slimiest of fifth-columnist lefties pretending he’s objective.

You don’t have to look too hard to find tendentious reasoning (to put it mildly) among those despising Trump. This is Greg Sheridan on Trump’s claim of massive voter fraud: “There is no evidence for this at all.” No evidence at all for what? You see the sleight of hand. There is plenty of evidence of fraud. Even I saw some of it caught on video. But Sheridan could come back and say, yes, but no evidence of “massive” fraud.

Hmm? How massive would it have to be to swing the election in the few battleground states which mattered? Not very massive at all, is the answer.

This is Sheridan on the Capitol Hill melee: “But this was an attempt at street-fighting fascism. At its worst, America recently resembled Weimar Germany with rival violent street gangs more than willing to fight each other.” Really? Are we really going to go to the rise of Nazism to find a parallel? And then notice these “rival” street gangs.

There have been no rival street gangs. There have been variants of one Antifa/BLM street gang, creating havoc, desecrating, burning and looting, across numbers of cities. Rival gangs my backside!

Sheridan listed a number of Trump’s great achievements — and they are many and great. But he ends this way: “Of course he got a lot of things wrong too…” What things? Name at least one. Don’t leave the Trump-haters hanging. But, of course, he’s out of ammo when it comes to anything substantive. He resorts to this kind of thing: “Trump’s frequently contemptible language and personal behaviour…” Pathetic!

Trump’s presidency was on course to be the most successful in the modern era before COVID provided a cudgel for his ubiquitous adversaries. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” This biblical quote from 1 Peter applies pretty well to the modern Democratic Party and its traditional-media and social-media comrades. And they took their opportunity to devour him when Trump was faced with something almost entirely out of his control. He has been the defining political victim of COVID.

But what of the incident on Capitol Hill? Does Trump bear any responsibility? I think he does. At the same time, let’s not over-egg the cake. He didn’t want violence, counter to what Sheridan and other Trump-despisers insinuate. Why would he?  He called for a peaceful protest to steel the gumption of Republicans in the Congress:

We’re going walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators, and congressmen and women. We’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong… I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard…. But we’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any of our help, we’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country… So, let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I want to thank you all. God bless you and God bless America. Thank you all for being here, this is incredible. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Does this have the look of an inciter in action? It doesn’t. Why then am I attributing some responsibility for what occurred to Trump? He should know that within any large group of peaceful protesters there are always fools and troublemakers.

In this case, with passions so high, which he had contributed to stoking, and with the stakes so high, he should have contemplated the possibility of things going awry; e.g., that Antifa thugs might take advantage of the opportunity. It’s easy to find reports that this, in fact, happened.

Inviting a large impassioned crowd to descend on a building within which parliament is in progress is fraught with peril. I can’t see an upside. Someone of sense might have told Trump that. Sometimes all of us need telling.

Finally, to perspective; a quality sadly missing from much of today’s commentary, plagued as it is by presentism. This incident does not leave Trump’s legacy in tatters. Nor does it diminish the template he created for prosperity at home and peace abroad. Strong borders, fewer regulations, lower taxes, stronger military, tough love for allies, tough measures against China, innovative and brave initiatives for peace in the Middle East. This template will not appeal to Democrats but it most definitely will inform the next Republican administration. Assuming there will be a next Republican administration.

Donald Trump, properly viewed, was (is for little while longer) a great president. He slipped up at the last; pained by his conviction that the election was stolen. I think he felt personally aggrieved and disappointed. But I also think he thought he was fighting for truth, justice and the American way. Of course, the Trump-haters will only ever point to his personal motive.

It was messy. Nonetheless, the evidence of shenanigans in compiling and counting the votes piled up. As I’ve said, some of it caught on video. Mainstream journalists lacked interest. That says it all. Political hacks to a man and woman. Me, I am with Trump. Deeply sceptical that 81 million Americans (51.4 per cent of vote) voted for a guy in the basement whose mind is failing.  Obama managed just 66 million (51.1 per cent) in 2012.

An afterword. Just exactly how much savvy do they have; these so-called conservatives dancing on Trump’s grave? What do they think is now in store for the US and for us all, having played their part in Trump’s demise by four years of merciless sniping?

32 thoughts on “Wish Granted, Good and Hard

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    Thanks Peter.
    Agreed. Trump will be demonised forever by MSM/Left as the cause, not voter fraud.

    Last week Republicans chose a “peaceful loss” rather than risk another “civil war”.

    Fear versus fraud. Fear won. What would we have done had we been in their shoes?

    Democrats to begin an another impeachment later today US time. Lot of political theatre here. Biden’s ‘time for healing” rhetoric a sham.

    Dominion Voting Systems just announced a $1+ billion defamation action against former Federal prosecutor Sidney Powell for her “wild accusations” that it rigged the presidential election.

    “Dominion brings this action to set the record straight,” the company said in the suit filed on Friday in federal court in Washington, DC.

    Interesting timing. Watch this space.

    Big Tech’s censorship of President and others, a shocking development. Motive: to preserve huge market power at any cost.

  • Peter OBrien says:

    100% percent behind you on this, Peter

  • ianl says:

    >” Big Tech Motive: to preserve huge market power at any cost” [Alice T above]

    Google-bot, In Your Face, Tweetie Pie: they are part of Big Gov now. Purging everyone they don’t like, even to having the CEO of Parler’s personal bank accounts closed, their bete noir of “publishing vs neutral platform” will not now be addressed. They are home free to act as Big Gov censor while pretending it’s all for our “safety”. True fascism.

    As for Oz ? From, I think, Sinclair Davidson: the LNP is now of the Deep State, while the ALP are just xxxxwits. The UniParty, the MSM, the bureaucracy, the Unis, the Big Corps – a one-note samba.

    Of course these people are weasily hypocrites, full of lies. They know they are and they know we know. The thing is, they don’t mind that.

  • gareththomassport says:

    Great synopsis Peter.
    I also wonder what has happened to The Australian. I pretty well buy it now for Johannes Leak’s cartoons and the crossword.
    Janet Albrechtsen and Terry McCrann are always excellent.
    Are the younger Murdoch’s taking control of the empire?

  • Biggles says:

    Before you doomsayers and bed-wetters throw yourselves off the nearest bridge, consider that Trump is still President and that he has power under Executive Order 13848 of Sept. 12 2018 (qv); he is not yet out of the game.

  • Michael Fry says:

    The Australian has become unreadable in its coverage of the US. It has taken me back to the extreme feelings I used to experience years ago watching the ABC, before I gave up watching the ABC for ever. Oh wait, there might be a clue for me there.

  • PT says:

    Biggles, he is out of the game. Were he to hold on now, it would set the precedent that Presidential office could be held indefinitely. Ok, attack the Supreme Court for weaselling out of hearing the case: declaring that Texas had “no standing” in what was a Federal Election is weaselling out just as they weaselled out of the appeal on Proposition 8, even though the groups they claimed had no standing were the ones who had to front the Californian court that struck it down as the actual California AG and Governor shirked their legal duty! I suspect there was insufficient evidence anyway. Evidence would have to be really solid anyway.
    No, Trump will leave office in a couple of weeks. What strikes me is the idiotic “Impeachment” calls. It’s doubtful if this can even get through the House of Reps in the days remaining. And even then no chance of getting it to the Senate prior to Biden’s inauguration. Politicking unfortunately.
    Importantly Biden himself should realise he’s on notice. The “nothing to see here” Hunter Biden hard drive is still around. Selling the power of the Vice-Presidency to foreign governments that’s indicated in that is far worse than any of the previous accusations levelled against Trump! Many of the Dems would much rather have Harris as President too! So that can always be a threat: the proverbial gun to his head. AOC and the squad could threaten to side with the GOP to destroy Biden’s Presidency if they find him wanting. Then they’d have the “WOC” President! I think there’s a strong chance (above 50:50 IMHO) Biden won’t be the Dems candidate in 2024 one way or another.

  • Charles says:

    It is very disturbing to see the coverage by the Australian with its commentators lauding the removal of 75 million citizens votes as well as the censorship[ now being applied by the Democrats and Big Tech. This is fascism 101 and the US is starting to resemble one of those failed Eastern European states that were satellite states of the Old Soviet Union, yet the majority of journalists at the Australian don’t seem to be getting it all. I dare not even look at the SMH or Age sites for fear of the level of ignorance and stupidity one might find.

    As for the future, ……………wot Biggles said

  • lbloveday says:

    “Are the younger Murdoch’s taking control of the empire?”
    More like their wives I reckon.

  • lbloveday says:

    “And even then no chance of getting it to the Senate prior to Biden’s inauguration”.
    If they do impeach after the event and he is found guilty in the subsequent trial, would that not preclude Trump standing in 2024? Could that be the agenda? Or at least part of it?

  • lbloveday says:

    “I pretty well buy it now for Johannes Leak’s cartoons and the crossword.”.
    I get crosswords from https://bestforpuzzles.com/ and print them. You can read Leak’s cartoons without logging on at https://www.theaustralian.com.au/.

  • PT says:

    Loveday, I’m not sure what that may do. Nixon resigned before being convicted (and actual charges in the courts didn’t follow due to Ford’s pardon). But the “trial” didn’t conclude. I suspect that once the official is no longer in office, the process stops and any criminal proceedings belong to the regular courts. But I hope someone with better knowledge of US law and constitutional law could tell us.

  • Peter OBrien says:

    PT, you are right. Trump’s big mistake was to not realize that it was over when the Supreme Court ‘weaselled out’ as you so aptly put it. My thoughts on that disgraceful episode here:
    At that point he should have appointed himself ‘king-maker’ and got behind Mike Pence for 2024.

  • Phillip says:

    Peter Smith,
    I concur with the sentiment of your article, but like Michael Fry, I’m also appalled by the Australians idea for journalism and coverage of the US Presidential election. I’ve cancelled my subscription based on garbage presented by the likes of Cameron Stewart and Troy Bramston. For Sheridan, I did give some credit but he also is beginning to Pence me…meaning he has sold out for his pieces of silver to the fraud of the communists.
    The fraud is so obvious that I can see it from my Brisbane kitchen.
    Now that the military have Nancy Pelosi’s laptop and the list of RINO’s was confirmed on 6 Jan, I believe Trump has a couple more cards to play before 20 Jan.
    The Epoch Times and web pages like Intelreform.org, present something towards a balanced journalistic report.

  • Doubting Thomas says:

    I agree about the Australian. Although most of my comments over the years have been published, the comments editors are very quick to bin any that are even mildly critical of their leftist commentary team. I never read Stewart, but the anti-Trump hysteria of the Kelly, PVO, Bramston Triumvirate is tempting me to pull the plug too, but while Sheridan, Albrechtson and Henderson remain I’ll persist.

  • Peter Marriott says:

    Peter, Good piece and I agree with you, and am still in awe and admiration for President Trump and what he has achieved over the last 4 years, particularly in the areas of the US economy, foreign affairs, strengthening of National borders and US defensive/offensive deterrent strength and others, especially the steady removal of stiffling / strangulating regulations . I felt and still feel that only a right wing leader can do this in the context of the times, and we in Australia need a US like that, in fact all the English speaking world needs a US like that in my view, and plenty of the rest of’em do as well, if they only knew it, or could see it through the murky mists of their anti-american hatred. Concerning the peaceful demonstration escalation, my observations over many years pretty well confirms in my mind that the antifa types and the left in general would never leave an opportunity like this go unexploited, and they can easily infiltrate and start the violence from within, with very small numbers. Saul Alinsky had all the little rules for how to do this in place many, many years ago in the US I believe…just ask ex-president Obama, I think he could explain it, if he wanted to, wherever he is…in detail probably !

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    ianl – Update on Big Tech – blog comment

    1-10-21 Joe Biden has hired at least 14 current or former executives from five major tech firms to serve in his administration or advise his transition team.The firms — Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook — have all clamped down this week on President Trump and Parler, a social media site popular with conservatives. Conservatives have long expressed concern over Biden and Democrats’ close ties to the major tech companies. Apple’s top lobbyist is a longtime Biden adviser.

  • pgang says:

    I’m not sure why you think Trump slipped up at the last. Remember that he gave a solemn speech about the election before Christmas which was not even reported in the media. Had that speech been given the public airing it deserved, things may have turned out very differently. Had a single one of the crooked courts been willing to view any evidence, or even allow any evidence to be obtained, or be willing to challenge clear breaches of law, things may have turned out very differently. Had Republican politicians grown a set and defended both their party and their electorates from this charade of an election, things may have turned out differently.
    As it stood it was Trump, on his own, as usual. And he played it by the book all the way.
    The greatest stench, to my mind, adheres to the Supreme Court and the Vice President – surely one of history’s great traitors. Go down with the sinking ship, defending his captain to the last? Not for Pence.
    And SCOTUS, in hiding behind mummy’s skirt, has told the world that the American Constitution and the American Union were nice ideas, but not worth any mild discomfort for the privileged few.
    Note how any claims of election fraud for the Senate run-off in Georgia died a very quick death. Even now there is a case going into court in Italy, involving a major cyber-crime with an affidavit claiming election tampering in Biden’s favour. We will never know whether there is any truth to the matter.
    It seems impossible that the GOP could ever re-gain control of the swing states. They are firmly in the hands of the urban ghettos, with their corrupt officials having been handed a free licence to do as they please. Arizona will probably never turn red again either, for the same reason. What’s their next target?
    Florida? South Carolina? It’s over for the Republican Party. The mind of man has conquered the world.

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    Reading your reactions is like reliving mine, Peter. Very much on the same page. The Australian has hit the swamp, and the commenters are getting restless, some of them fed up and unsubscribing. Same with Fox News. I can’t watch the news anymore, anywhere. Oligopoly rules in social media.

    I wonder if this link to Parler will work. It does the President proud; least we can do.


  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    No, Parler is gone. Perhaps someone can fetch it up on the web somewhere.

  • Farnswort says:

    Elizabeth, the Big Tech cartel has strangled Parler. Hopefully it returns.

  • lbloveday says:

    Leo Terrell Tweeted:
    Jan 11
    Speaker Pelosi admitted on 60 Minutes the purpose of removing President Trump is to prevent him from running for reelection in 2024.

  • lbloveday says:

    Andrew Pollack Tweeted:
    Democrats aren’t impeaching President Trump because of last Wednesday. Democrats are impeaching President Trump because they don’t want him to be able to run in 2024.

  • PT says:

    lbloveday, interesting, if true. But it will fail. You need a 2/3 majority. The Dems only have a slim majority in the House and 50% of the Senate (they’ll rely on Harris to get things through if the GOP is solidly against them). It is not clear to me that these proceedings can occur once Trump’s term is up. Biden is to be inaugurated in just over a week. Trump is no longer in office after that. I doubt the Dems will get a 2/3 majority they’d need particularly if Trump has already left office.
    It’s a pointless exercise really. Pure politicking on the part of Pelosi (what a surprise). If the Republicans vote to convict Trump they alienate Trump supporters. If they acquit him, Pelosi et al can complain that the GOP supports mob rule and violence against people like her! Except it’s 2 years to the midterms, and so it’s wasted. But I have doubts the articles of impeachment themselves can be passed whilst Trump is in office, and if he’s out of office before the process starts I dare say that will be the end of it. It exposes the lie that Biden et al are going to “heal divisions”.

  • Stephen says:

    After an election in a democracy it is very important that both sides accept the result. The Democrats never accepted the result of the 2016 election and tried everything to continually undermine its validity even a frankly stupid attempt at impeachment. There are doubts about the 2020 election and this video from the Data Integrity Group poses a lot of question that need to answered before any reasonable person can fully accept the result – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2mH9X4jQT8

    Big Tech and the US Main Stream Media have used every trick in book to bias the election in favor of the Dems. Usually by straight out censorship and deplatforming of Trump supporters. They censored the news about Biden’s possibly corrupt and criminal activities with his son and other members of his family. It has been reported that in post poll interviews that as many as 42% of Dem voters had never heard of the Hunter Biden issue. See this video from Tony Heller on Newtube ( a new video streaming site designed to get around Google’s censorship of Youtube) relating to censorship –

    Finally, this Video is comical, but this guy has a real talent for hitting the bulls eye! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH9XWNz0GW4

    Trump did NOT incite violence, he called for the rally outside the Congress to be peaceful and law abiding. He also asked everyone to be respectful of the police. The vast crowd was peaceful as confirmed by many witnesses. It was only a few at the front who were violent and some of those have been identified as people photographed in the past as Antifa/BLM supporters. We should also ask why AOC’s and Pilosi’s support of Antifa/BLM’s violent, night after night, destruction of Portland and other cities somehow isn’t inciting violence.

  • grpalmer1911 says:

    U.S. Election Alert 2020:
    The entire Congress, and one third of the Senate comes up for election in 2 short years.
    The GOP is playing the long game. Well one hopes.

    Let us all face the fact that Donald Trump was never a tactical politician but a showman on the make. Sure he had some good ideas but the simple fact is he was a clinical grade psychopath.
    It was all about him to the point of obsession.
    To make Donald Trump Great, America HAD TO BE “Great” at everything he was involved with so he could claim the credit. A win-win for all unless the rules of the game changed as they did in early 2020. Then he went AWOL. A one trick pony with a broken leg.
    If you want take all the credit, you get to take all the blame.

    There were so many obvious opportunities he let go past.
    # Try A.O.C. inciting criminal acts from Congress and followed up outside Congress where she had no privilege. No official action taken.
    # Try Democrat Governors and Mayors ordering Police not to protect American citizens or Federal Courthouses. Following illegal orders are not legal. See the Nazi Nuremburg trials for details. No official action taken. Since when did elected officials have the sort of absolute power of King John before the Magna Carta. Democrat ones seem to have it.
    # The Federal Judiciary is the third arm of Government. Separate but equal to the Executive and the Congress and Senate. Trying to burn down a Federal Court in Oregon is the same as trying to burn down the Capital Building in Washington. No official action taken.
    GOP has 2 very short years to chase every opportunity.
    Time to double down and use “Political Correctness” the corner stone of “Power and Control” on Democrats for a change.
    How many of the Democrats are anti Jewish, race supremacist Socialists? Lots and lots.
    Look at the British Labor Party.

  • Farnswort says:

    Mark Latham: “Journalists have confirmed everything Trump has said about them over the past 5 years. By cheering on censorship of an elected President, they have shown the hateful partisanship, the complete absence of objectivity and independence, that has defined their so-called ‘reporting’.”

  • Leo Maglen says:

    Well said Peter. I think this is one of those great watershed moments – the waters are now flowing down the other side of the hill, never to return to where we in the West assumed they were before November 3. Where they will lead us who knows, but to those who are cheering the tearing down of Trump as a great victory we say ‘be careful what you wish for’.

    Like you I have been appalled by the treatment of the US elections by the once great newspaper The Australian. Sky News has not been much better. Fortunately the internet still allows us access to such sites as Newsmax, OAN, American Thinker and The Gateway Pundit. For how much longer?

  • Stephen says:

    Why is my initial comment labeled “Your review is awaiting approval”?

  • talldad says:

    Elizabeth Beare – 12th January 2021

    No, Parler is gone. Perhaps someone can fetch it up on the web somewhere.

    It seems to have been blocked and totally de-platformed.

    I can’t raise it, even using Brave and Tor/DuckDuckGo searches.

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