How Low Can the Commissariat Swing?

What times we live in: Israel Folau persecuted by Rugby Australia for daring to quote the Bible. Now, their English counterparts are seriously considering banning fans from singing their anthem, ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’. The song was written in about 1865 by former slave Wallace Willis and was apparently adopted by the US civil rights movement a century later.

And the objection? Cultural appropriation cum racism.? Keep alert for Elvis statues being torn down. He was fond of singing black gospel, including an upbeat ‘Chariot’. Likewise Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Eric Clapton, Joan Baez, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. None in any way disrespects the lyric or sentiment; indeed, each version with its own arrangement and approach honours the gift Wallace Willis gave the world.

According to the World Rugby Museum, the song was first sung at Twickenham in 1987 in homage to a black player, Martin Offiah, whose nickname was ‘Chariots’ and “popularised the following year when black winger Chris Oti scored a hat trick.” What is there to object to in that heritage? I’d like to think that Mr Willis might be pleased to know his song is sung so often and so joyously. It’s hard to believe that his mind was not broader than the pipsqueaks in charge of English Rugby Union.

Thank goodness, the Premier League is back in England, albeit without spectators. Watched my first match a couple of days ago. ‘Black lives matter’ emblazoned on the backs of their shirts, the players knelt before kick-off. What exactly were they kneeling for? I have no idea and I bet they don’t. They need not worry; they won’t be asked.

Maybe it’s to commemorate the brilliant life of drug-addled convicted-felon George Floyd, arrested for passing forged $20 bills. Incidentally, why did the store clerk call the police? What went on between the clerk and Floyd? A bad death at the hands of a callous cop doesn’t make you into a saint.

Take the message on the shirts literally. Is it expressing support for the organisation Black Lives Matter (BLM)? BLM will definitely take it as read. Evidently then, on this reading, the players support a mob of Marxists aiming to tear down capitalism and the traditional family. But hold on, a bunch of multi-multi-millionaires, none of whom forewent their £100,000-plus weekly salaries during the lockdown, apparently embrace communism. Who would have ever guessed they would so willingly give up their mansions and Maseratis for the dispossessed?

More sanctimonious than the players, by the way, are the commentators mouthing “black lives matter” with feigned and pained profundity. Though, to be fair, how else do they keep their jobs in this age of degenerate race-baiting scolds.

And talking about degenerates leads automatically to the modern Democratic Party in the United States. If black murders are really the issue look no further than black-on-black carnage in Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore, all run for decades by Democrats. Their woeful performance in running states and cities has been further brought into stark relief by their Covid-19 authoritarianism; by their abandonment of law and order in the face of rioting, vandalism, violence and looting following the death of George Floyd; and by their wholly irresponsible and reckless sell-out of police forces.

The latest blatant example of this sell-out is charging Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe, who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, with murder before any investigation. Brooks, asleep at the wheel, partly blocking a Wendy’s drive-thru, was over the limit, resisted arrest, wrestled violently with the cops on the ground, overpowered them, stole one cop’s taser, ran, turned and fired the taser at Rolfe and was shot. Justifiable homicide without a doubt if Brooks had been white or in any non-degenerate universe.

Detective Frank Keller (Al Pacino) put the value of the police in perspective in Sea of Love, when responding (unfairly as it happens) to his love interest, Helen (Ellen Barkin) who, until then, had not known he was a cop:

Pretty bad, huh? It’s just too much for you. I mean, you let scum like that in here [her shoe shop] but my being a cop, that’s just too much, isn’t it? Let me tell you something about this. [Showing his badge] All these people in here, with their rocks and their furs … they get robbed, they get raped, I’m all of a sudden, their daddy. Come the wet-ass hour, I’M EVERYBODY’S DADDY!”

I love the last line because it is so true. Without the police we are ripe for plucking by thugs. There is no shortage of thugs. Look at the looters in the US.

Those who want to cripple the ability of police forces to do their job have evil intent. They want to strike at our safety (create chaos) in the hope that it will somehow lead them to power. I am not sure how, but then it is hard to know what goes on in their degenerate minds.

For the information of over-paid Premier League players there is no evidence in the US that police unfairly target African-Americans. The data shows that there is no systematic problem. None! Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute sets this out rigorously in The War on Cops (2016) and continues to make the case expertly to this day.

But here’s the rub. Democrats, the Left everywhere, and most of the media are not interested in data, in facts, in the truth. They have an agenda. Truth is its first casualty. Mouthing lies is their lingua franca and they are practiced. There are no answers to be found in their politics, only despair. Thus, they have only deception.

Will it work? Will a sufficient number of people be taken in? Well, they can certainly make you mouth lies to keep your job – but can they make you know what isn’t so?

Marxists, of course, believe that human nature is tractable; that we are creatures of our environment and therefore mouldable. Perhaps they are right up to a point. How else to account for those who remain glued to the ABC and accept any old rope as kosher. Nevertheless, I see plenty of evidence of young people surviving indoctrination with their minds intact. There is something God-given in the human spirit, I believe, that can’t be ever completely quelled.

Am I being too hopeful? Maybe. Sometimes I am less sanguine.

A test of my hopefulness will come this November. Will President Trump romp to victory, as he should? A harder test: will Republican politicians keep the Senate and take the House? As craven as many are, they should, if there are still enough sensible voters to measure them against the degenerates on the other side.

Yet another test: Will English Rugby Union fans ignore the powers that be and sing ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ even longer and louder. I hope so. We shall see.

  • pgang

    I’d put money on the rugby fans singing louder than ever. They’re English after all, not Australian.
    There is an element of truth in all -isms, even Marxism, and that is why people become their disciples. Even Darwinism nods towards the created diversity and adaptability of living kinds. But they are merely a reduction of the truth, and it is when they regard themselves as the final word that they fall over. That is most especially true for the father of them all, humanism.
    This year I’ve ended my life-long affair with the VFL/AFL. For a long time it has been on the slippery slope of made-for-tv entertainment, but the woke-ness is now total and unbearable. Endless race-baiting, which has peaked in the victimisation of thirteen year old girls and the recent servitude towards BLM; moronic, blanket protection of incompetent umpiring; fawning over pet ’causes’, and the enforcement of homosexual totalitarianism. The latter is, tragically, most prominent in my favoured team, St Kilda, and was the reason I had to finally give up my membership.
    I played Aussie Rules for over two decades from the age of 5, until my body could no longer stand up to it. I love the game, but the AFL can go to hell. I wait impatiently for the real footy season to kick off down at the local club but if they get down on their knees, that will be the end for me.

  • IainC

    The phrase “Black Lives Matter” is a fake. Only a tiny fraction of very specific black lives matter to the extremist organisers of this movement: those who are killed by a government agency.
    Have you wondered why none of these black lives cruelly lost in the last few weeks have attracted any attention from BLM propaganda units? People like the 12 blacks, many who were innocent by-standers, killed by gang violence in Chicago on the same weekend as George Floyd? Or the poor Pacific Islander boy in Melbourne who was murdered as a result of gang violence? Or the poor indigenous girl in WA found in a bin who was a victim of tribal payback? Even the poor black man running down the street in killed the US by two white vigilantes attracted only minor response, relatively. It’s because these black deaths have no political value. Protesting about their deaths (and many others in the same time) would be politically pointless, because the perpetrators have no useful leverage. Any BLM protest would be aimed at individuals, and therefore inconsequential (to BLM, not to their grieving families and friends) to the acquisition of power and influence, and a waste of resources.
    Instead, BLM waits for the jackpot, the black man egregiously killed by an arm of the State, and they got this in full with the brutal death of George Floyd. The protest machine was turned onto overdrive, the riots and the violence and the anger whipped into a frenzy, and the message spread to other countries with BLM Chapters to do the same. And out of the righteous outrage, the political payments from cowering governments and private organisations, fearful of retribution for non-compliance, can be extracted. As can now be seen in the followup concessions being made hourly throughout the western world. None of this could be possible if BLM protested about individuals killed by other individuals.
    BLM is just the latest in a long line of alt-Marxist, extremist, racialist organisations pretending to have black welfare and advancement as their primary cause, but in reality, ordinary blacks are just pawns in the much wider goals of power growth and ideological dominance as a means to destroy current social structures.
    One thing is certain, for BLM, black lives in general don’t matter, only that special one in a thousand.

  • en passant

    The gutlessness of Australians is a wonder for me to behold. What happened to the larrikan pioneer? I have had long term friends refuse to shake hands, come to lunch, etc, yet the Victorian roads death toll remains higher than the total deaths of those with the Australian Chinese Wuhan, CCP created, bio-weapon virus. Many died of co-morbitities, but let’s not mention that.
    In response to this non-event, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan and Sweden are my preferred countries . Here is Vung Tau:
    Vietnam has remained open internally yet has only recorded 323 cases and no deaths
    A politician emailed me that the destruction of the Oz economy had saved 14,000 lives. I asked ‘Name one.” ‘Now you are being silly …” Well one of us was.
    However, pgang, you are not alone in cancelling your following of the AFL, as former soldier and MP, Charlie Lynn has cut his ties after 70-years thanks to their endless Orwellian wokeness and propaganda.

  • RB

    If I may add my voice to the chorus. All football is now ignored, AFL lost me when a 13 year old was made deplorable, Gillette lost my custom when they went all woke blaming men (especially old white ones) for all of the world’s evils, Dollar shave club lost me a few weeks ago when they proudly advised that 100K USD was heading towards CBLM.
    If I keep cancelling the services I use because of the moral masturbation taken by those owners I may well be reduced to living like an iron age subsistence farmer…with a beard.

  • ianl

    >” Even Darwinism nods towards the created diversity and adaptability of living kinds ” [pgang, of course]

    Such a wilful disregard for the facts. “Verballing”, actually and so dishonest. The concept of evolution as a structure to grasp the history of the universe (and such a very long way to go) was a stroke of genius.

    As far as the actual topic of the article here is concerned, destructive wokeness has very much further to go yet.

  • pgang

    No, it wasn’t verballing ianl, it was an example to make a point, which is quite a legitimate form of argument. Not sure what is dishonest about it – don’t know how I could have been plainer.
    Peter Smith in the article makes a fairly important point about Marxism, about how some people are taken in by it, and even suggests that there is an element of truth to it. I found that to be a particularly interesting point that he raised, and felt inspired to expound further.
    I’m genuinely sorry that you refuse to accept the possibility that the Biblical history of the world, as the direct inspiration of God, is actually tenable. However your opinion on ‘facts’ opens up a very deep philosophical chasm. What are facts, particularly when it comes to the un-observable? Humanism stands helpless in the face of that question and by extension, so does Marxism.
    There’s nothing clever about the concept of evolution to my mind. I actually find it to be intellectually insulting. It’s been around for millenia in one form or another as the same desperate effort to put a story to the inexplicable.
    Sorry Peter, I’ll shut-up now.

  • Peter Smith

    pgang, I appreciate your point of view without sharing all of it. I too believe God created the universe, though like Francis Collins I believe he used evolution for His purposes. Evolution theory itself? I think it has a long way to go. Marxism on the other hand has been well and truly explored, tried, tested and found wanting. But still it lives on in academia, in the minds of the naive young, and in the calculations of those wanting to wield unconstrained power.

  • DG

    I going to sing whatever I damn well please. Particularly if I can celebrate the fortitude of my brethren who suffered at the hands of others. BTW, when it comes to people, I adopt the MLK doctrine: character trumps complexion (and I use the word ‘trump’ with intent).

  • rod.stuart

    “A bad death at the hands of a callous cop doesn’t make you into a saint.”
    And neither does three times the LETHAL dose of an opiate called Fentanyl.

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