Just Another ‘Mundane’ Termination

As Mark Powell observed in a recent article,  one of the main agendas of abortion advocacy is the ‘normalisation’ of abortion, in large part by stressing the allegedly high numbers of women obtaining terminations. Facing challenges when pregnant? So have an abortion. Everyone else is having one, so it’s entirely unremarkable — or so the meme goes.

What the activists’ tactic raises is some interesting questions about what kind of ‘normal’ we want to live with. While over a lifetime, if abortion rates remain static, 20-25% of women having abortions may be close to accurate, this is not representative of all women.  We can’t all look around our social group and imagine one in four in four or five of us have had an abortion, because not all women are equal in this regard.

This  survey of women accessing abortion in Victoria provides us a more accurate picture of a different kind of ‘normal’ for a particular group of women. Some 51 per cent of the women seeking abortion were holders of a healthcare card at a time when only 23 per cent of the general population had them.  This is an extraordinarily high, given that it includes only women of reproductive age, most of whom are in their 20’s.  It fits what we know about why most women access abortion — a lack of economic, material, or social support.

South Australia, one of only two states collecting statistics on abortion, demonstrates similar reasons, with 95.4 per cent of abortions in 2014 listed as being for ‘mental health of the woman’, which is simply an umbrella term to encompass social issues. Of more than 4600 abortions in that year, only four women — 0.1 per cent — were reported as having an actual mental health problem.  The 2014 report also provides a figure of around 36 per cent of women having more than one abortion. We still don’t have enough information about the numbers, or anything like a full grasp, of the reasons abortions are obtained.  Yet based on nothing but activists’ rhetoric, governments are legislating the reinforcement of an attitude of extreme paternalism toward those who are perhaps deemed less worthy of the children they can’t afford.

With legislation in place which deters doctors from providing effective screening or alternative action for an unintended pregnancy, no woman can feel confident that her real needs or risk factors will ever be identified or met with anything but abortion being proferred as the commonplace solution.

This all means the process of normalising which abortion advocates have been so keen to promote, and now governments, ask us to accept that women without resources should continue to be provided abortion as a solution to their largely social problems.  This is neatly packaged and sold to everyone as ‘reproductive freedom’ and ‘choice’.

The process by which the killing of the unborn has become unremarkable is arguably one of the greatest and most successful manipulations of the public mind in recent times.  Alarmist abstraction recruits to the cause: ‘women will die’ ,  ‘women aren’t equal without abortion’.  Controlling the dominant discourse keeps us in line, particularly with its focus on silencing and discrediting dissenters.

After all, only extremists could possibly object when abortion is, as we are tirelessly told,  just so ‘normal’. 

  • Rob Brighton

    I am not a fan of aborting babies.

    Mrs J (name changed) was married to a man who, at various times during their turbulent 2-year marriage. Beat her senseless, put a dog leash and chain on her and tied her up in the dog’s kennel and left her there overnight, regularly backhanded her as a method of communication out of nowhere to “keep her in line”.

    The animal repeated his history with his next wife who he hospitalized, burning her chest with an iron because she had not ironed his shirt correctly, yes thats right he ironed her chest leaving iron shaped scars. He is currently in gaol for that outrage, I hope he rots.

    It wasn’t the poor little mites fault its father was an animal but she simply couldn’t face carrying the child to term once we got her out from under she would become frantic at the mention of her X, how on earth could she continue with the baby when she knew it would tie her to someone who had tormented her?

    I get that lived experiences are poor argumentation but I honestly believe that these circumstances albeit rarely as difficult as Mrs J faced are a common factor. It’s not all about women using abortion as birth control and deadbeat dads, there is an endless number of reasons why women seek to abort their unborn children, some better than others.

  • Andrew Campbell

    Those hard cases are hard but that’s not what the article is about. An acquaintance, young, healthy, middle-income professional, three children, went to the doctor, having missed a period, and was told ‘You’re pregnant …’ and without taking a breath the doctor asked, ‘do you want an abortion?’ As far as that doctor was concerned, abortion was a mere lifestyle choice, a normal event. That’s the tragedy we’re seeing more and more.

  • pgang

    “…a lack of economic, material, or social support”? I would put it down to a simple, old fashioned, narcissistic immorality.

  • Lawrie Ayres

    It is a pity that the harridans demanding abortions were not themselves terminated at six weeks. It is amazing that they want what their mothers unfortunately did not.

  • whitelaughter

    have to agree with Lawrie.

    However, the “can’t afford to have a baby” line is absurd when adoption agencies have 50 good couples available for every baby: and that’s not taking into account all of the couples who don’t bother applying to adopt because they know how absurd the odds are. An “unwanted” child is very much wanted, by many would be parents.


    A snapshot of 60 years ago. I delivered 600 babies. I adopted out 30 babies. [5%]. Nobody complained.
    25% were shotgun babies who came six months after the wedding. The rest were #2 #3 and #4.
    I dealt with the fallout from one criminal abortion @ 20 weeks. Nobody was prosecuted.
    One girl turned up in labour without even knowing that she was pregnant.

  • Ian MacDougall

    “… It’s not all about women using abortion as birth control and deadbeat dads, there is an endless number of reasons why women seek to abort their unborn children, some better than others.”
    Hear, hear.
    Should, for example, a woman be forced to bear the child of a stranger who has assaulted and raped her, whether she wants to bear it or not?

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