From Lemon to Pachyderm

kevin lemon“I’m Kevin. I’m a rhino,” a certain former prime minister Tweeted yesterday.  Despite the famous Scores visit it had nothing to do with that certain chain of “gentlemen’s clubs”, Spearmint Rhino, nor to a prominent horn, or so one hopes. Instead, it was all for World Environment Day.

Still, like many of Rudd pronouncements, not least those memories of incinerating his Y-fronts to ward off the cold, it verged on the deeply weird. One could even imagine that Kevin Rudd, given his talent for self delusion, actually believes himself to be a rhinoceros. Rudd clearly feels he’s displaying an endearing if idiosyncratic wit. It’s actually deeply disconcerting. And it’s part of something worse.

In Britain they talk about the TB-GBs, the era when tensions between then-prime minister Tony Blair and his chancellor, Gordon Brown, made government almost impossible. KR-JGs doesn’t have the same ring about it, but the three years between June, 2010, and the same month in 2013 in Australian were characterised by a brutality that far outmatched the warring in Westminster. Indeed, the entire era from when Rudd became Labor leader in December, 2006, to meeting his Waterloo three years ago must still give most voters the shudders. The fact that he’s merrily campaigning away to become United Nations secretary-general when all his flaws have been so comprehensively identified and catalogued only adds to the oddness of it all.

On a related note, pre-poll voting begins today week and the parties’ advertising campaigns have begun in earnest.

So far the Coalition has largely gone negative, although “Malcolm Turnbull’s plan for jobs and growth” has scarcely been a campaign that seizes the public imagination. Perhaps “The Turnbull Liberal team” should just flash some of Kevin’s tweets on the screen, along with a reminder Labor made him their leader. Twice.

3 thoughts on “From Lemon to Pachyderm

  • Jody says:

    Sorry, I thought you were referring to the central character in Ionesco’s play “Rhinoceros”!!!

  • nfw says:

    No, he’s still a lemon.

  • Roy Edmunds says:

    Rudd has always been a New World Order man and it is his destiny to serve at the hub of power as he sees it.
    It is not hard to understand.
    The elite Fabian Socialists fit perfectly into the fascist NWO psychological profile.
    They just don’t have a clue how to manage it.
    Howard did.
    So far Howard is the only leader in the West who has been able to manage this “first global revolution” experiment. I looked in his book to find out why he had embraced something which Fraser had rejected mostly and Howard dealt with it briefly saying that “we had to”…great explanation and pretty accurate.
    Rudd and Whitlam, Keating and Hawke all very much of the Fabian socialist elite who probably had only a sketchy idea of where they were being steered.
    Most politicians really have no idea of what to do until the heads of departments tell them. Which is why our pollies loved Yes Minister so much.
    We have been led by a bunch of idiots and we are paying the price as a country but there are more millionaires in the country than ever before.
    Rudd just seemed always to be out for Rudd and if ever we become a republic he will be back to run for President. The irrepressible Rudd.Just don’t bring him the meal he didn’t order.

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