The Ghost Wore Black

black ghostA respectable citizen of mature years and therefore not prone to flights of fancy reported what can only be described as an inexplicable happening in our city streets in broad daylight. As he told me, while he didn’t pay much attention at school, he has enough sense to know what he saw. He agreed to tell me his story provided his name was kept out of it. He was badly shaken. And frightened, he said, that soul snatchers – as he called them – might find out where he lived and come and get him. I agreed to keep his real name under wraps and simply call him Peter Smith. You be the judge discerning readers. This is what he said word for word.

Here was I minding my own business the other day walking in the centre of Sydney to York Street to get my bus. Admittedly I was daydreaming a bit, head down, and so more likely to be scared out of my wits by any surprise happening.

I looked up and all of a sudden without any warning a black shapeless figure loomed in front of me. Strewth I thought, startled and catching my breath.  What’s this? A creature from hell sprung to my mind like the things in those horror movies that sweep up from nowhere to snatch souls.  I felt myself step back but my legs were not my own. I stared at the figure like a rabbit in the headlights and saw, kid you not, that the blackness was broken by a thin slit from which eyes peered. Terrifying! You can say that again. I could feel my heart thumping.

Thank the Lord, the figure glided past me. But it gave me a right turn, I can tell you. If it had of been of a night time I could easily have bumped into it and Lord only knows what would’ve happened to me. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

From now on I am going to keep my wits about me when walking in the city and be home before dark. I have always thought that all of that UFO talk was rubbish so I have my feet on the ground, don’t fret about that.  But I tell you, for sure, that where there is one creature, there are bound to be more. I can feel it in my bones. And whatever they’ve come for I don’t know, but no good will come of it. Mark my words. There are creatures about who don’t look friendly to me. Enough said.

I’m telling my story to warn other people to be on their guard when walking in daylight and to keep indoors of a night time. I bought some garlic and crosses too to spread around my house. Next time I go to church I’m thinking of splashing some of that holy water on my head.

Well, there you have it. Did Peter Smith see what he said he saw? Was it real or a figment of his imagination? Is age affecting his mind? Perhaps he did see a black apparition, but was it only one of those university student pranks to scare the public? These are the questions which no doubt are going through your mind, as they went through mine.

P.S: Others have seen them too. “John” writes that he has seen the black shapes gliding around and kept quiet until now for fear of being thought mad and being locked away by his family who he believes want to get rid of him.

“Jill” reports bravely approaching a black shape and introducing herself. She thought it replied “F*** o**, kafirah b*****”, but the response was so muffled that she couldn’t swear to it. It might have been “fun top cuter britches” because, as Jill attests, she was indeed wearing a fun top and cute britches at the time, and is willing to give the shapeless thing the benefit of the doubt.

There you have it. More questions than answers.


7 thoughts on “The Ghost Wore Black

  • colroe says:

    I don’t know why but I am offended by the appearance of these walking black sacks on our streets. I think that if a sack was somehow to be employed in a shop, I would not deal with “it” and walk out. I prefer to see a face and smile/frown or some body language when interacting with people.

  • Fleetfox says:

    Let us at least try to be The Lucky Country, the country that bans the black sacks.

  • Homer Sapien says:

    We got a Muslim mayor in London now, how long will it be till we have the Queen in a burka? What worries me most is that it mighn’t be even a joke.

    • pgang says:

      It’s difficult to fathom. It’s a demonstration of the desperate plight of Christianity is in England, and Churchill not long in his grave. How quickly things can change when we take our eyes off the ball.

    • Jody says:

      There are lots of very wealthy muslims in London already and they have been there for decades. Think Mahommed Fayed, father of the execrable Dodi and owner of that big department store. Don’t be worried about these people, they create wealth. Be more concerned about the mindless ignoramouses (or as Mrs. Bucket once asked, “should that be ignorami-ii”?) who have nothing – no education – but grievance and whose grievance is stoked by the grievance industry.

      As for the black sheath – I’d be prepared to wager there wouldn’t be much underneath it that bears communicating with or even acknowledging. It’s an exclusive ‘club’ for them; rather like having rabies.

  • Nezysquared says:

    Might have something to do with hairy top lips and ruggedly coarse features…..best to cover up in case you really do frighten the natives…

  • denandsel@optusnet.com.au says:

    I was once traveling on a train [in Brisbane] when one of the ‘tents with slits’ asked me if the next stop – Dutton Park – was the station for the PA hospital. After answering a polite ‘Yes’ and being thanked for it, I asked why she hid her face. When I received no reply I added politely and quietly that if she was so ashamed of her own face and had so little respect for it then it made/makes it very difficult for normal people to have any respect for her as an individual, or to have any respect for her religion. Again I received no reply.

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