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trump artDonald Trump is on track to win the Republican nomination despite the machinations of the GOP political elite and the demeaning deal between his competitors, Cruz and Kasich, to split their efforts to prevent him. He is on a roll. Following his thumping victory in the New York primary (April 19), he easily won all five north-eastern states – Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode island, Connecticut and Maryland — up for grabs on April 26. If he were to win Indiana on May 3 it would be almost done and dusted.

The political elite don’t like him. Considering what they have done and are doing to screw Western civilisation that must be a plus. The mainstream commentariat don’t like him. After Trump’s victory in New York, Greg Sheridan writing in The Australian said that many things Trump has said “should disqualify him for from serious consideration from running for the presidency.” The paper’s editorial intoned that “even in New York Mr Trump’s divisiveness was on display.” The evidence adduced for this was that Trump lost Manhattan to John Kasich. The editors couldn’t help themselves by then quoting one unnamed commentator as saying that, “the closer you live to Donald Trump the less you actually like him.” There are cheap shots and then there cheap shots from our only remaining newspaper of any quality.

Perhaps Trump forgot to ask Rupert to a cocktail do. That’s flippant of me. Let’s face it, while the Murdoch press doesn’t like Donald, the rest of the mainstream media positively despise him.

I don’t want to go into the things Trump has said that so offend the sensibilities of numbers of people. Some would have been better not said. But, all I say is this: he hasn’t said anything which compares with Hillary Clinton bare-faced lying to the bereaved families of those murdered by Islamic terrorists in Benghazi.

Perspective is needed across a broad area. The United States has federal government debt of $19 trillion. It has a growing underclass. Twenty per cent of households are on food stamps. The southern border is porous, with large numbers of Democrat-controlled cities offering legal sanctuary for illegal migrants. Pew Research estimated that the ‘illegal alien’ population in 2014 was 11.3 million. The US military is being drawn down at a time when Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and ISIS threaten world security. Islam is plaguing the Western world. Europe is in an economic mess and intent on committing cultural suicide. The UK is only a little better off, courtesy of the English Channel rather than the wisdom of its political elite.

Courtesy in our case of a rich uncle, in the form of a mining boom. Australia’s spendthrift ways have not quite yet wreaked havoc on public finances. But it is only a matter of time now that the rich uncle has passed away. And the clock is ticking on the growing influence of hijab communities.

In this threatening landscape some commentators worry about “the tone” of Trump’s language? Give us people outside of la-la land a break. Nobody who counted much liked the headstrong Winston Churchill, but the times required him. We are in times now where the old formula simply won’t do.

Ask yourself, how exactly are things working out under the political leadership we have had over the past fifty years in the US, in continental Europe, in the UK, in Australia? Would anyone care to imagine what it would be like now if politicians had done their duty by spending, taxing and regulating less, preserving the cultural integrity of their countries and securing their national borders? All of this was eminently possible. And yet it was all too hard for the political elite. There is no reason to think they will change course.

Only the other day, Angela Merkel was presented with the International Four Freedoms Award (whatever gong that is) by the Dutch Prime Minister, presumably for presiding over the destruction of German society. The mainstream Western political elite on both sides of the spectrum have circled the wagons to shut out the desperate pleading of their own citizens. Ordinary people have been sold down the river. Does anyone in their wildest dreams believe that the situation in the United States would improve after four or eight years under yet another politician; a Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, or Kasich?

The faint hope which dwelt in Tony Abbott in Australia was snuffed out by poll-driven political poltroons. Now we have Malcolm in the middle-left, Shorten to the further left and not a hope in hell of getting off a downward economic and cultural spiral. Still, never mind! Gay marriage and LGBTIAs in the defence forces will help us feel better about ourselves. Moreover, the Ts in LGBTIAs swanning around in drag in the barracks and on navy ships are bound to disconcert any enemy with powerful binoculars.

Trump offers hope that he will faithfully represent ordinary people. Of course he won’t represent those on the left – thinking and unthinking — who would tear down capitalism and traditional Western values. Personally I can find nothing amiss in temporarily stopping Muslim immigration into the US; except for the word “temporarily”. Building secure borders is the first duty of any government. From a US perspective, negotiating better trade deals, and getting those living under a US defensive umbrella to stump up more cash to pay for it instead of freeloading, seems unexceptional if ,as president, you are patriotic enough to put the US first.

Would Trump manage to do something about the debt? Who knows? Clearly he is depending on his policies growing the economy and creating millions more jobs. As a businessman, I think he would regard it as a failure if the value of US federal debt to GDP (a whopping 104% in 2015) were not to fall materially over his presidency. His competitors are all politicians. They are well practiced in taking miserable failures in their stride.

  • bemartin[email protected]

    Nothing indicates more vividly the hopelessly dire state of the civilised world than the ascendance of an uncouth loudmouth as the only remaining hope for survival. Opting for Trump is not unlike the insanely desperate decision of those leaping from the burning twin towers on 9/11, hoping for some unlikely miracle. There is nothing in Trump’s known profile to indicate that he has any of the attributes, indeed the nous, required for the lofty office he is aspiring to win. Indeed, most of his often unintelligible utterances suggest that he has only a very loose grasp of the subjects he pontificates about. To think that he is the best the USA – the supposedly preeminent nation of the West – has to offer, is terrifying.

    Yet, Peter Smith’s reasoning would be difficult to fault, except for comparing Trump with Churchill, the latter being a sophisticated, well-informed statesman with superior intelligence and exceptional oratorical skill, the former a crude, wealthy blowhard of no discernable distinguishing qualities.

    • lloveday

      Trump turned a $100m or so inheritance into a $10b or so fortune; that suggests to me he has a very strong grasp of a subject he much pontificates about – building the economy, thus “making America great again”.
      Opting for Trump if the alternative option is Clinton can be likened to leaping from the burning towers in that she has proven so utterly incompetent in high positions in government, especially Secretary of State, that you think no-one can conceivably be worse as President, so you may as well take the chance and jump hoping Trump will be the miracle.

      • [email protected]

        Making lots of money should not be a factor in determining suitability for political power. Malcolm Turnbull has also ‘made’ a lot of money, both before and during his political adventures. It proved/proves nothing about his suitability for high political office. Malcolm is not a wealth creator, he is a wealth manipulator as were/are many ‘rich’ people such as Alan Bond, George Soros and even Warren Buffet. Bill Gates, Gina Rinehart, Henry Ford etc. are/were wealth creators.
        If it could be demonstrated that Donald Trump is a wealth creator then I might support him. If he is merely a wealth manipulator, I would find it difficult. The evidence to date, albeit scant, is that Donald is a wealth manipulator because he has reportedly ‘bought’/paid for political favours/influence, some even being from Hillary and Bill Clinton and the corrupt Democratic Party ‘machine’.
        The ‘system’ needs to be changed so that political power as such cannot be bought, i.e. the ‘system’ needs to be changed to that of capitalism – i.e. where government interference/control over the economy/people’s lives is at a minimum. The capitalist system will lead to the chances of ‘buying’ government favours/influence being lessened/eliminated, firstly because those powers won’t be needed as often, and secondly that the government wouldn’t possess the power to ‘sell’ such favours in the first place.
        If Donald genuinely believed in capitalism/free markets then I also might support him, but none of his utterances to date have been promising. His only positive in this matter is that Donald doesn’t need to be ‘bought’. That only puts him ahead of Hillary and Bernie.

        • lloveday

          Just watched (mostly listened while at my keyboards) Trump in a “Town Hall” meeting with Greta van S, and then saw and heard Newt Gingrich describe him as “statesmanlike”. Far from an “uncouth loudmouth” prone to “unintelligible utterances” on both scores. Articulate and considered was my impression.

    • acarroll

      After reading a bit David Irving’s history of Churchill, I wouldn’t go blowing his trumpet.

      He was a hopeless drunkard, and that’s going easy on him.

  • [email protected]

    It appears that Donald Trump is leading the race to a presidential nomination by a very simple method – he refuses to be politically correct. One has considerable doubts about his other presidential qualities , like restraint, political and diplomatic experience, depth of the political analysis and many others. His success in wooing the ordinary people from the Main Street, however, is based on these people’s thirst for the reality and the truth in politics, as well as for the leader , who dares to call a spade a spade. That, in the mind of a voter, is a sign of respect and equality. People are prepared to forgive a lot of shortcomings in a leader, who they perceive as a truth-sayer. That is why Donald Trump is leading. Is it so difficult to understand by the GOP leadership?

    • colroe

      There is much speculation and hand wringing from the anti-Trump lobby about his political demise and failure. Thus far these anti-Trumpists are being proved wrong, oh so wrong, and they do not like it one iota.

      I do not pretend to be a political analyst, however my own “pub test” by this ordinary Australian tells me that average Australians and Americans alike are fed up with the lies, broken promises, cheating, rorting and toeing the corrupted party lines by most politicians. Sure, it has been almost a national obsession to beat up on the pollies, but hopefuĺly the time has come at last when a politician will do the bidding of voters by defending our culture and way of life. They should pass laws that have been developed with reasonable forethought and not be subject to political expediency. Whether Trump succeeds or not, it is a wake up call to our own elected representatives to change. Time indeed for an alternative party with bright people from outside union and lawyers ranks.

  • [email protected]

    This is an unreserved mea culpa comment, not only as an apology for my earlier comment after this article but also what turned out to be an entirely wrong opinion concerning Donald Trump. It is obvious to me now that I allowed the MSM to forge my attitude toward Trump, without taking the trouble to investigate it for myself. I am most disappointed with myself, especially since I am usually alert and wide awake to what I failed to see in this case.

    So, what brought about this “life changing” about face? I simply read Donald Trump’s recent foreign policy speech (https://www.donaldjtrump.com/press-releases/donald-j.-trump-foreign-policy-speech) and I became an instant convert. Even allowing for the expertise of a skilled speech writer, Trump could not have uttered those words without a genuine sense of understanding and appreciating the meaning. To put it bluntly “Trump for president!”

    • lloveday

      I watched a good part of it on TV (it’s available on-line), and it was very impressive, seemingly the one occasion to date where he used a teleprompter. I expect the MSM to attack him for that in light of a previous comment “if you’re running for president, you should not be allowed to use a teleprompter”
      An indication of how good it was is that The Guardian slammed it, highlighting his mispronunciation of “Tanzania”. The horror! Thankfully he did not say “Canadia”.
      If President he can be counted on to have top class advisors.

      • padraic

        Like Bill Martin, I have today read Trump’s foreign policy speech and was equally impressed. I had not formed an opinion up to that point but now I am all for him to be president. Democracy in Western countries has been hijacked by impractical navel gazers who ignore the realities of everyday life of the voters. He is in tune with the voters and if he wins it will be a victory for democracy and common sense and will reflect the will of the community who are not as dumb as the self-styled elite like to think we are.

    • marcus walker

      Bill , you have described pretty much exactly what happened to me .I too had paid so much attention to the MSM that I had formed a view that he was an idiot , then in Dec i listened to a podcasty thing of one of his rallies and within the first 20 minutes I had swung around 180 degrees and became a Trump convert . I bet a mate $100 that he would be next USP , my mates have been ribbing me and keep thinking that I need cough up with the cash but trump keeps rolling on and thus far my bet is still safe.
      I feel he is a real chance and I feel the lefties know this that’s why they are attacking him and his supporters (even using capsicum spray no less)

      • lloveday

        You can get $’000s on Trump at 4.80 on Betfair. Your friend could lay him and lock in a certain profit.

        • marcus walker

          Ha Ha … not being an “actual” punter in fact I don’t even buy tatts tickets I have no idea what the numbers you talk of mean ..I guess that’s telling of my belief that “the Don” has a chance .

          • lloveday

            It means that had you bet with Betfair (or another betting agency), you would win $380 instead of $100 if Trump wins.
            I know it’s only a “friendly bet”, and $280 is not a fortune, but it would buy a few bottles of champagne for you to celebrate Trump’s win with.

    • Lawrie Ayres

      I’m glad you directed me to this speech. It is Presidential and reminds me of Ronald Reagan. I do think we all need Trump for President because the West cannot survive any more of the leftist pap that is fast killing us.

  • Keith Kennelly

    He’s a very capable businessman. I never ever had any doubt he would organise his efforts as President in the same ways he organises his business.

    Every successful businessman understands leadership, risk assessment and strategy, governance and financial responsibility. Every board member, worth their salt has undertaken Institute of Company Director course in these subjects.

    Check out the AICD.

    Donald Trump will defeat the treasonable alliance of lefties / islamist underminers who are attacking our Western society

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