Hail Joe Biden, Commander in Cheat

The Australian media overall, and the ABC in particular, have disgraced themselves in their reporting of the US presidential election. Instead of reporting facts, or even asking questions, all the media has been contemptibly content in a rush to anoint Joe Biden as ‘president-elect’ when a more accurate appropriate term would have been “president-apparent.”

Instead of reporting that President Trump was challenging the outcome as a result of fraud, then following the steps he intended to take to substantiate his claim, reporters and commentators all rushed to delegitimise him by inserting “unproven”, “unsubstantiated” or “without evidence” into every article. In the case of US-based Associated Press, whose copy flows through to our own AAP, those qualifications appear to be official ‘ house style’, as newsrooms know the edicts and admonitions issued by senior editors and chief subs. How, now, will these disgraced scribblers cope with an independent scientific analysis that has determined the Dominion Voting machines in one Michigan country not only produced false results, but were actually designed to defraud.

That is sensational headline stuff, surely?

On Monday, December 14 (US time), the Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG) of Texas released its preliminary forensics report into the voting in Antrim County, Michigan, on behalf of a civil complainant, Bill Bailey. State Supreme Court Chief Justice Kevin Eisenheimer last week issued an order granting Bailey permission for an examination of the 22 Dominion tabulators used in the county’s election. Bailey was seeking an explanation for why thousands of votes for Trump had “flipped” to Biden – suspicious in a known Republican county.

A team of seven analysts from ASOG spent eight hours on December 6 examining the voting machines. The Group describes itself as professional with backgrounds in defence, the Secret Service, Homeland Security and the CIA. The signatory to the report, Russell Ramsland, has a political science degree and worked with NASA and the MIT.  The investigation, running to 23 pages, concludes:

The Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create system fraud and influence election results. The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication with no oversight, no transparency and no audit trail. This leads to voter or election fraud. Based on  our study, we conclude that the Dominion Voting System should not be used in Michigan. We further conclude that the results of Antrim County should not have been certified.

On the election night, the votes reported in Antrim County were: Biden 7,769, Trump 4,509. But eighteen days later, they were corrected to: Biden 5,960, Trump 9,748.  Michigan election authorities had claimed the “flip” from Trump to Biden was the result of human error. The ASOG report claims the vote flip occurred because of machine error is quite deliberately built into the voting software to create such errors.

Where the Federal Election Commission guidelines allow an election error of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%) ASOG found the actual incidence in Antrim County to be a staggering 68.05%, demonstrating a fatal fault in election security and integrity. “The system is flawed and does not meet state or federal election laws,” ASOG reports.

In its description of the Dominion system, the ASOG report explained that the software classified ballots into two categories: normal and adjudicated. Ballots sent for adjudication leaves no audit trail that would track which administrator actually adjudicates (i.e. votes) a batch of ballots. Thus, the adjudication process is the simplest way to manually manipulate votes. And the systemic errors in the machines are intentionally designed, according to ASOG’s analysis, to create errors that push a high volume of ballots to bulk adjudication.

The report helpfully provides a video demonstration of how to cheat at adjudication. It can be watched via this Twitter link. (editor’s note: normally, the clip would be embedded on this page as a YouTube video, but the Google-owned streaming service has declared it will suppress any video posts casting doubt on the Biden ‘victory’, hence the link to Twitter. If Twitter advises the clip is unavailable, refresh the page and it should appear.)

The ASOG investigators found that all adjudication logs for 2020 were missing, as were security logs from the day before the election until the day after. And on November 21, an unauthorised user attempted unsuccessfully to wipe out the election results, demonstrating additional tampering.

After outlining US cyber-security protections for national infrastructure initiated by President Obama and strengthened by President Trump, the ASOG report documents the heritage of the Dominion system.  Dominion is a Canadian company owned by State Street Capital, itself owned by UBS Securities, of which three of their seven board members are Chinese nationals. The Dominion software is licensed from Smartmatic, a Venezuelan-controlled company. Its servers are determined to be in Serbia, Canada, the US, Spain and Germany. ASOG recommended that an independent group should be empanelled to determine the extent of the adjudication  errors throughout the state of Michigan as a national security issue.

Some 28 states used Dominion Voting Systems. In Michigan, 47 of the 83 counties used them, so the Antrim forensic audit is a litmus test of the validity of Michigan’s 16 Electoral College votes cast for Biden and Harris. The investigators are continuing  to analyse the data to trace missing information.

The Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson have now obtained a judicial order preventing the publication in full of the ASOG investigation. That may well lead to a fruitful referral to the Supreme Court.

Follow this link to view the .pdf of the ASOG report

It will be educational to see how many of Australia’s brilliant investigative journalists, fresh from awarding each Walkleys, can be bothered to follow it up.

12 thoughts on “Hail Joe Biden, Commander in Cheat

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    Thanks Geoffrey.

    We need to know a whole lot more about Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, including their founders, funders and owners.

    Call me naive – the MSM would say deranged – but attorney Sidney Powell’s revealing 25-minute interview (link below) two days ago surely increases the likelihood that President Trump will act soon under a 2018 Executive Order dealing with foreign/domestic interference in US elections, possibly as soon as 18 December, and on release of the NI report 45 days after the election.

    Epoch Times Exclusive: Sidney Powell by Wild_Kraken

    According to Powell, Dominion executive Eric Coomer and Mark Malloch Brown were among the ringleaders that executed the scheme, along with the following co-conspirators whom Powell specifically called out by name:
    • Jorge Rodriguez, the former Minister of Communications for Venezuela
    • Khalil Majid Majzoub, a front man for Rodriguez
    • Gustavo Reyes-Zumeta, a programmer
    • Antonio Mugica, the CEO of Smartmatic

    “Frankly, our national security agency and defense intelligence agency need to be all over this immediately,” Powell added. “The evidence is overwhelming and extremely troubling that this has been going on and didn’t just start this year.”

    Despite high-fives everywhere, the game is not over. Joanne Nova: “Joe Biden does not have 270 guaranteed Electors. Seven States have sent alternate electors to Congress, also known as “Dueling Electors”. This keeps Electors for Donald Trump in play until January 6. Those states are Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico. This keeps alive the possibility that Congress can endorse Electors for Trump in those states.”

  • ianl says:

    The Twitter video showing a *blank* ballot paper being scanned by Dominion machine and added to the Adjudication pile where a person could then allocate it to any candidate as a real vote is quite spectacular.
    One can see why stopping the counting at 10pm, shooing the scrutineers out and then announcing a huge new bunch of votes all to one candidate at 3am could be regarded as curious.

  • pgang says:

    How will the media deal with it? The will follow the example of the disgraced SCOTUS and pretend that there’s nothing to see.

  • DG says:

    I tend to scepticism with Epoch Times, because of its Falun Gong association. I could be wrong of course, and what does attract is that it reports matters that the ordinary media either disparage or ignore. That probably adds to the credibility of their reports.

  • roland says:

    Commander in cheat is a great moniker, let’s add another one.

    Hereafter, until Kamela overthrows him, Biden will be …..President *

    * Conditions Apply

  • Elizabeth Beare says:

    In the swing States, fraudulent activity seems well demonstrated.

    Using voting ‘machines’ also seem a poor way to conduct a fair election.
    As does mailing out blank ballot papers ready to be harvested criminally.

    Biden’s ‘victory’ is clearly fraudulent and the mass media wishes it remain hidden as such.
    Democracy? What was that?

  • Doubting Thomas says:

    The Rule of Law is nigh on extinct in the US, and very nearly so here.

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    2020 Election Investigative Documentary: “Who’s Stealing America?” – Epoch Times (12/14/2020)

    This one hour 30min. video is worth watching:

    Dominion Voting Systems and its China links from 50min .

    Do it soon. Youtube could remove it anytime under its new post-election “censorship” policy.

    Latest news: a curious “delay” in releasing the Department of National Intelligence (DNI) Report, despite Trump’s Executive Order requiring its release tomorrow..

    “The intelligence communities classified assessment on foreign threats to the 2020 U.S. elections was set to be released by Dec. 18. It is unclear how long the report will be delayed.”

    Fierce winter snowstorm in NE USA too. The CC gods are clearly angry. In Greek mythology, nemesis invariably follows hubris and probably will do so – eventually – in this case.

  • Simon H-J says:

    Regarding Geoffrey Luck’s article “Hail Joe Biden, Commander in Cheat,” I agree that these systems are flawed and need to be improved. The more I hear about the overly complex and archaic way US elections are run, the more shocked I am by how easily manipulated they could be albeit on a small scale. However, that doesn’t mean that manipulation is occurring.

    If someone wanted to do it in any meaningful way, think about how many people would need to be involved to do it and to get away with it, how many people would need to keep silent and not make slip-ups and get caught out. People just aren’t that competent.

    That headline is also inflammatory and misleading and is in no way backed up by the article. There is no evidence that I’ve seen that Joe Biden or anyone else in his party is involved in election fraud. Saying Biden should be referred to as “president-apparent” instead of ‘president-elect’ would be irresponsible of the mainstream media because it would insinuate that Trump’s baseless assertion of election fraud has merit and further destabilise an already fragile democracy.

    The article also states that the investigation found the Dominion system is “intentionally and purposefully designed” to enable fraud and influence election results. The article failed to present any evidence of that. If a poorly designed system – or even an intentionally corruptible one – is exploitable, that doesn’t mean it was exploited.

    The state of Michigan says that the totalling error – which was caught and corrected by them – was caused when the local counts were uploaded to another software system separate from the Dominion system that is used to total counts from different precincts. It was caused back in October by the County Clerk (a Republican by the way) who failed to upload a new ballot definition file after some candidates withdrew in other counties. This was confirmed by voting systems expert Professor J. Alex Halderman from the University of Michigan. Printed records of all the precincts counts were then used to correct the numbers.

    Ryan Macias, former acting director of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s Voting System Testing and Certification Program said of the investigation and subsequent report, “ASOG has a grave misunderstanding of the DVS DSuite 5.5 voting system, a lack of knowledge of election technology and process, and therefore, has come to a preposterous conclusion.” A mistake was made. The people who made the mistake fixed it, and even if they didn’t, the error would have been caught at the next step in the process. That’s not fraud. I haven’t read you in a while, but expected more from Quadrant.



  • Phillip says:

    It is sad to see that the USA has such a flawed election and vote counting system. A system that is so open to corruption and fraud. For example (and now I present some facts that neither the two worst journalists, Cameron Stewart & Troy Bramston have ever considered);
    1. The USA does not have a Federal Electoral Commission with one set of rules common to each state.
    2. States are allowed to hire private companies with dubious backgrounds to count ballots
    3. The practice of curing a ballot is just so basically dumb and ripe for corruption
    4. State Governors and State Attorney Generals (Michigan) threaten members of the public with criminal offences if they chose to lodge allegations of election fraud at the behest of President Trump
    5. The suppression of information by MSM and Big Tech is criminal on the basis of interfering with a fair and honest election
    6. Political donations from billionaires is also grounds for criminal pursuit on the basis of interfering with a fair and honest election
    7. the list goes on

    However the eye opener for me is the video footage of the latest Wisconsin Supreme Court ‘liberal’ judges berating and screaming at the plaintiff barrister purely because he represented President Trump.

    The corruption in their system is so obvious. Everybody knows that 81 million people did not vote for Joe Biden. At best probably 20 million real (legal) people voted for him. The MSM would have you believe that old Joe is the most honest politician. And there is a lot of truth in his recorded statement that he and the Democratic Party have created a document which is the ‘most extensive election fraud procedural document’ in history.

  • peter prenavon says:

    In America today you see the cultural/ spiritual/ political and financial decline that sweeps the western world.
    Simply being proud of your race your heritage ,
    is a crime. unless you are blackish colour
    Simply being proud of your intellect or achievements,
    means you have stolen from people of lessor ability
    Simply your country having boarders to protect your way of life,
    is considered a crime . if others from lessor countries are unable to share/take your wealth.
    The current political system for America, is as the Barbarians were were for the Roman Empire.

    TODAYyings don’t survive past their origin culture period, if the average person in the average culture, does not immediately see the truth of it , in their own culture. In America today, the left is trashing just about everything that reminds people

  • Davidovich says:

    I have no doubt that significant fraud occurred but the Courts, even the Supreme Court, have refused to hear the cases. What now can be done to overcome this intransigence?

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