The Dar al-Islam Demographic

islam cancer IISaid Turkey’s President Erdogan after the New Year Islamic terrorist attack in Istanbul, “They are trying to trying to create terror, to demoralise our people and destabilise our country…we will retain our cool-headedness…and we will never give ground to such dirty games.” After each Islamist terrorist atrocity, in whatever country, we are told by an array of political leaders and men and women in the street that “we” won’t be cowed. The terrorists will win, we are told, if they succeed in their aim of getting us to change our behaviour. What a lot of old rope this all is.

Why does anyone believe the terrorists are so dim-witted that they think their attacks will seriously disrupt the normal business of everyday life? During the Blitz in Britain people got on with their lives. They did keep calm and carry on. Was this heroic? I don’t think so. Exactly what else could people do? It would quickly wear you out if you started running around in a panic, and claustrophobia and hunger would wreak havoc if you remained locked indoors under the bed. And my point is exactly what?

My point is that Islamic terrorist attacks have no ulterior motive. The motive is that they want to kill infidels, as instructed by their scripture. (That is, those parts of it that Western apologists seem not to want to read.) That is it, full stop, end of story. Their end game is to take over. But this, they recognise, will not be accomplished by terrorist attacks. Such attacks, tragic though they are for the victims and their families, are trivial in the scheme of things. They are needle pricks on an elephant.

Hold on, I might be wrong. I am wrong. There is an ulterior motive to terrorist attacks; though I seriously doubt that it is appreciated by suicide bombers and their ilk. Terrorist attacks are a classic diversionary tactic.

Donald Trump talks about “extreme vetting”. What is the purpose of such vetting? When I have heard it being discussed, its purpose, apparently, is to ensure that terrorists are not let in through the front door. Politicians, security services, police forces, and immigration officials are singularly focussed on this objective. The face of failure is a Muslim immigrant, with a bona fide visa, blowing people up. This blinkers our perception of the existential threat which has nothing to do with Islamic nut jobs blowing people up. Al-Hijra (immigration) and fecundity are the real interconnected weapons of mass (cultural) destruction.

Muslims stream into the West and multiply, without the slightest inclination among 99%-plus of them to deliver death with a bomb, gun, knife or truck. In fact, many are fleeing Islamic death dealers. You have to admire the sheer chutzpah and wizardry of it. ‘More Muslims than infidels are killed by Muslim extremists’ is the conventional narrative and therefore must flee in vast numbers to Dar al-Harb (effectively the West), where they erect mosques and don hijabs to embrace the very same creed out of which supremacism, intolerance, hate and terrorism inevitably spew forth.

And all the while this happens, feeble-minded apologists tell us how peaceful and moderate are most Muslims. Sure they are, but they will still be out flag-waving as and when each Western city and country succumbs to the Muslim majority and becomes part of the house of Islam (Dar al-Islam).

Of course immigrants holding cultural values inimical to those of indigenous populations usually present only passing problems. The culture of indigenous populations might fray around the edges but it will largely prevail and be embraced by the children and grandchildren of migrants. However, the reach of clashing values and their source matter, as do the numbers of those who hold them.

In this case Islamic values reach into the very way secular societies govern themselves by putting sharia law above parliamentary law. And, to boot, sharia law is God-given and therefore immutable. The numbers holding to these values in the West are not some vanishing group of cranks and misfits. The numbers are vast.

Take Germany. Pew Research in 2011 predicted a Muslim population growing to 5.5 million by 2030 or to 7% of the population. One recent estimate I have seen coming out of the German state of Bavaria (the national government under Merkel might be understandably shy about giving currency to such predictions) now puts the figure at 20 million by 2020.[i] Will this prove to be right? I don’t know. It is contingent on family reunions boosting the numbers and might be an exaggeration. Nevertheless, on a longer time scale, continuing high rates of Muslim immigration, together with the geometric power of higher rates of fertility, point to the gradual Islamization of Europe.

No previous experiences in modern times of the West absorbing migrants are remotely pertinent. Any such suggestion is the product of wishful thinking at best and serves to further distract from the existential cultural threat represented by growing Muslim populations. In the kingdom of the blinkered religious medievalist interlopers will conquer.

Donald Trump had it right the first time when he talked about banning Muslim immigration. He had it right not because of the need to ward off the threat of terrorism but because it is vital to warding off the subversion of our values and culture. Are any other Western leaders ever likely to be as farsighted and strong as Trump?

It is hard to see. Geert Wilders or Marine Le Pen offer promise but they first have be elected. And also remember that the forces of limp-wristed appeasement and national self-loathing predominate among the elite in every Western democracy. Even Trump had to back off somewhat under the onslaught of the useful idiots (e.g., Paul Ryan) in his own party.

[i] https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6793/germany-20-million-muslims

33 thoughts on “The Dar al-Islam Demographic

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    I agree, The greatest threat to our way of life, is not the extremist, it is the moderate Muslim with views and beliefs any sane and reasonable westerner would recognise as extremist and would outlaw and police.

    Read Chesterton, and Churchill. They told the truth.

    And live with and talk with the people from the wider community … they have to live with it. You might also talk to the inner city elites who avoid the schools in the inner city suburbs where the Muslim immigrants kids enrol. Hypocrites to a person.

  • Philby says:

    Good article and below is what the Czech’s think. This is what happens when the worm turns.

    “A “SUPER holocaust” committed by Muslim terrorists is on its way and everyone should buy guns to defend themselves, the Czech Republic’s interior minister has controversially claimed as he tries to rush new gun laws through parliament.”

  • bemartin39@bigpond.com says:

    Listen up, everybody!!!

    This is the crux of the matter, yet I can not recall a single article, interview or analysis dealing with this aspect of the matter. Peter Smith alluded to it previously in no uncertain terms but everybody else, particularly people who ostensibly are dedicated to protecting us, seem to be absolutely oblivious to this, the real threat of Islam to the west. No-one who matters ever mentions it at all. Not the politicians, the journalists nor the “security experts”. Small wonder then that the ordinary man/woman on the street is “blissfully” unaware of it and does not recognise the ever mounting danger signs. Halal certification, muslim prayer rooms at institutions and workplaces, catering for Muslim dietary requirements at school canteens and even fast food outlets, permission for the modification of the service uniform of Muslims members, special consideration for Muslim school children at school, and so on ad infinitum.

    Allow me to add a vitally important ingredient to the peril we face. The spreading of Islam by migration is dynamically enhanced by the generous financial support provided to the diaspora by Islamic governments, especially Saudi Arabia. It pays for the building of the mosques and Islamic schools and for all the dishonest propaganda promoting “peaceful, moderate” Islam.

    One is ominously reminded of the frog in the pot of gradually heating water. Will we come to our senses before it’s too late?

  • Warty says:

    I remember quoting an ordinary The Australian reader, called Wojciech. He said in reference to the spread of ‘progressive’ ideology over the last forty fifty years: ‘it is just like stretching a rubber band: it will come back if stretched too far’. A number of commentators have spoken about the worm beginning to turn. You have your Tommy Robinsons in England, who has actually been gaoled for speaking up. Philby has quoted this Czech interior minister, who represents the ‘twang’ back, as does Trump, Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen.
    The way I see it, the luvvies are, if anything, a far greater problem than Islam, and are symptomatic of the canker within the Western Civilisation itself. I know Andrew Bolt has waxed lyrical about the Enlightenment, where ‘reason’ was seen as a worthy replacement of religious conviction (and many Quadrant readers would whole-heartedly agree). I am convinced that the French Revolution, and its influence on Enlightenment thinkers, was the precursor of the pickle we find ourselves in now. Materialism was deemed more real than the intangibility of Spirit. With the erosion of man’s ability to ‘see’, this tiny flicker of life on earth was seen as ‘all there is’, and so you have the prevailing sentiment in Peggy Lee’s song ‘If that’s all there is, my friends, then let’s keep dancing. Let’s break out the booze and have a ball: if that’s all there is.’ What a dismal outlook that is, that your life has so little purpose. One Quadrant reader described life as being (words to the effect) that it was like a set of footsteps in the sand, there waiting for the incoming tide to merely wash them away; obviously to oblivion.
    It is upon this state of existential exhaustion that Islam intrudes, detecting a fundamental weakness in one of the greatest civilisations in recorded history. The disaffected youth of Muslim heritage, living in Britain, France, Germany, the utterly decadent Sweden and here in Australia, recognise the current vacuousness of the West and seek to replace it with something too hideous to consider. We have heard of the likes of Hirsi Ali talking about the need for an Islamic reformation, but, for goodness sake, we need a spiritual renewal ourselves . . . big time!

    • bemartin39@bigpond.com says:

      I concur wholeheartedly with most of your comment, Warty, with the exception of this “the luvvies are, if anything, a far greater problem than Islam”. Warty, Islam will wipe out the “luvvies” without leaving a trace. The limp-wristed luvvies are no match for the merciless brutality of real Islam, as distinct from the fictitious “peaceful, harmless” Islam, sanitised for the ignorant masses marked for eradication.

      • Warty says:

        The ‘luvvies’ will indeed be the first to go. They are under the illusion that they have some sort of compact with the Islamists and they are, of course, happy for them to be under this illusion, because they see the ‘progressives’ as the Trojan horse (I think Peter may have spoken of this, or I read it elsewhere). The moment they establish universal Sharia, the progressives will literally lose their heads. But, the problem, to begin with, is the Trojan horse bit: Sharia comes later. I feel a lot more optimistic that Trump has got in though.

        • ian.macdougall says:

          “….but, for goodness sake, we need a spiritual renewal ourselves . . . big time!”
          Renewal in what, Warty? Catholicism? A ‘renewal’ led by, say George Pell? A renewal in another closed system of thought like Islam itself?
          And how do you get the unity needed for such a ‘renewal’. Easy. Just copy Saudi Arabia, but substitute your preferred creed for its Islam.
          You can’t take on a fascist religion except by undermining its authoritarian base. An opposing alternative fascism will get you nowhere.
          Islam everywhere rests on its clerics having ultimate control of all its public discourse: particularly education. By exposing young minds to its doctrines as the ONLY system of ideas they maintain an Orwellian thought control.
          We cannot ban Islam under the present Constitution, but we can break its monopoly of education of Muslim youth. A move away from ALL compulsory religious instruction and indoctrination, which in the last analysis amounts to child abuse, is IMHO what is needed.

          • Jim Kapetangiannis says:

            “Renewal in what, Warty? Catholicism?

            How about renewed faith in that one very special person Himself rather than any “system”? I mean the one who said that the greatest of all human attributes is the love which is prepared to give all for others. Somehow, I just don’t think it’s humanly possible…that kind of renewal will be nothing short of a miracle!

          • Warty says:

            You seem to assume I’m Catholic, which I’m not, even though I taught in Catholic Systemic schools when I first started teaching, ending up in an Anglican GPS school towards the end. But no, you trivialise what I was attempting to say, though Jimbob seems to understand. Fundamentalism in any form is the very antithesis of faith, which when it boils down to fundamentals (sorry, couldn’t help myself) is an entirely personal thing, and can take individualistic forms of expression. I went to an Anglican boarding school at the age of seven, but quite early on found the standard liturgy alienating. There was sufficient understanding within to know that prayer needed to be meaningful, fresh, inwardly prompted and not a sort of self-centred, glorified wish list.
            Now, this is not intended as sly pat on the back response, but a rebuttal, and particularly a refutation of a bit of criticism on your part. My course through life has been mangled to say the least, very far from saintly and filled with doubts at a number of turns, including this point in time. But having said that, Jimbob is spot on, ‘how about renewed satin in that one very special person Himself, rather than any “system”‘. I couldn’t have said it better myself, though I don’t think of the Infinite as a person, and rather like the Hebrews of the Torah, I don’t feel I can give him a name, as this tends to pin things down, circumscribe and diminish. The point is to always remain open (I’m not particularly good at that) and to keep on looking and I do at least try to implement that.
            So, in response to Jimbob, a renewal (of faith) needs to begin with oneself, as everything does, not just religion, or faith or whatever one wishes to call it, but also political activism. The theorists (political or otherwise) are a waste of breath, but those who actually go out and attempt to do something about things, in their own capacity, are the ones who ‘practise what they preach’.

          • PT says:

            Yawn! A total exercise in “relativism” is your response. I remember your garbage claiming the Eureka Stockade brought democracy to Australia, ignoring the fact the constitution establishing NSW, Victoria etc had already passed! You also refuse to see problems with Islam. Why I can’t guess!

    • Jim Kapetangiannis says:

      Warty, I’d like to believe that “reason” was indeed a “worthy replacement of religious conviction” but unfortunately I can’t bring myself around to that point of view. Some sort of conviction comes first and then “reason” (fallible and clouded by human pride) occasionally serves as a useful servant to the conviction. Every atrocity ever committed by humans has had some “reasonable” justification of prior convictions. My goodness, even most good “science” operates that way – we believe something or hypothesise and then test it.

      Reason however is no match for “insight” or what the ancients called “genius” – where would we be without Einstein’s musings on a train trip or Mendeleev’s dreams of sugar plum fairies eh? To believe in human “reason” as a means of discovering the truth requires quite a bit of – dare I say it – religious conviction.

      • Jim Kapetangiannis says:

        Damn – so excited to read the posts, I forgot my main point which is that the problem is “convictions”. Our greatest threat is not that we aren’t reasonable. It’s that a foreign set of convictions are replacing, partly by stealth and partly with the support of enemies within, of previously held convictions which have produced the quality of our civilisation up until now. Sadly, reason serves the monstrosity called Islam. If the highest good is to impose Islam on all peoples, it is quite “reasonable” to kill all those who oppose this great scheme.

        As Marin Luther once famously said, the human heart or will is like a bridled horse – either God rides in the saddle or the devil does…..we choose who rides and what fills our minds

      • Jody says:

        @Warty: Does a GPS school mean that you don’t lose your way getting there each day!!?? 🙂

  • Tony Thomas says:

    The frog actually jumps out of the heating water. I checked out the study 20 years ago. I don’t know if experimental ethics permits such studies today.

  • Warty says:

    All is well. I have just read in the English paper Telegraph, that students at London University are demanding that ‘White’ philosophers like Plato, Kant and Descartes (for instance) should be stripped from the curriculum, leaving just Asian and African philosophers. I didn’t know there were many in Africa. But we can all breathe easily now as The Heart of Darkness becomes prescribed reading. Oh, actually not, Conrad was white, wasn’t he?

  • ArthurB says:

    An interesting article. I fear that Europe will fall to Islam, sooner rather than later, probably within the next couple of decades, due to two demographic time-bombs: the Muslim population explosion, and Europe’s population implosion.

    Under favourable conditions, human populations can increase with remarkable speed. For instance, the population of England was about nine million in 1800, eighteen million in 1850, and 35 million in 1900.

    According to statistics which are readily available on the Internet, the population of countries in the Third World has exploded, while the population of most European countries is either static, or decreasing because of low birth-rates.

    As an example, consider three African nations — Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya. In 1950 their populations were estimated at 20.9m, 37.9m, and 6.1m. By 1980 they were 43.4m, 73.7m, and 16.3m, i.e. they had doubled in the space of 30 years.

    In 2015 the figures had reached 91.5m, 182m, and 46m. For 2050 the estimates are: 151m, 399m, and 95m.

    In contrast, Germany: 70m in 1950, 78.2m in 1980, 80.7 in 2015, and a prediction of 74.5 in 2050.

    For 2015, the estimated median ages are: Egypt, 25; Nigeria, 18; Kenya 19; and Germany 46.

    The consequences of these shifts in population are obvious, and I doubt very much whether the ageing, shrinking nations of Europe will have the numbers (or the will) to prevent hordes of economic migrants from the Third World, many of them Muslim.

    I cannot believe that Mutti Merkel has opened the floodgates, nor can I understand the open border policies of our own Green/Left.

    • PT says:

      Arthur, it wouldn’t be an issue if they stayed put! Our military could deal with them. It’s the infiltration into the West, with the multicult that’s the issue.

      • ArthurB says:

        I agree. The military and technological capabilities of the West, if used properly, should be able to defeat Islam in a conventional war. As I see it, the problem for Europe is that Britain, France and Germany have a substantial of Muslim citizens who have not assimilated, are acting as a fifth column, and say that they wish to Islamise Europe. The other problem is political correctness and cultural Marxism, under which Islamophobia is a serious crime, but the treatment of women under Islam is ignored. The eventual outcome may be a civil war, which would be horrible.

    • ian.macdougall says:

      Suggest you have a look at https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/9741/islamization-britain if you have not already done so.

      • ArthurB says:

        Ian: thanks for the reference, I hadn’t seen it, I found it interesting. If you are interested in the situation in Britain, I recommend http://www.gatesofvienna.net, an American website which carries a lot of posts about what is happening in Britain and Europe. There are two correspondents who write frequently for it about Britain, under pseudonyms. One is MC, who lives in Sderot, in Israel, and appears to be an Englishman who emigrated there some years ago. The other is Seneca III, who writes about Britain.

  • colroe says:

    Ask the “moderate” muslims in the community, ie, your neighbours, the felafel bloke, the lady in the jilbab at the school, and even your neighbours, if they will openly denounce in a clear yes or no, with no ambiguity, those many verses in their ancient text that advocate the killing of infidels, jews, apostates, and the desire for a caliphate. There may be an answer contained within their answer!

    • PT says:

      Yes, but the point is “conservatives” would do better in this regime than the cultural left! Steyn pointed this out years ago. As he put it, whilst he may disagree with the response, he could agree Brittany Speers dressed as a tart! How can the left have any real common cause with this ideology?

      • Jody says:

        It’s more likely to be the fact that it’s anti-establishment by its very nature and the Left hates the establishment conservatives more than it does Islam. Which, of course, shows their breathtaking stupidity and naivete.

  • gardner.peter.d says:

    Much mention of Germany but not of many German’s feelings of guilt for two world wars and genocide of Jews. Somehow, it is argued this means Muslims must not be discriminated against and must be free to live separately inGermany if they choose to do so; any attempt to pass laws that suppress or curtail in any way Islamic views and practices would be a return to Nazism. So, child marriage is permitted but only for Muslims. Polygamy is permitted, but only for Muslims. Not only in Germany but also in other countries such as Britain The multiple wives of a Muslim man can not only immigrate legally but then live as single mothers in public housing at the expense of tax-payers. And we now have the lunatic Population Matters activist group campaigning for increased birth control in UK for whites in order to save the environment!

  • gardner.peter.d says:

    Post script: i forgot to mention Sharia courts operating freely in UK.

  • Julian says:

    This is fantastic and gets to the heart of the matter. I was awakened to this problem by Mark Steyn’s America Alone about 8 or so years ago – if only the man on the street were aware of this problem too.

    There’s the whole issue of ‘youth bulges’ too – something that’s obviously a problem for Europe due to its proximity to the benighted lands, and something that we in Melbourne, for one, are now partly experiencing (e.g. for one, the dramatic upsurge in ‘youth’ – read: African and Middle-Eastern – riots, car-jackings, gang violence, and all other kinds of crime in general.)

    This is something our idiotic immigration minister(s) and ‘growth-ist’ economists obviously didn’t factor in to their equations. E.g. Mmm, if we important 1,000 Sudanese or Middle-Eastern Muslims will they possibly multiply to a number many times that amount, fail to integrate and cause us problems 20-30 years down the track? Not very bright.

    Well, on the plus side – all of this will be great for economic growth, in terms of the increase in police, police stations, ambulances, machete sales, baseball bat purchases etc. Seriously, we are run by a bunch of morons (ergo: the Brexit and Trump results), and the strict Japanese approach to immigration is looking more and more wise by the day. Which, incidentally, is a vindication on their behalf, and an obvious reproach to all the liberals and leftists who criticised the Japanese over their handling of this matter. They were very wise not to have succumbed, and they must be sitting back and laughing at us here in the liberal, idiotic, multicultural West seeing what our societies have become.

  • Julian says:


    Damn typos

  • whitelaughter says:

    The majority of victims of Islamic terrorism *are* other Muslims – but the lesson to be learned from this is, if even other Muslims can’t placate terrorists, there is no way that we can.

  • iain says:

    A comment from left field – many christian journals are reporting thousands of muslims coming to faith in the teachings/life of jesus christ – both in the churches of europe and under the oppression of islamist regimes – they prefer the freedom and liberation of the gospel of jesus to that of the sword of mohammed.

    • Warty says:

      Well, I hope you are right. It could be the same ‘progressive’ mob (living in a parallel universe) dwelling in a miasma of wishful thinking. One has to watch the old ‘she’ll be right, mate: these Muzzies are really a bunch of peace-loving Christians’ bit. Perhaps I’m just a cynic, but according to the Messina (latter part) of the Qu’ran, the punishment for apostasy is death. I’m sure a few of them would find that a bit of a deterrent.

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