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old Mo's short fuseDid he say it? Did she say it? It must be one of those fabricated memories that psychologists talk about. I thought I heard the French Ambassador say that the perpetrator of the attack in Nice, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, didn’t fit the Islamic terrorist profile because he had a night life and was a gym junkie or some such. I thought I heard Julie Bishop express a “hope” that this would be the last of such incidents. Clearly I am going around the bend; inventing comments that are clearly so inane that they could not possibly have been made.

But one thing is clear even to befuddled minds. Numbers of politicians and commentators are again wondering aloud about the motives of the perpetrator. He was a petty thief, we are told. Well that is illuminating! It is a well known fact that petty thieves are more likely than most to run a truck through hundreds of men, women and children with the aim of killing as many as possible.

I am going to take a guess. With his Tunisian heritage and a name like Mohamed, I bet he was a Muslim. And his motive — another shot in the dark — was to kill infidels. And to complete this exercise in wild supposition, his inspiration was his poisonous religion. At one level he might have been directed or inspired by ISIS or by Al-Qaeda or Ansar al-Sharia or Al-Shabaab or Boko Haram, the list goes depressingly on and on. It doesn’t matter; there is a common factor and a common foe. It is Islam. And some fools think it will end once ISIS is defeated.

Conservatives chide President Obama for refusing to say ‘radical Islamic terror’. They should be chiding him for refusing to say ‘Islamic terror’. Islam is one, according to no less an authority than President Erdogan (unfortunately still in power): “Turkey is not a country where moderate Islam prevails. This expression is wrong. The word Islam is uninflected, it is only Islam.” Let’s take his devout Islamic word for it.

I have said this before and will say it again. Not one so-called moderate Muslim will disavow one word of the very words of Allah in the Koran. All round good guy [Mohamed] Zuhdi Jasser, American medical doctor and former lieutenant commander in the US navy, rejects what he calls political Islam. But, as he has said, he “loves his religion.” So to the question he never seems to be asked: does he embrace or disavow those parts of the Koran which instruct violence against unbelievers (e.g., 9.29) or which relegate women (e.g., 4.34) to subordinate status in perpetuity?

Jasser and other moderates are contortionists. They embrace Western values of tolerance and equality while remaining shackled to a scripture which preaches intolerance and supremacism. It would be fine if all devout Muslims were as flexible. Most aren’t. They are steadfastly Muslim inside and outside their mosques.

Comparable steadfastness is not common among the Western political elite. Their ranks are replete with contortionists. Yet another Muslim killing in the name of Allah prompts soul-searching about the real underlying cause. Was he, she or they economically disadvantaged; socially excluded; mentally unstable; prone to criminality or, perchance, to workplace violence? The bleeding obvious being too painful for them to absorb, they twist this way and that to find something which has a more familiar secular ring to it. Out of this delusional mindset springs delusional hope.

I heard this also from the French Ambassador. Victory on the battlefield against ISIS must be combined with economic reform at home to produce more inclusion. Leave aside the laughable proposition of any meaningful economic reform actually occurring in Europe – such as dismantling regulations, balancing budgets and tearing down wind turbines – those who ‘think’ in this way are completely divorced from reality.

Islamic terrorists come in all shades of rich and poor, employed and unemployed, with and without criminal convictions, married and single, with children and without, stable and unstable, mad and sane? It is their religion which is the common factor binding them together. This will not be changed by economic reform.

There will be no hope while politicians refuse to face reality and engage in wishful thinking. And the more this goes on the stronger the enemy will get and the more difficult it will be to win. The human face of the enemy is Muslims, but the real enemy is the creed which controls the way they think and act. We don’t get this; we don’t win.

  • ian.macdougall

    A very good article IMHO, except for the fact that Peter Smith manages to introduce windmills into an article about Islam.
    That makes it simultaneously a mixed bag, an Irish stew and a curate’s egg.

    • prsmith14@gmail.com

      Ian, Probably should have left the windmills out, though as Lawry Ayes below correctly points out they do contribute to unemployment in Europe. Still, should have left them out to avoid mixing my message.

      • Homer Sapien

        Good one Peter, fighting Islam is like fighting windmills. (ask Don Quixote)

        • Jody

          Except that the Don thought everything was a windmill and couldn’t discriminate between good and bad. Yes sir, a powerful metaphor quite serendipitously!!

      • Warty

        I agree with Homer Sapien (a wise Homer devoid of his sibilant??). I like the tilting at windmills and from your perspective, the windmills being a tokenistic ‘blow’ against global warming and a crucial element in the struggle for economic reform.

    • bemartin39@bigpond.com

      For goodness’ sake Ian, this is a real and serious problem.

      • Lawriewal

        Agree entirely Bill Martin – this is deadly serious. I confess the windmill reference did not seem to me to be an out of context comment in the article.

  • Rob Brighton

    Sadly, not enough people have died yet, it will take a lot more before we take firm action.
    The long sunset of hope.
    Regrettably, the response will be worse for the delay.

  • Lawrie Ayres

    As in South Australia, wind turbines are indeed a fundamental reason for high power prices, less manufacturing and therefore more unemployment. If the Europeans want to create more employment then cheap power is a must. It remains however that many Muslims see welfare as their right as a form of jizya for the dhimmi. Peter has it correct; these Muslims are following the book to the letter. The book, the religion is the problem, the people are following orders, the orders of Allah.

  • bemartin39@bigpond.com

    Those whose duty it is to protect us remain utterly deaf to this and similar cries in the wilderness. They are paralysed by rabid political correctness and other equally fashionable maladies, rendering them not merely unable to act against the mortal enemy but even to recognise it. A few amongst them bravely venture to surmise that those out to harm us are likely to be adherents of a perverted, twisted version of a belief system which is not only peaceful but actually benevolent towards all and sundry. And so they march us in lockstep to our doom.

    • ianl

      > “They are paralysed by rabid political correctness and other equally fashionable maladies, rendering them not merely unable to act against the mortal enemy but even to recognise it”

      Yes, there is a degree of truth in that.

      In my (longish) experience, an equally potent facet is the utter refusal of any who have, or have had, political power to admit to any mistake of consequence. In short, their vanity completely overwhelms them. In Aus, we have had many immigrant waves from around the globe. All of them, with one exception, assimilated within a generation, making real efforts to learn the language, deal with the various contradictions at the heart of Aus culture. That one exception is Muslims, of course, from a range of countries. Most simply refuse to assimilate, re-living that which they purport to have fled. This refusal is so out-of-tune with previous waves of immigration that the politicians and bureaucrtas are struck helpless … it cannot be their mistake (despite world-wide evidence), so it must be our plebeian, redneck bigotry that is the cause.

  • Patrick McCauley

    Beginning to feel like a Christian (again) … in a collesium … awaiting the lions … on our knees .. professing our faith in (freedom ? .. open borders ? .. the sin not the sinner .. neighbour as thyself). Turning the other cheek to Koran 9.29 or 4.34 may be only possible once.

  • en passant

    My comment at Qudrant Online at:

    As usual Ian McD bypasses the elephant and spots the windblown flea. It’s all caused by global warming (or is that ‘waning’?), climate change, etc. One cult to another. Not even entertainment value so ignore him.

    Islam is a cult of death, founded by a murderous, certifiable psychopath. The fact that 1.4 Bn people believe the tosh in the Koran says more about the lack of evolution in the human race than about the veracity of their beliefs (sort of on a par with the incredibly stupid idea that 4/1,000,000ppm can affect global temperatures).

    So, what is godly score today? Try: https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/attacks/attacks.aspx?Yr=2016

    Let me join the dots for Malcolm ‘Winner Takes All’ Turdbull, Jools B, Vice Admiral Barrett, Stuart ‘Capability’ Robert and all the other appeasers of murder and mayhem as an operational strategy and way of their life and your death. This will never end until we excise the problem, firstly from our once fair land (and I have two muslim friends who need to be given the chance for apostasy or we can keep in touch by email in the future). Harsh? Unfair? Are they peaceful & civilised? All of the aforementioned, but as we clearly cannot separate the good from the bad cancers, cut them all out. Let’s call it the ‘precautionary principle’. World condemnation? It’s a price we will have to pay now, or later – and hopefully before it is too late. Just think of the Centrelink Savings and the reduction in Security Services! The budget will be balanced and we can return to our dull laid back style rather than alert and fearful of crowds and no-go zones. I will drink to that!

    No politician (except perhaps Trump and Putin) has dared to call this murderous spade islam. This politically blind cowardice that fails to recognise the consequences of our appeasement now is exactly what allowed the rise of Hitler. But this time it is different. Right? Try Obama for the ultimate in delusion or lying treason: https://www.youtube.com/embed/4ISTbT-R9hs?rel=0

    One problem with these massacres is that we can all dispassionately discuss them as few of us know the headless carcases and mutilated dead, the dismembered children, the pain of the injured, the raped women, the anguish of the survivors and the relatives intimately affected by it all, so the rest of us can academically discuss this carnage as if it were a “Once upon a time …” horror story. Unfortunately, it is real, it is perpetual and I predict the ISLAM per se will kill more people today.

    But at the heart of it all never forget as they slice through your jugular: the real threat is global warming … and rising seas at 3.3mm/decade, or century or whatever.

  • paksdale@bigpond.com

    Just maybe, it will take an event such as Nice here in Oz to wake up to the fact that Islam is not into compromises. For them there is only one outcome, that being we are all forced to think the way they do, or else. The west’s problem with Islam will not slow down so the push-back had better start sooner than later. It’s past time for all to wake up to this insidious future.

    • padraic

      The worst excuse I heard last Friday on Government TV (ABC & SBS) as well as commercial TV (also in today’s Australian) was that he did it because France was once a coloniser of his now long independent country, Tunisia. If that is a valid excuse why don’t we see Vietnamese and West Africans doing the same in France; or Indians, South Africans, Kenyans, American Indians et al crating terror in Britain. Ex-colonial countries, once they have settled down, are only too happy to get on with their lives once independence was achieved and have formed fruitful and respectful relationships with the former colonial power. The reason why it is only people of the Muslim persuasion who are currently the only purveyors of terror in Western countries is blindingly obvious – but it is not their colonial background, although that sits well with our self-loathing Marxist trendies.

      • psstevo

        The 1921 book ‘The New World of Islam’ by Lothrop Stoddard, highlights the reality that, some 100 years ago, Islam was subdued by the European Colonial Powers with their overwhelming technological,economic and societal advantages. Lothrop writes as if Islam was possibly redeemable with a theological ‘reformation’. That has a familiar ring to it today! The simple answer is that Islam is not reformable because the removal of ‘offensive’ instructions means that it would no longer be Islam! The reality, folks, is covered in the various remarks above, especially Peter’s excellent presentation. His inclusion of a comment on ‘windmills’ is not completely irrelevant as anyone who has read http://islamicclimatedeclaration.org/islamic-declaration-on-global-climate-change/ website will immediately understand.

      • ian.macdougall

        Islam is a terrible religion. But many Muslims born into it are trying to reform it, which IMHO is a hopeless cause.
        The best advice for them in my view is the same as given by President Lyndon Johnson to members of the racist Ku Klus Klan in 1965: “Get out of the Klan now!”
        Become a Christian, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Buddhist: whatever floats your boat. But Islam is just a road to personal and community repression and stagnation.

      • Warty

        By and large yes, but perhaps we can leave Zimbabwe out of this ‘fruitful and respectful’ relationship with Britain. And yes, they built a bloody great mosque at the end of Main Street (the ubiquitous Main Street) in my home town, Que Que, now KweKwe (meaning ‘the sound that frogs make’).

        • Warty

          The comment above was addressed to padraic.

  • Mark Smith

    “Islamic terror”?

    How about uninhibited Islam?

  • Bushranger71

    Methinks the principal reason we have not yet had mass murder by the Islamic push in Australia is because the political realm is creating such a gravy train for them they are loathe to crap in their own nest. No matter what they do short of large scale slaughter, they know there is only likely to be a token penalty.

    ‘Tis our political leaders that are betraying the people and is that not treason (The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies)?

  • gcheyne@bigpond.net.au

    But of course the Muslims are the “victims”: they have been brainwashed since birth by this oppressive religion.
    Islam means “submission”: there is no submission without oppression. Every day, multiple prayers, and a supposed god watching your every move.
    The good and bad in your life to be balanced, and you are judged before Paradise.
    Little wonder that the backsliders, who dabble in a bit of homosexuality or alcohol feel the guilt building up as they age. They must feel the approach of their judgement, and the guilt of their accumulated sins may seem overwhelming.
    How to escape to Paradise? They join the jihad and advance Islam, and so die a martyr: a sure way to Paradise and the 72 virgins.
    Which explains (to me, anyway) why recent offenders have been less than ideal citizens.
    But I can’t help feeling sorry for those brought up under this repressive regime. I also feel hate for the manipulative Imans, who use religion and guilt for their own ends.
    BTW, where do they find all those bundles of 72 virgins? They must be running a bit short, after the recent atrocities.
    And what reward does a female jihadist get? No hairy blokes to molest her, I would hope 😉

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