Inconvenient Memories

falling man IIAmericans and Israelis remember 9/11 yesterday, today and always. In Australia, by contrast, the sixteenth anniversary went by with barely a mention of the terror attack by Al-Qaida, which took 2996 lives and inflicted $10 billion in damages.

In Australia on the anniversary we were bombarded instead with sermons about the alleged necessity, no, the moral imperative, to vote ‘Yes’ on gay marriage. There were few mentions of the 16th anniversary of that most vile, inhuman and devastating attack by radical Islam on our way of life.

Doesn’t such a calamity deserve an honorable mention at least? Or is our collective attention so consumed by the inanity of the same-sex marriage campaign’s aggressive ‘yes’ advocates that there is simply no grey matter left to contemplate the atrocity that changed everything. Actually, make that should have changed everything.

How much effort have we put into forgetting how the Twin Towers were hit, how they burned and then tumbled, entombing those who gave offense to Islam simply by reporting for work in a high-rise office complex? Have we forgotten those heart-stopping images of human beings flinging themselves from the upper floors, choosing to die by impact rather than flames, perhaps in the hope that their bodies would be found and identified so families could bury them and find some sort of closure? Have we forgotten the bravery of ordinary Americans who found themselves on a hijacked plane and fought back? Have we forgotten the brotherhood and tenacity of the New York’s police and firefighters, ordinary men and women engulfed by calamity but rising resolutely to extend the helping hand?

Have we forgotten? Or is that we simply wish to forget?

Our mass media, I believe, ignored 9/11 attack on the the buildings that symbolised in the eyes of Islamist savages the success and confidence of the West. To be reminded that the most ardent elements of a militant creed detest us for what we are just will not do! That goes too for the hate Islamists shower on us for celebrating the equality of women and, yes, to the tolerance extended to homosexuals long before activists seized upon the same-sex marriage push as a handy tool for stroking egos and garnering look-at-me attention. The approved narrative says that we are all tiles in the gorgeous mosaic of multiculturalism, that all cultures are equal, so let’s not think about the intolerance one of those tiles represents.

That silence, it evokes the reason proponents of the SSM did everything they could to stop the national plebiscite endorsed by popular vote at the last election. Advocates were terrified that the “great unwashed” would not vote as they were told by their betters. The virtual refusal of our media to even mention the 9/11 anniversary is, I believe, a further manifestation of contempt for those whose opinion is deemed not to matter, not to the media and not to so many politicians. Remind the public of that day when almost 3000 people perished and it would prompt thoughts of Islam and how problematic it is to integrate it with Western life and norms. Any frank discussion of burqas, female genital mutilation, firebrand imams and a refusal to assimilate would be, as the media likes to put it, “Islamophobic”.

That 9/11 is remembered in Israel should come as no surprise. Israel knows the horror of Islamic terrorism on an ‘up close and personal’ basis. That is why Israelis do not delude themselves that terror attacks somewhere else are not their concern. It is. They make it so.

Some time ago, when Israelis were suffering from an incessant terror assaults, the rest of the world was indifferent to their suffering, believing it not their concern. The spread of global terrorism is a consequence of this indifference.  The Jews are, indeed, the ‘canaries’ in the world’s mine – they suffered the terrorist onslaught first and learned how to fight back and survive. They have learned several lessons.

  1. Terror cannot be negotiated with – no matter what concessions you offer, they will never be enough.
  2. There are no time limits on the terrorist crimes. Those are war crimes and perpetrators must answer to the law no matter how long it takes to bring them to justice.
  3. Terrorists are ready to die and meet their Maker for their beliefs. The civilized nations should learn how to help to organize the meeting.
  4. The victims of terror are the only ones who can authorize forgiveness. The living have no authority to forgive the perpetrators.
  5. Memory of terrorist crimes is a powerful weapon in fighting terror. Ignore such a memory to one’s nation’s peril.

Sixteen years ago, thousands of innocent lives were lost. May their blessed memory be with us forever. May their killers burn in hell for all eternity.

6 thoughts on “Inconvenient Memories

  • Doc S says:

    An impassioned plea Michael, which I am sure will be heeded by the readers of Quadrant but, unfortunately, few if any others. Witness President Trump’s remembrance – not one mention of the ‘I’ word in any of it. Disappointing to say the least, particularly when considering his trenchant and justified criticism while on the campaign trail of his predecessor who spent the entire eight years of his administrations avoiding any mention and linkage of ‘Islam’ and ‘terrorism’.

    You are quite correct in your analogy of Israel and how they deal with terrorism. It should be prescriptive for all Western governments but of course, thanks in large measure to the leftist pro-Palestine, apologist (dhimmi?) media that narrative will never be promoted in the Western press.

    While 9/11 resonates with many Australians (the non-socialist ones anyway) perhaps for us it will be October 12 this year – the 15th anniversary of the Bali bombing which murdered over two hundred including 88 Australians. The toll of Australians killed in terror attacks is now well over 100 with the most recent being two courageous young women in the London bridge attack earlier this year. Just as we remember 9/11 (several Australians died in that too) we should remember Bali and all those who have been murdered since then and, most importantly, WHO murdered them. It is the fanatic adherents of the same religion – Islam – in all cases.

    As the Sydney airline plot in July demonstrated, these Islamic terrorists continue to try and wage war here as much as elsewhere in the world so we can only but hope that our political leaders learn the lessons you have outlined above and act accordingly. Unfortunately with the present mob of apologists like our Attorney General ‘Tears for the Burqa’ Brandis in charge – its an increasingly forlorn hope!

  • Lacebug says:

    Lacey underpants (off topic). I just posted this in the SMH and it was rejected by the moderator. The topic was the expensive new fence being erected around Parliant House:
    Or we could just ban a certain pesky religion and save heaps of money.

    Why was this comment rejected?

    • Jody says:

      Especially when one commentator yesterday wrote this re Tony Abbott: “Hey, Mr. Rat….”. That past muster. FauxFacts is sinking like a stone and the sooner it disappears the better for the world.

  • Warty says:

    Indeed may we remember that 11th of September all those years ago, but perhaps ponder what gave rise to the unthinkable that ought to have been at least considered.
    To his slight credit George Bush almost immediately set of to bomb the bejeebers out of Afghanistan and soon after invaded an Iraq that had been thumbing its nose at the west for almost a decade before the twin towers. And let us also remember how much we love tokenistic responses rather than the remedial surgery the attack on the World Trade Centres actually called for (which need not have involved Islam at all).
    Michael touched on the canker when he mentioned SSM half way through his piece, and no, I’m not saying SSM was the cause of the attack on the World Trade Centres, but simply that it is symptomatic of everything that is wrong with the West post 1960s.
    This is a canker, no lets go whole hog and call it a cancer that is infecting every major institution outside Hungary, Poland and perhaps Latvia. Our body politic; our enemy within, the MSM that seeks to reinforce all those narratives that promote Western guilt, Western self indulgence, Western decadence; our schools, dedicated to generating generations of Green voters, and yet funded by conservative governments, those cuck conservatives, who ironically feel most cmnfortable with their socialist opponents, than the their erstwhile conservative electorate; our universities that were infiltrated by a horde of cultural Marxists way back in the 1950s, whilst our parents were sleeping. These mongrels then produced the lecturers that produced the students of the moratorium movement, that then infiltrated our schools, bureaucracies, major corporations, churches and every other institution that had stood us well for well over a century.
    So do I blame Islam, not on your Nelly mate. I point the finger at those a George Orwell might have done; an Enoch Powell might have done, who so weakened our will to defend ourselves that Islam simply marched in declaring “By means of your democracy we shall invade you; by means of our religion we shall dominate you”.
    And we are intent on focusing on SSM marriage in the daft belief it will survive beyond a week when Sharia becomes the law of the land. In Sydney alone we have many, many tall buildings.

    • whitelaughter says:

      Sadly true. Islam is a symptom, not the cause. We know that a healthier society would deal with the Islamic threat without delay; our ancestors *did*. But even if we eliminate Islam, some other perversity will bubble up to exploit our social corruption.

      However this excellent article is an example of the healthy response that would be the norm were it not for the cultural Marxists.

  • Don A. Veitch says:

    Yes, but move on.
    Be of good heart. Insane Jihadist Islam will be defeated
    Let us celebrate the warriors who liberated Deir-Ez-zor from Isis. Mosul is free. Raqqa soon.
    Let us cheer once ‘uncheerable’: Hezbollah, Syrian Arab Army.
    Trump broke the back of the Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy.

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