Their World, We Just Live In It

titanic 3The other evening we were watching the NSW Waratahs and the remarkable ball skills of Occupied-West-Bank Folau (still better known as “Israel”).  One suspects the talented and smiling Mr Folau could be a Rose by any other name.  In the politically correct and gender-bent future the social engineers have planned for us, he may need to be.

The real buzzword these days is diversity.  More is always better, which is why veteran SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin, who was trumped for the fabulous Gold Logie by the even more diverse Waleed Aly, should keep her Lee Lin Chin up.  Now that the Waratahs’ Kurtly Beale has accepted a lucrative overseas contract, any day her phone could ring with the offer of a spot in the side.  Perhaps deep among the forward pack, where the code’s genderist discrimination has for so long denied women their rightful place.

At Harvard, that bellwether of political sensitivity, the administration recently authorised punitive measures against those who belong to single-sex groups, clubs and societies.  (This could make for a little tension at the local mosque, but never mind.)  All fraternities are now sororities, and one gathers that barber shop quartets will need to snag sopranos lest the choristers find themselves sanctioned. Meanwhile, despite all this progress, US college students are grown so scared of micro-aggressions and triggering they are dash to huddle with soft toys and colouring books in campus “safe spaces”, much as their grandparents were triggered to duck and cover in nuclear shelters by the far less serious micro-aggressions of the Cold War. How could the peril of descending megatonnage ever represent a threat equal to being confronted with the posibility that, somewhere on campus, there might be someone who holds a different opinion?

Once upon a time, respecting the fairer sex was a key element of a gentleman’s education.  Now, door-opening, seat-offering and bag-carrying are offensive, as is the term “fairer sex” itself.  So is the assumption that a man might not be a woman and vice versa. A generation after mathematics instructors introduced their pupils to the notion that everything is reducible to binary (so  computers could take over), students are taught that sex is the exception, that human relationships are not binary and, therefore, everything is fluid and beyond solid definition. Once, the second-worst crime at any primary school was for a boy to invade the girls’ toilets; now, by official decree, it is to be encouraged. By the way, the worst crime — to be found in flagrante delicto with a pupil of the other gender — is now probably fine, as long as your school has signed up to the Safe Schools program and neither of you has engaged in bullying (in person or on-line) in order to assume those amorous positions.

Back at home, all parents are suspect, but none more so than Dads — if you have only one, that is. If you have two Dads, no worries, as we are told all gay families are happy and content all the time. Old fashioned Dads aren’t so fortunate to be blessed with presumptive approval or such sympathetic coverage in the press. They are prone to shameful child-rearing errors and might, for example, treat their progeny to gender traditionalist “boy toys” or “girl toys”, no doubt in outmoded pinks or blues, and thereby encourage gender conformity. Is it any wonder Lee Lin Chin is still waiting for her invitation to star in the Waratahs’ second-row?

If only the heteronormative males of today were imbued with the public spirited decency of their forebears, they would follow the example of the Titanic’s XY-chromosome set and slip quietly beneath the waves, never to be seen or heard from again.  Only in this way could affirmative action on behalf of those remaining souls  — not that they have souls, anymore — currently identifying as women be successful.  When women in leadership roles are finally oppressing as many people as men once did, the movement will have at last succeeded!  (Perhaps we are there already?) There is so much for the unreformed male mind to master, simply absenting themselves from this mortal coil once and for all is to be fervently desired.

Could they be expected to grasp that equal opportunity applies only to those defined on any given day as the most oppressed and down-trodden. Oppressed as in arriving by leaky boat after flying to Indonesia on commercial airlines, paying $10,000 apiece for their passage and jettisoning their identity papers, but not broods of moustachioed “children” under 18.

Can traditionist males accept that all wars and ongoing violence in the world are due to the ill-effects of religion — except for one religion which we won’t name, as it has nothing to do with the key issue, which is  gun control, poor community mental health care, alienation of minorities, or the hegemony of rich, white, English-speaking people (read men) who colonised, enslaved, exploited and debased the rich, peaceful, disease-free, and socially-advanced cultures they found around the planet and did so for mere sport.

If Israel Palau does indeed change his name to something more in step with our modern age and prevailing logic, he might just have a chance of proceeding with his sporting career. For the rest of us testicularly cursed specimens there is no hope, no hope whatsoever.

12 thoughts on “Their World, We Just Live In It

  • Patrick McCauley says:

    … and if you talk about ducking the shrew … you are promoting domestic violence … (Holden will withdraw her sponsorship) …. silent we must go beneath the waves … leaving the catastrophe behind .. our psychotic children calling out lost in the cauldron of their genders … without even .. a whimper.

  • Rob Ellison says:

    What an odd grab bag of whines. We should keep in mind that girls are being assaulted and coerced into sex in our schools, gays are being bashed and murdered in the streets, women and children are beaten in their homes – quite legally until recently in the view of Hasluck, wars are routinely declared with hands on their hearts and God on their side and Eddie and the Goons did ‘joke’ about holding a woman underwater. None of it is all that amusing.

    Yet we are asked to believe on the strength of it that a switch – on and off – has much to do with the intricacies of the most complex structure in the known universe. I’ll take it on advisement.

    • PT says:

      And how many of those kids are assaulted by their mothers?

      • Bwana Neusi says:

        Wow Rob, or is it Robina today. Those damned testiculars have everything to answer for in society today, or yesterday for that matter and certainly for tomorrow.
        Have you ever considered (but of course you have) that the decay in our moral code and the destruction of our society’s code of ethics has more to do than just males.

        • Rob Ellison says:

          OMG. Reminds me I had a dream last night that I really didn’t want to remember. I hit a woman. We have to make not hitting a woman a reality for all men. This is not a threat to masculinity.

          But what was funny was Eddie’s expression in the ice pool.

  • mvgalak@bigpond.com says:

    It is witty and funny, as far as the published opinion piece goes, but why don’t I feel like laughing? Why do I feel like a sad case of a cellophane man, who’s time has come to shrivel and disappear into the suspended animation storage bank, waiting to be activated at the whim of a dominant and terrible in her wrath Goddess?
    The pitiful and un-Eddie-fying spectacle of Mr.McGuire trying to salvage the remnants of his dignity, depressed me no end. Granted, the “joke” was in a bad taste. Granted, it was silly and juvenile.
    But to keelhaul the man? To accuse him of promoting violence towards women? In essence he was made an example of – do not criticise a woman or else. Equality, I would’ve thought , assumes a freedom to play by the equal rules, which includes a competition and a debate and, yes, occasional ribbing. In this far-reaching case we see the demonstration of a ban on a debate with our female colleagues, masquerading as a non-acceptance of the violence against women.
    Not to make my comment too depressing, there’s a relevant (I think) joke:
    A divorce case. The Judge asks the woman – “What is the reason for your divorce application?”
    She answers:-“We have irreconcilable religious differences”
    “What are they?” – asks the judge.
    The lady says:- “He refuses to recognise that I am a Goddess”.

    • PT says:

      Thanks to Whitlam we have “no fault divorce” which assumes a) it’s the mans fault and b) he must support her! Funny this aspect of unequal treatment never gets mentioned!

    • Jody says:

      I’ll say this; to my certain knowledge Eddie MacGuire has never been accused of raping or sexually assaulting a woman – unlike one very public figure who currently tut-tuts about all this!!

  • Jody says:

    Let’s clear the decks: I want to know – once and for all – if “Safe Schools” is going to be compulsory in Islamic schools. Also, I want us to all be publicly advised of same – why or why not – in the name of equality of opportunity/anti-discrimination. No more obfuscation please!!

    It’s delicious how language is available to all of us, not just the regressive Left. So, people, let’s turn table and use it!!

    Lee Lin Chin is ‘affectionately’ known in our home as “the Board”. And it’s a useful pun, too.

  • Jody says:

    Oh, and Waleed is known ‘affectionately’ in our home as “Roy Rene”. The one who likes to have 18 year old girls sitting at his feet listening in rapture while he preaches like a guru.

  • Patrick McCauley says:

    Good Jody … that non- sequitor sure stopped the conversation.
    Maquire did not threaten to ‘drown’ Carolyn Wilson – he was joking about ‘dunking’ her in a bath of cold water … same as all the other men who had gone through the torture in order to raise money to help find a cure for Motor Neuron Disease. Wilson was invited but declined ( pleading her age and her gender). So she squibbed it. (yes all this is very adolescent ) So, apparently, now we need to return to sixteenth century England and apply the ‘Scold’s Bridle’ to Maguire and his gang – yet take offence at the similar sixteenth century English practice of ‘dunking nags’ … It’s all very silly … except that the ‘Violence Against Women’ campaign has been licienced (by Rosie Batty & the lefty Oz of the Year Committee) to ‘nag’ and punish any man who can be proven to have ‘dis-respected’ women … any woman, anywhere, anytime.The interpretation clearly includes even humour ( have we ever heard a female commentator mocking men I wonder) There are men losing their jobs, students being driven out of Universities, boys sitting permanently in the corners of classrooms, and casual relaxed conversation between the sexes can only be undertaken in spaces where there are no witnesses. Wives are throwing their husbands out of their homes over this sort of thing. It seems that the PC left wishes to drive the genders apart out into a LGBTIQ world of genderless asexuality in which heteronormative families and ‘races’ do not exist and there are offence police in every neighbourhood. This new phase – of ultra sensitive women eradicating anything they think is connected to ‘violence against women’ is utterly passive and extremely aggressive. It is a form of passive violence, which could be equally as responsible for the enormous rate of male suicide throughout the country. The male suicide rate is ten times the violence against women rate … and they are intimately connected. The violence against women campaign could be counter productive because it is based on feminist ideology rather than facts.

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