Eeny, Meeny, Miny but Never Mo’

mo baby IIAnother barbaric Islamic terrorist massacre, killing 49 people and injuring over 50 in an Orlando gay nightclub; and the heart searching begins among the mentally challenged. What drove American-born, Afghani-parented, frequent-mosque-attending, prayer-mat-toting, Omar Mateen? It is a mystery.

His ex-wife said he was mentally unstable. He apparently beat her and kept her housebound. CNN after flirting as best they could with all kinds of possibilities, including white supremacism, had a get out. Of course, it makes sense now; he was around the bend. Well, wife-beating and keeping women secluded might just be the way devout male Muslims go about their lives. Sounds crazy to us but not to an Afghani or, say, Saudi-Arabian, I dare say.

President Obama couldn’t bring himself yet again to mention Islam as being complicit, though he did manage to blame guns. Expect the gun laws in the US to get most emphasis by Democrats who are clearly oblivious to the zero correlation between worldwide terrorist attacks and gun laws. There is no accounting for sheer wilful blindness and imbecility.

Mind you it is likely that Mateen was unbalanced. I tend to think that anyone who would deliberately gun down people in a nightclub is probably deranged. But where does that get us when clearly there are so many deranged people inspired by Islamic scripture.

Wikipedia lists 220 worldwide Islamic terrorist attacks in the six years 2010 – 2015, which have received “significant press coverage.” So far 29 are listed for 2016, including the Orlando attack. Countless other less significant attacks have occurred. It is quite easy to see online estimates of over 20,000 Islamic attacks since 9/11.

These are numbers of plague proportions carried out by people who are apparently mentally unbalanced. Is it something in the water? In fact, it is something in the book. And more of us better start comprehending that before we are buried as a civilisation – the LGBT crowd among them.

It just might have been no accident that Mateen targeted a gay nightclub at the start of Ramadan. There is plenty of support in the Hadiths for killing homosexuals, including by throwing them from high buildings. Of course Islamic apologists are fond of quoting Old Testament condemnation of sodomy. I too would think this relevant if there were bodies of Jewish or Christian religious zealots who went around giving life to these passages by encouraging the killing of homosexuals. As it is, it is totally and completely irrelevant and, I suspect, deliberately deceptive and distracting.

It might be instructive for those who harbour doubts about the threats we face (and homosexuals face) to have a look at this YouTube clip of Islamic scholar Farrokh Sekaleshfar visiting an Islamic centre in Orlando in April this year. That same Shia scholar just happens to be visiting Sydney at the moment, as he has before, explaining that one shows mercy to homosexuals by killing them (editor’s note: until it disappears, the full lecture can be viewed here. The weird-beardism begins in earnest at the 56-minute mark when, contrary to his subsequent denial, Sekaleshfar is quite explicit in explaining why executing homosexuals is the greatest kindness,  and why mothers are responsible for birth deformities in their children. But there is good news for transsexuals, as opposed to condemned gays: surgery will put them on the right side of Allah.)

Perhaps Mateen heard him speak. In general, it would be interesting to know what Mateen’s mosque in Orlando, and mosques everywhere else, teach their congregations about homosexuality and a lot of other infidel doings. It is surely beyond time when political correctness is put aside and all mosques and Islamic centres and schools in Western societies are subject to continuous monitoring and surveillance. The difficulty we face is not just that Islamic scripture has many hateful passages; it is that it is widely preached and taught.

Eventually weapons of mass destruction will fall into the hands of Islamic terrorists and they will have no compunction about using them, because they are deranged you see. Short of that replace Mateen with practiced ISIS fighters on Western soil and Orlando might seem like a picnic. Meanwhile, there is an epidemic of sleepwalking in the West.

The fiancée of Mateen’s ex-wife, interviewed on CNN, pleaded with the media not to blame Islam. We need harmony, he explained, between people of different races and religions. Others interviewed in Orlando – those shown – were equally appeasing. Jews should have been told to be nicer to Nazis and maybe they would have been nice to them.

  • en passant

    I loved your delightful Freudian slip “The fiancée of Mateen’s ex-wife …” Unfortunately, you spoiled the image by then pointing the ‘fiancee’ was male. What a pity she had not turned gay! I watched the very rational and denialist interview with Mateen’s father. Absolutely emotionless, no tears, no feeling, no pain. Why should he have? His son is now right among all the loveless sex and depravity he desires for eternity?

    Yes, I noted that Hussein Obama was unable to attribute the Orlando shooting to islam, despite the shooter being a muslim who swore his life to ISIS. Apparently, the POTUS Sunni Prezzie could not connect the dots – again, but spotted guns as the cause. I am not a great fans of guns in the streets, but I note that this club was listed as a ‘gun-free zone’, which may have been one of the boxes ticked when selecting a target.

    I also noted that this is the 27,000+ time in a row that this act of war was NOT committed by the Christians, Jews, Buddhists or Hindus of any sect. Give me time and I will try to work out the significance of that. I am sure there is a message in there somewhere, but it is hard to see it. Best we ask Waleed to apply his mind to the issue, or better still, get Moaner Shindy on the case when she is not memorizing the juicier bits of the Koran. Best of all is to ask our top guy from Diversity to come up with a slogan to fit the situation. I think something like “The islamic massacre you walk bye is the standard you accept.” Welcome to the new Oz where 2% through random violence and constant threats can change the lives and behaviour of the 98%.
    You like Open Borders? Then the Grrreens are your guys & gals, but if you want to hedge your bets and just let in a few terrorists, then Labor is your limp wrist answer.

    Fortunately, the 49 dead in Orlando may have had a purpose thrust upon them by a higher being as they have surely provided a huge boost in the Primary Vote for the ALA!

    • prsmith14@gmail.com

      I am going to blame Word spellcheck for the extra “e”. Good pick up.

  • brian.doak@bigpond.com

    Those who have expressed a blind commitment to MULTICULTURALISM are ideologically indisposed to saying anything condemnatory about any culture other than the host one.
    We must start by ridding from all government departments use of that malignant word, then we will be allowed to think and do the obvious border and migration control to ensure our safety and to ensure the continuation of Australia’s unsurpassed British culture.

  • Patrick McCauley

    The Gays are complaining that Malcolm could not bring himself to say the word ‘LGBTIQ’ …. well … in fact … it is unsayable … because it does not have enough vowels in the right places… the word (the anagram) itself (created by the people in the groups it names) … is unutterable .. it is the word that dare not speak its name. Then there is the word ‘Islam’ and the word ‘Muslim’ and the phrase “Islamic State’ .. and “Islamist’ /’ISIS’ etc etc. These words cannot be used in any negative way in public … it is against the law … because, used in the negative, they have been defined as racist words which may contravene section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. Unsayable, unutterable words hang over every conversation in the country like punishments for normal,rational thought. We are punishing citizens for daring to remain rational … for demanding we remain logical – that we stick to the law of non contradiction. The Emperors of PC/left wing/ homonormative/alarmist/de-gendered/anti-racialist, thought … are wearing no clothes. The truth is that the word ‘Islam’ = terror and the word ‘LGBTIQ’ = dis ease.

    • ian.macdougall

      As far as I can work it out, LGBTIQ = “lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-sexual, Islamic, queer.” Or perhaps “lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-sexual, inbetween, queer.”
      Or have I missed something?

      • Warty

        You’re missing the dis-ease part.

      • Jody

        I is for “intersex” which was once known as “hermaphroditism” – born with both sets of genitals. The “I” is definitely not “Islamic” but I do get the joke!

        The very sad thing about all this is that most of us have always been empathetic and tolerant to those who fit this description. I have never discriminated in my friendships or associates; well, that’s not strictly true – I’ve always discriminated in favour of people who are pleasant, caring, reasonably well educated, across most aspects of life and – the most important – not lefty preachy or coarse and vulgar. So, we ARE discriminating but not ‘DISCRIMINATORY’.

        We would all get along much better if only the shrill LGBTIQ activists were less demanding and shrill, publicly demonstrative and downright common and coarse. But, no, they have to force themselves on us and their ideologies down our throats with a long-handled shovel. People react badly to that. It brings out the worst in people when they are OBLIGED to demonstrate acceptance of other peoples’ peculiarities. These minorities can never hope to make themselves feel better about themselves – more ‘normal’, if you will – by upending the society in toto.

        And then there’s MULTICULTURALISM – don’t start me on this loathsome ideology.

    • mgkile@bigpond.com

      Thanks Peter

      18C an ironic prohibition in a decadent world where, as Irving Berlin wrote, “anything goes”. A period of mass uncivil disobedience might flush the PC bowl. Perhaps it is happening already?

      • mgkile@bigpond.com

        OOOPS! Owe you an apology, PATRICK.

  • bemartin39@bigpond.com

    There is a bizarre irony in the appalling Orlando atrocity. Two of the lefty luvvies’ pet causes collide in a spectacular fashion. They never miss an opportunity to exalt LGBT-etc. while at the same time enthusiastically supporting multiculturalism, cultural equivalence, and the “Islam is a religion of peace” notion. How on earth are they going to reconcile those screaming opposites? Perhaps Waleed Ali has the answer.

  • ArthurB

    Following the Orlando massacre, it is imperative that the Muslims of this country are educated about the wonders of being gay, bisexual etc. Citizen Dan and Roz must take the message to the Islamic community, Roz can ask Muslim schools to introduce the Safe Schools program without delay, and Dan can meet the imams and tell them that the Koran is wrong about homosexuality.
    Meanwhile, I am more determined than ever to vote for the ALA, I wish they would field candidates for the Lower House.

    • Warty

      ALA does field Lower House candidates, just not in all electorates. This is their very first Election campaign and the fact that they have been able to field the number of candidates they have says something not only about the support they’re receiving, but the utter frustration of Middle Australia. As Alice says: ‘flush the PC bowl’. One of the ALA’s main policies is the demolition of section 18c, from Part IIA of the Racial Discrimination Act. If Trump had been electioneering in Australia, he’d be doing on an illicit mobile phone in gaol.

    • Matt Brazier

      ALA is pro-homosexual. Read the policies carefully.

      • en passant

        I have and its not, unless you call toleration ‘pro-‘

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