The Vanishingly Slim Hope of a Happy Ending

I watched the election results coming in at a friend’s place. I arrived at about 10.30am when the votes began dribbling in and left late afternoon with President Trump comfortably ahead in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida. It was stressful watching. We switched between CNN and Fox News. John King at CNN talked so rapidly, like one of those fast-talking auctioneers, that I became quite drained trying to keep up. I did other things that evening before looking at where things stood before going to bed. Alas, Trump’s lead had evaporated in Michigan and Wisconsin. And overall, Florida excepted, it has been downhill since.

Unfortunately, the Left in the US and elsewhere has been rewarded for four years of bastardry. No, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus. This is real life and there is no happy ending after all.

Hopefully, the Republicans will retain the Senate, but I’m not confident of that; and a fifty-fifty split would leave Kamala and her deciding vote in charge of the country. Think of that when you wake in a sweat in the middle of the night. But even without the Senate so much of Trump’s legacy can be unwound. With the Senate…no, I don’t want to think about it.

Of course, there is temptation to cling to hope that legal challenges will prevail. I don’t see it. Time is short. And, it is very hard to prove electoral malfeasance on a grand scale across multiple jurisdictions. If it were easy to prove it wouldn’t happen. And the Dems don’t have a peerless reputation for chicanery for nothing.

The truth, in the clarity of hindsight, is that Trump needed to win by a landslide this time around. The Dems were burnt in 2016. This time they were armed and ready. Nevertheless, with so many wins domestically and abroad, why didn’t Trump have a landslide? COVID is the answer.

The Chinese politburo couldn’t have timed it better if they’d tried – which, by the way, I am not suggesting they did. This wasn’t an October surprise; it was a whole of 2020 surprise. In a different universe it would be difficult to identify exactly where Trump went wrong in combatting the virus. But apparently, in the Trump-hating universe we occupy, his demeanour was too optimistic. That’s it really. Apart, that is, from the masks. He wasn’t keen enough on masks.

Joe Biden is very keen on masks. And that might have made all the difference to those people so scared that they voluntarily don masks in the open air. I see their like in Sydney when I risk catching COVID, and goodness knows what other morbidities, by bravely venturing out unmasked. They all want Joe or Berejiklian or Andrews or Palaszczuk, or any Dear Leader, to keep them safe.

COVID also let in mass mail-in ballots. According to Bloomberg, voting was up by around 10 per centage points as a proportion of those eligible to register and vote in battleground states. That’s a lot of extra votes. Are they all kosher? How many aren’t? Are there enough to make a difference? Even if they are mostly genuine, they would not have been there to be counted in normal times.

The China virus has done Trump in, of that there is no doubt. Could he have prevented this by acting differently? I doubt it. Whatever he did or didn’t do would have been held against him. The opportunity afforded the Dems by COVID was simply too good to waste.

The backdrop of unremitting criticism and name calling from the media didn’t help either. Even those who gave him credit for his profound achievements, of which there were many, couldn’t resist a gratuitous insulting dig or two. Evidently, you had to establish your own virtue by impugning Trump’s. I was always taken aback by Christians, in particular, criticizing Trump’s morality, forgetting the plank in their own eye.

When we, at least conservatives, look back at the damage COVID generated, Trump’s defeat will loom large. Everything else will fade by comparison. Little did they know in that Wuhan lab last year what power they were about to let loose. (Or, I assume they didn’t.) If only Mao had known there was more power in a virus on the loose than in the barrel of a gun.

21 thoughts on “The Vanishingly Slim Hope of a Happy Ending

  • jonliem2349 says:

    This is far from over.



    As long as the Republicans stand with Trump, he has better than even odds of pulling it off.

    There’ll be a Constitutional crisis, and probably with blood in the streets, but better to fight the globalist commie revolutionary coup than just surrender and accept our enslavement.

  • pgang says:

    Peter I understand your pessimism; or is it rationality. I remain a little more hopeful than you. Like Trump, I think it is clear that he won this election. The sudden turnaround just because of postal vote counting was ridiculous. As a starting position, there is no way in hell that Biden could have attracted so many votes, before even looking at the voting statistics in general, or the seemingly endless litany of malfeasance which grows by the day.
    Clearly this was the Democrats’ strategy months ago, with the introduction of widespread postal balloting and the watering down of identity and time requirements. This was a planned coup against the American electorate, of that I have no doubt. They knew they were going to lose, but I don’t think they suspected that they were going to lose so big. The efforts to make up ground by cheating have frankly been so obvious, by necessity, that it’s embarrassing. If the race had been close there would have been less chance of us noticing.
    So I think there is hope, for two reasons – Trump won’t give up so easily, and he had the remarkably timely opportunity to post Barrett to SCOTUS. An act of God there, perhaps. There is a crushing weight of evidence in his favour, and 70 million genuine voters behind him. It ain’t over yet.

  • Guido Negraszus says:

    I agree. Covid-19 ultimately did him in. He could have had the best possible Covid response in the world with minimal deaths. They would have crucified him either way. I predict that a lot of Biden/Harris voters will regret their choice. Trump was good for the US and the world. Historians will compare him with Reagan and other great conservative leaders. Name one achievement of the lefts darling Obama. I can’t name one. 8 wasted years. 2024 will be good again. If the Republicans come up with a half-decent candidate they will wipe the floor with the Democrats.

  • lbloveday says:

    Quote: “Joe Biden is very keen on masks”.
    Yet in Flint, Mi on Saturday before the election, he was mask-less when close enough to Obama to pat him on the back, which he did.
    Quote: ” And the Dems don’t have a peerless reputation for chicanery for nothing”.
    In an interview with Newsmax, former Illinois DEMOCRAT Governor Rod Blagojevich asked rhetorically, “If the question is, ‘Are Democrats stealing votes in Philadelphia?’ my answer is, Is the Pope Catholic?”
    “It’s a time-honored tradition in big, Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago, and my hometown, Philadelphia, to do precisely what they’re doing,” the former governor said. And then he went on to explain precisely how that’s done.
    “They control polling places, they stop votes when their candidate’s behind, and then in wee hours in the morning, in the dark of night, the stealing starts.”


  • gary@erko says:

    With Trump out due to the virus, reports will now change to noting the comorbidity that was exaccerbated by the virus, and the small percentage of deaths and critital cases noted in comparison to infections. In other wods, we sill be advised that the virus has evolved to a lesser danger.

  • Kevin Dent says:

    The Democrats, the media and the big tech billionaires will be emboldened by their success in getting someone as weak as Biden into the White House. The seventy million people who voted for Trump can expect to be on the receiving end of the same tactics in future elections.

  • Geoffrey Luck says:

    Sprry to have to disagree with you this once Peter, but COVID was not the answer to your question. Much as we may lament the outcome, we should try to face facts. COVID was, and is still, an event. How a politician deals with an event determines the effect it will have. Throughout this year, with the sole exception of his decision to cut contact with China, Trump has played a stupid self-destructive game. He pretended the epidemic didn’t matter, wouldn’t hurt you and in any case would be stopped by a cure available before Christmas. Then, while the Democrats organised mail-in votes to avoid the virus, Trump continued to oppose postal votes, not differentiating between absentee votes and unsolicited ballots. He rightly exposed their potential for fraud, but did nothing to counter their effect. How many fake ballots in the late counting? No matter – the vast bulk were not fraudulent, and there should not have been any great surprise at what happened. I watched the entire count from midday on SBS/ABC America and it was a professional exposition of the event. The tide turned when the postal votes were counted. With merely suspicions of malfeasance, there has been too much thoughtless “we wuz robbed” of a football crowd.

  • deric davidson says:

    Geoffrey just ask yourself this question; who would have won the election if there had been no covid? Indisputably DJ Trump is the answer. So covid is most definitely a major factor in diminishing support for him. Covid was used by the left and its media cohorts to undermine Trump using a series of untruths, obfuscations and deflections. Fear mongering like occurred in Queensland sent a substantial number of votes by the over 65 demographic to Labor in Queensland and the Democrats in the US.
    Pennsylvania is the critical state. I understand a huge chunk of votes were submitted after the closing time of 8 pm 3/11. These have been counted and most of these I believe were for Biden. Red flags right there. The Pens vote must be reviewed and.Trump is within his rights to hold off conceding (as Gore did in for 37 days 2000). I cannot believe that people have accepted the call by the media (say no more). The courts will make the call not the media!!

  • Farnswort says:

    “The backdrop of unremitting criticism and name calling from the media didn’t help either.”

    It wasn’t mere criticism. The media actively sought to destroy Trump, constantly slandering, demonising and lying about him. They were aided in this cause by Big Tech – Twitter, Facebook and Google.

    In relation to the pandemic, Trump’s response left a lot to be desired. What should have been a populist-nationalist moment reaffirming the need for stronger borders, domestic manufacturing and secure supply chains was squandered. Trump seemed too slow to react and foolishly downplayed the threat at times. He made a number of silly statements. However, this is not to say that the Democrats would have been any better (the Democrats wanted to keep the borders open and claimed the China travel ban was racist and xenophobic). And, as Peter rightly notes, whatever Trump did or didn’t do would have been held against him by the Democrats and the Trump-hating media.

  • pgang says:

    Geoffrey it sounds like the media have gotten into you. This is not some Clinton-esque, go suck eggs situation. There are powerful people like Giuliani driving this issue. The supreme court is going to be involved. There are going to be recounts. The result is going to be thoroughly disputed. And Trump was trying to prevent it for months, but the courts involved were too politicised.
    At the end of it we still don’t know who is going to be president.

  • DG says:

    Just on masks and their wearing. Wearing while driving alone in their car! What gives with these people?

  • Mr Johnson says:

    CNN has already taken down its covid morbidity counter, and soon (within weeks) covid will drop from our vision as the media ignores or refuses to cover it anymore other than to spruke how well the Biden vaccine works. Also, never expect to see again: kids in cages, Russia is the enemy, or anything about the economy until Joe can claim any upturns are all his. If the Dems get the senate, then the payback will begin in earnest.

  • T B LYNCH says:

    [1] Joe Biden himself personally stated that that “We have put together the greatest voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” [under cover of Wuflu].
    [2] The Constitution provides that the State Legislatures certify electors to the Electoral College.
    [3] The state houses have three options:-
    [a] certify the results of fraud
    [b] certify a slate of republican electors from the relevant states
    [c] do nothing leaving Biden short – and the decision goes to the new House of Representatives – where each NEWLY ELECTED state delegation has one vote – 26 republican 20 democrat 4 tied – as happened in 1876.
    Result Trump reelected. No courage required. Simply fail to certify fraud and leave it to the Representatives.

  • T B LYNCH says:

    The left are ruthless and use every filthy trick in the book.
    In Queensland the highly intelligent Labor party has twice changed the electoral system.
    Now if LNP Premier Newman had been a grifter like Labor, he could have changed the voting system to the British model of first past the post, would have won a comfortable majority, and still be premier, to the great benefit of both Queensland and Australia.

  • Farnswort says:

    Pgang: “At the end of it we still don’t know who is going to be president.”

    Similar sentiment expressed here: https://amgreatness.com/2020/11/08/no-one-knows-who-won-the-election/

    It has been stated that there are fewer than 100,000 votes separating former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump in key swing states:

  • Adelagado says:

    No, the coronavirus didn’t beat Trump. It was the rioting, violence, looting, and vandalism that done him in. The left simply threatened that the mayhem would go on for another 4 years if Trump stayed in office.

  • Peter Smith says:

    I thought of that too Adelagado, but I can’t believe that there are enough cowards around to make it true.

  • Farnswort says:

    With the announcement of a potentially effective vaccine, I should state that the Trump administration deserves credit for pre-committing to buying a vaccine from Pfizer and investing billions to subsidise R&D and manufacturing capacity among other vaccine makers.

  • Simon says:

    @Geoffrey Luck

    “He pretended the epidemic didn’t matter, wouldn’t hurt you and in any case would be stopped by a cure available before Christmas”

    -There was no pretence here – the virus is virtually harmless to all but the elderly, and most of them that succumbed to the bloody thing had co-morbidities.

    There is a cure by Christmas if recent reports are true. There was in fact a perfectly good cure from day one, if Trump hadn’t made the mistake of thinking he was dealing with normal people and promoting it.

  • ianl says:


    >”Just on masks and their wearing. Wearing while driving alone in their car! What gives with these people?”

    Control, of course. Placebos for numpties, with dibber-dobbers (99% women) acting out of their perceived self-righteousness for the good of the collective – aren’t they grand ?

    Despite the wishful thinking in this thread, the worst has come to pass. The advantage to pessism is that one is never disappointed. Here in Oz, the LNP is just Labor without the union droogs, so we are offered no real choice. The left in the US (including most of the MSM and especially what is called Big Tech) will now do everything they can to prevent another Trump running for office.

  • Alice Thermopolis says:

    Miranda Devine, New York Post, stated last night that Biden is ahead by only about 120,000 votes out of 150 million votes cast, or 0.08 per cent.

    Two days ago, Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn’s attorney, spoke briefly on FOX Sunday Morning Futures about Trump’s impending ballot lawsuits.

    Democrat voter fraud is widespread, said Powell. She looked and sounded credible. Computer algorithms were used to calculate – “and flip” – votes in critical states.There are major issues for Supreme Court.

    Nancy Polosi – and other Democrats – have equity in a Canadian software company, Dominion. It apparently provided the vote-counting software in at least 33 US states, including most/all the Democrat battleground states.

    Trump’s lawyers want an audit of all of Dominion’s computer systems. Guys, you had better hurry.

    Allowing late mail-in vote counting – in the name of Covid-19 – was a very clever move by Democrats.

    As far as the MSM is concerned, the horse has bolted, with Sleepy Joe in the saddle. As for the donkey, seventy million duped Americans are riding it.

    Agreed ianl. The Washington Swamp, MSM, tech oligarchs and globalist elites seem to have won. They were prepared and determined this time to end Trump’s reign, by fair means or foul. Too much at stake for them to let him prevail for another four years.

    Stating the obvious, Trump had/has a lot of enemies, especially the MSM, in government agencies and UN climate controllers. But will half the country now merely accept the election result as legitimate?

    Even Murdoch has switched sides. According to Mark Steyn: “Power drains very quickly, as it has drained, remorselessly, in the twenty-four hours since the networks pronounced the election over.. One of the notable features of the last five days is that Rupert Murdoch, in particular, is so over Trump…”

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