Islam’s Useful Idiots, Cowards and Quislings

It used to be called the Silly Season, now it has turned more into the season of foreboding with the inevitable bloody uptick. The threat of terror attacks across the Western world is the gift from fundamentalist Islam, feckless politicians and a Left intent on diversity at any cost. Today’s atrocity is the terror attack in Strasbourg, France, where three people are confirmed shot dead and numerous injured at a Christmas market. The city is in lockdown and the police are hunting the gunman who was, predictably and unsurprisingly, known to them and on a terrorist watch list. Yet nothing was done until he acted.

All too many people have become so blasé (to use a French word) about these events that Islamist atrocities are the expected, if not fully accepted, normal. The media don’t even report many of the more “minor incidents” such as the stabbing of three women at a train station in the French city of Mulhouse only two days ago. The attacker in that case was captured and, fortunately, none of the victims died. The official story, as is so often the situation now, is that the attacker was suffering from a “mental disorder”. Is anyone even surprised by that explanation anymore?

The only real surprise this far along a road signposted by one atrocity after another is that when a larger attack does occur, one that can’t be glossed over or easily explained away, people still act shocked. In particular, we can always rely on the politicians who will jump at any chance to appear on camera and go through the by now well-rehearsed motions, looking stunned, solemn and grieving over the latest act of evil.

Yet none will ever say ‘enough is enough’ and name the ongoing source and cause of the atrocities that have, sadly, become part of day-to-day life. The reality is they do ultimately nothing concrete to stop the ongoing outrage at the source. Yes, for a little while there will be an increased police presence and the usual platitudes and assurances that this will never happen again and it won’t change the way we live, etc, etc etc. Then it’s back to business as usual until the next attack, when we are all assured once again that Islam is indeed the Religion of Peace().

In fact, it’s becoming increasingly hard to not begin to believe that our politician’s don’t actually welcome these events or, if not the events themselves, then the insecurity and instability they bring. It bestows these grey public faces with a sense of importance and purpose. Nor does it hurt their chances of re-election, as we have seen here and elsewhere. People in times of uncertainty and crisis tend to stick with what they know and voters are no different. A populace afraid and distracted is a populace easier to control and less likely to hold politicians to account. The irony is that the very people promising to protect the populace are all too often the ones behind the unfettered immigration which has brought with it the crime and terrorism now faced in every Western country.

It has also brought with it an ever-increasing erosion of our own rights and freedoms, not just imposed on us by the criminals and terrorists but the politicians and the state. We are monitored when we are on the street, shopping, on the phone and online. We’re made to stand in ever longer queues as our we and our possessions are searched and scanned at the airport, even graduation ceremonies. And yet we quietly accept it because now to even speak out and question the reasons and causes for all this intrusive probing is to risk investigation. However, despite all these security measures and stifling of our individual rights and freedoms the terror attacks continue with almost clockwork regularity.

There is another level of insanity to all this though. One example is another story that largely went unreported. This one from Germany where 19-year-old Maria Ladenburger, daughter of an EU official, was murdered by a 17-year-old (that’s the age he claimed to be at least – testing of his teeth showed him to be 22-29 years of age) Afghan “refugee” Hussein Khavari. Apart from the “refugee” being known to police in Germany, they didn’t know that he had been convicted in Greece and sentenced to ten years in 2013 for pushing a woman off a cliff, resulting in serious injury. However, the Greeks released him early in 2015 and he showed up like the proverbial bad penny in Germany with no papers. This in a time when our governments know just everything about us – more than we probably know about our own family members. Our governments are using ever more advanced technology to track our every move and thought, but they can’t seem to track individuals like Hussein Khavari. which is the real critical issue.

However, the sad story of Maria Ladenburger becomes more bizarre and infuriating. Not only is Khavari afforded full anonymity under German law, but the murdered girl was a volunteer at a refugee centre. Furthermore, in what would sound like fake news but is sorrowfully all too true, her parents are now using the tragic murder of their daughter to urge people to donate money to refugee causes in a perverted version of Stockholm Syndrome which seems to be the undoing of the West.

On that theme and closer to home, Labor are desperate to open the borders and let in a flood of these poor, defenceless “children”. Their sure-fire plan to empty Nauru and Manus Island by getting two doctors to sign off on a medical form to allow anyone to be brought to the mainland. What can possibly go wrong? So we can expect an influx of criminals and terrorists to be making their way here as soon as Labor wins the election.

Meanwhile, profiteering lawyers have launched a class action claiming torture and crimes against humanity on behalf of inmates on Manus and Nauru. Governments and the elites seem to have a plan and the money for everything except on how to keep their actual citizens safe. Silly Season is now something that seems have taken hold as a year-round phenomenon. Meanwhile, we all await the dreaded inevitable.

TJ Newton is a social commentator and critic with a background in philosophy and psychoanalysis. Having lived and worked overseas he now resides in Melbourne

7 thoughts on “Islam’s Useful Idiots, Cowards and Quislings

  • Jody says:

    Excuse me; they’re enjoying ‘cultural enrichment’ in Europe. Meanwhile the worst people in the world are Christians, who are victims of the most scarifying criticism and attack. I say again, the Left just isn’t very bright. Please watch this to gain an insight of how stupid the new world order has become:


  • Jody says:

    Grammar: ‘an insight on HOW stupid….’

  • lloveday says:

    “Frisk old ladies at airports and say nary a word against Islam”

    And old men too. I arrived at Tullamarine airport after midnight from a Muslim country as a Caucasian male sexagenarian, no criminal convictions, no security alert, Australian born, travelling on an Australian passport, never had citizenship of another country, both parents and 4 grandparents born in Australia.

    My luggage was gone through with the proverbial fine toothcomb and I was interrogated while another 3 staff watched for around an hour. I was eventually allowed into Australia with the parting words “It’s nothing against you, it’s just where you came from”. “Sure, the same place those young Muslim Arabs males you just waved through without checking” was my retort.

    Another time at Darwin airport, 30 minutes of questioning as to why I had no luggage apart from a laptop, and why I was returning the same day.
    Part of the interrogation:
    “Why have you come to Darwin”
    “To purchase insurance”
    “Can’t it be done on-line?”, hands dancing moronically across an imaginary keyboard
    “It must be able to be done on-line”, more dancing hands.
    “Are you calling me a liar”?
    “You should try on-line”
    “You should try restricting your gratuitous advice to things you know about, or better still not give any unless asked. I got a Computing Degree long before you were born”.

    I was subjected to an euphemistically named “random” body scan at Sydney Airport. Humans cannot, under any circumstance, select randomly, and political correctness ensures that, unlike on flights to and from Israel, old Caucasian Australians are as more likely to be scanned than young Arab males.

    I had to take everything out of my pockets and leave my laptop and other valuables out of my sight. I was ordered to put my $10,000 in my laptop case, and my passport under the laptop, in a separate tray to the case, then led to the scanner where my back was to them. A number of people saw where the money and passport were and the greatly increased risk of theft or other interference caused by the procedure is obvious. Thefts by security staff at Albury Airport, and by other travellers have been widely reported in Australia, and accusations of contraband being planted abound.

    My possessions should always be where I can see them, other than when inside the x-ray machine, and the present system is an outrage.

    A simple solution would be to allow passengers to take their possessions to the body scanner and place them in view while being scanned, but this option was denied me, despite my pointing out the possibilities above – “do as you are told or don’t fly”.

  • brandee says:

    It is time to ask all imams to disabuse jihadists who assassinate infidels. If the assassin is killed in the action [Mohammedans call it Martyrdom] the imams must deny to the male martyr any validity in the widely believed concept of transport to paradise for a sexual orgy with 72 virgins.

  • Richard Bell says:

    My daughter and Family, husband plus boys 8 and 6, were holidaying in Strasbourg, and had just started to walk to a restaurant from the Christmas Market when the Jihadi struck. To be in the open, as panic literally runs rife is a terrifying experience. Sheltering in a doorway to prevent her children being trampled, was no answer. As any sensible householder would do, doors were being locking fast throughout the affected area. Running was the only option, and they took off in an attempt to reach their Airbnb.
    The children were too heavy to carry, but held by the hand, ran as fast as their gym toned parents … adrenaline is amazing stuff !
    On reaching their accommodation, they took in a nurse, on her way to work, and who, locked out in the street, would have been totally vulnerable to what might follow. It is significant that one of Cherif Chekatt’s victims was shot 100 m from their door.
    What to do ?
    To quote Mark Steyn … ‘Sometimes a society becomes too stupid to survive.’
    If the West has not reached that point yet, we are perilously close.

  • rodcoles says:

    Brandee wrote: “It is time to ask all imams to disabuse jihadists who assassinate infidels.”
    Should they say please?

  • Jim Campbell says:

    The fundamental problem is the Qur’an. See application to ban this divisive and treasonous book at http://www.ttwsyf.net.

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