Romper Room Fascists

miss aryan 1937We have seen the future and it’s fascist! The trashing of Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi’s electoral office by Finders University students is just one more example of the fascistic anti-intellectual mentality of the latest generation of the LGBTI-Green Left in Australia – the pathetic and cowardly demographic cohort that aspires ultimately to shape the future of our nation.

As their behaviour demonstrates, these gangs of political thugs are determinedly fascist (Bernardi called them “totalitarian”, but that’s far too nice). They fancy themselves as revolutionaries and are obsessed with the state and the power it has to remake society in their image. They are a self-defined political in-crowd demanding total power and total submission, and they utterly despise anyone who won’t genuflect to their ideological idiocies. They are moral absolutists who see the world in black and white and believe, feverishly, that they are always in the right. They allow no room for dissent, even resenting that others might have opposing opinions. They lust for total control over other people, and especially over their thoughts, words, values, and deeds. Above all, they hate those that thwart them with a passion, and it is this depthless rage that drives their rampage around the political stage as they desperately attempt to give meaning to their shallow lives and feed their narcissism.

junior fascistsThey are the selfie generation of self-styled radicals, narcissists who are forever taking photos of themselves and their mindless acts. They wallow in their notoriety and think they’re brave, but know that the police and the authorities will never use the images to prosecute them (especially under an ALP government in South Australia). Indeed, one of the most striking things about the many images of the Socialist Alternative students wrecking an Australian senator’s office (left) is that their wild-eyed glee is so similar to the delirious, indeed orgasmic, expressions of the Hitler Youth, who also enjoyed state sanction of their book-burning bonfires in Berlin (right).

hitler youthEighty years ago, young fascists were burning books written by Jews and other non-Aryan thinkers whose ideas were declared to be beyond the pale, today they target similar people and shut down every debate and discussion they object to. Moreover, with the enthusiastic help of cyber-hacking vandals like Anonymous, they can also attack or shut down any website they choose.

Nothing, it seems, is more satisfying for these pampered, state-supported far-left political onanists than to not have to read, not have to listen, not have to argue, not have to care about other peoples’ opinions.  Indeed, they don’t want people to have opinions at all, unless they are the same as theirs. That is their bottom line, that is the future world they want – and our gutless, short-sighted governments are letting them have it, as Tony Abbott’s abject retreat on the repeal of Section 18C heralded so well.

This fascist suppression of free speech is called the ‘No Platform’ strategy, employed by the left to deny everyone a hearing at any form of public meeting or broadcast. In the UK it has reached an unprecedented extreme and is even being applied to older far-left ideologues who still adhere to some remnant sense of free speech, as a recent Sunday Times article discusses. Even the grand old queen of gay activists, Peter Tatchell, has been black-balled by the National Union of Students as “transphobic” and “racist”, because he signed a letter to The Observer urging greater freedom of speech on university campuses. The signatories’ crime was to beg for a hearing for those feminists that objected to the LGBTI conceit that men undergo gender-reassignment surgery become 100% women.

Germaine Greer, in a great irony of history, similarly fell victim to this LGBTI ‘No Platform’ interdiction after observing that if her surgeon gave her long ears and liver spots it still wouldn’t make her a “f***ing cocker spaniel”, and that similar surgery couldn’t transform a man into  woman. Julie Bindel, a life-long lesbian, writer and another activist of the old school, also fell victim to the young neo-fascists and their unyielding orifice politics. She rejected the claim that surgically re-engineered men were now absolutely women as “utter f***wittery” and was promptly banned from university campuses. As she remarked, this “is not proper politics … these people are narcissistic idiots”. In return she attracted a diatribe of vile abuse and a twitterstorm of hatred, as did another old-school feminist, Julie Burchill, who denounced the LGBTI operatives as “screaming-mimis” and “bed-wetters”.

The No Platform interdiction also applies, paradoxically, to those who query the role of Islam in the modern world. The same student militants that enthusiastically denounce anyone who expresses doubts about the LGBTI fantasy leap immediately to the defence of a religion that imposes the death penalty for homosexual acts, systematically assigns women to a subordinate status, accepts domestic violence, and practices female genital mutilation. This peculiar coalition was on display in Bernardi’s office where the most prominent and carefully prepared sign put up by the Socialist Alternative-LGBTI thugs was one that explicitly declared that “Muslims are welcome”.

bernardi muslim signMeanwhile, conservative political groups like the Australian Liberty Alliance and speakers such as Geert Wilders who seek to promote public debate in Australia about Islam are harassed. Pursued relentlessly around the country,  their meetings must be held at secret locations with heavy security. Islamists are free to speak on campus but anyone deemed a threat to the leftist-Islamist orthodoxy is denied a hearing. In the UK, this reached absurd heights where Maryam Namazie, a Marxist-Leninist Iranian feminist and critic of the Iranian theocracy, was banned from campus because she was deemed to be an ‘Islamophobe’. Meanwhile, the NUS strongly defends an ‘equalities officer’ at Goldsmiths, University of London, Bahar Mustafa, whose favourite hashtag is her own catchphrase and motto “#killallwhitemen”.

But of course this tolerance doesn’t extend to Christianity or Judaism. Consequently, at the University of Sydney public meetings involving people who can be construed as sympathetic to Israel are disrupted and reduced to chaos, while anti-Israel Muslims are welcomed, including a leading proponent of the international boycott, divestment, and sanction campaign. Moreover, while special Muslim-only prayer rooms are provided to this favoured minority, the university’s Evangelical Union, with 600 members,  is being threatened with deregistration, banning, and effective closure after serving the students and the community for over 80 years (“Christians banned for being Christian”, Daily Telegraph, 17/3). It will be banned, it has been informed by the Student Union, unless it changes its constitution to allow non-Christians to be members, which would of course allow it to be stacked by Muslims, atheists, and other anti-Christian activists who could then destroy it from within.

In an incredible inversion of the Cultural Revolution of the Sixties, universities are now supposed to be ‘safe spaces’, where young people are shielded from any thought or idea that might upset them. This includes demands for ‘trigger warnings’ in course reading material, so that students are not upset by any text-book content which might upset their delicate sensibilities. This type of mollycoddling of so-called young adults is applied with a vengeance in the US and UK and increasingly in Australia, where it is also being extended into society as a whole. Consequently, anyone who expresses misgivings about LGBTI issues or Islam is not only denied a hearing, denounced as homophobic or as a racist Islamophobe. Dismissed as reactionary dinosaurs, they are further accused of endangering the mental health of LGBTI folk and Muslims by virtue of their mere existence.

There are various explanations for the emergence of this oxymoronic, aggressively timid generation that desires nothing more than to shut down discussion and debate in order to protect itself from challenging ideas and arguments.  The most persuasive interpretation is that offered by the eminent classical historian and experienced university teacher, Mary Beard, who also signed the letter championing free speech and suffered similar vicious retribution. She noted with incredulity that it was supposed to be the older generation that was afraid of discussing challenging ideas, and concluded that the current generation of university students is dominated by middle-class children who have been vastly over-protected by parents and nannies at home and minders and teachers in daycare and at school. They have been made excessively risk-averse, and have been taught to assume that they must be shielded from even innocuous ideas and experiences. They verge on panic when they challenged, put up barriers, retreat, become hysterical, and run away. As even the leftist journalist, Rod Liddell lamented:

These people have never been contradicted. And they do not like it when they are contradicted. They do not understand that it is just another point of view.

Bindel is even more forthright about this cohort:

The media and journalism and the universities are filled with … kids who have never been challenged on their views – not in school, not by their parents. It’s full of pampered tossers.

These are precisely the type of arrested adolescents who rampaged through Senator Bernardi’s electoral office. Theirs was not a revolutionary act, as they fantasize; it was a tantrum. At one level it was also an attack on him and the values and policies shared by millions of Australians that he represents. But at another level it was a harbinger of things to come, a political portent of the world this new pampered generation will seek to create. It will be a static, Orwellian, politically correct, risk-averse world where no offense whatsoever can be caused, no dissent from the ruling Green-Left-LGBTI-Islamist ideological orthodoxy will be tolerated, and where even to have wayward thoughts will be a crime.

And of course, this is all being enthusiastically facilitated by the leadership of the ALP, with Bill  Shorten denouncing those who object to the outrageously overt Marxist-LGBTI ideological content of the Safe Schools program as “knuckle-dragging right-wing liberals”, while the Greens are also desperately anxious not to offend their natural constituency of inner-urban trendoids with their tiny over-indulged families.

Unfortunately for such political opportunists, the lesson to be learnt from the UK, the US and elsewhere overseas, is that this constituency will readily turn against them. After all, Shorten, Daniel Andrews, even Penny Wong and Malcolm Turnbull, don’t exactly epitomize the type of cool, cut and buffed persona that LGBTI enthusiasts really want to identify with. Such dowdy, middle-aged supporters are merely and momentarily convenient. They will be discarded with the same thoughtfulness and appreciation as a used prophylactic. Perhaps, in their craven, supine embrace of today’s little fascists, that is all they are worth.

13 thoughts on “Romper Room Fascists

  • Damien Richardson says:

    Well, Merv, I agree with the sentiment of your article but it’s hard to feel any sympathy for the censorship of the feminists that you site. I went to Flinders University for a couple of years, back in the eighties, where feminist lecturers and a cohort of gullible students exhibited such levels of censoriousness that I had to abandon my arts degree. Far from being romper room fascists they were considered my intellectual ‘superiors’ to which I was supposed to aspire. Is it any wonder that we find ourselves in a position today where to deviate from whatever the ‘new’ totalitarian norm is, is met with violent oppression. It’s not the students that worry me so much, nor Fairfax, the accepted home of the progressive dictatorship but try to get an article published in the Australian or express an opinion in the main stream media or on social media that differs from the recently established orthodoxy and see where it gets you.

    • ianl says:

      > … try to get an article published in the Australian or express an opinion in the main stream media …

      Over the last 12 months or so, The Australian has become a zombie paper quite akin to Fauxfacts. I expect that the fall of Fauxfacts is considered imminent so it is trying to capture the younger leftoid demographic from them.

      Today’s edition was particularly vomitous in its’ sycophancy towards Lord Waffle. Waffle’s zipidi-doodahs were accurately predicted 6 months ago.

      I used to buy The Aus on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for the chess column. This is lifted from The Times in any case, so using the online copy of the Times’ chess column frees me from the hypocrisy now prevalent in The Aus. It’s quite a joyful feeling.

      • trbailey07@icloud.com says:

        Ah, yes, the Blessed Aus, vehicle for the free speech denied our country by Fairfax.

        I recently ventured the unremarkable observation that an anagram of LGBTI is BLIGT; “add an H for ‘Holier-than-thou’ and you get the full picture”. Of course, it disappeared from the ranks of the ‘pending’.

  • bemartin39@bigpond.com says:

    These immature idiots don’t realise that their heads will be the first to roll when Islam takes control, because they will be considered to represent a danger to Islam with their erratic attitude.

    As to what caused this cohort to rise? They are aided and abetted by the same dark force that is out to destroy the traditional family; free market capitalism; representative, liberal democracy; the rule of law and all else that constitute western civilisation. They are probably the most idiotic of all the “useful idiots” in the service of those who are endeavouring to institute an omnipotent world government over the ruins of what was painstakingly constructed over the centuries. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they are doing”, said Jesus as he was dying on the cross. It would take His unlimited magnanimity to forgive these sinners.

  • Matt Brazier says:

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1984 and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy all rolled into one. Except that it is neither fictional nor funny.

  • brian.doak@bigpond.com says:

    Could not conservative leaders have done more to stop the recruitment into the apocalyptic host?
    * Malcolm 1 issued the Lebanese concession and funded SBS
    * John Howard would not halt Mohammedan immigration or unfund the ABC or SBS
    * Tony Abbott became weak on free speech and would change the constitution to favour aborigines over the rest
    * Malcolm 11 appears to be substituting 10 000 Mohammedan Syrian refugees for the Christian ones we once were lead to believe we were getting
    There is some comfort in the assurance that the Australian Liberty Alliance in the Senate offers a way out of the country’s dilemna.

  • ian.macdougall says:

    From the Merv Bendle threadstarter:

    Meanwhile, conservative political groups like the Australian Liberty Alliance and speakers such as Geert Wilders who seek to promote public debate in Australia about Islam are harassed. Pursued relentlessly around the country, their meetings must be held at secret locations with heavy security. Islamists are free to speak on campus but anyone deemed a threat to the leftist-Islamist orthodoxy is denied a hearing.

    From my experience, I would say that these people carry out this type of disruption out of fear: a fear that their own intellectual weakness will be exposed for all to see. That is why they prefer to shout opponents down and smash things up rather than engage in open debate. They fear being exposed for the inadequates and hoons that they really are.
    The failure of socialism in the old USSR and China has thrown the modern Left into a crisis of purpose and ideology. In their search for ways to break out of that isolation, some of them find a certain commonality with Islam. But Islam is a terrible religion: about the worst of all. The Left will get used by the Islamists: not the other way around.
    There are echoes of the past in this. In the late 1930s, Joseph Stalin briefly led his followers into making an alliance of convenience and common cause with the Nazis, in the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact. Stalin fooled nobody but himself through that.
    Meanwhile, Australian society becomes steadily less and less egalitarian. The old-time lefties who sought to prevent that sort of outcome must be tossing and rolling in their graves.

  • en passant says:

    I just watched the latest religious and cultural enrichment played out in Brussels. Let’s see which of our politicians speaks out (will it be Lord Waffle or Lady MacBeth) and says “It just goes to show that restricting MUSLIM immigration was the right – and only safe thing to do, just as Abbott demonstrated.”
    As for the clearly identifiable children in the office trashing: THEY MUST BE PROSCUTED for the benefit of society.

  • Tony Thomas says:

    I find the most disturbing aspect is the police tolerance of vandalism and intimidation of a Member of Parliament’s office and staff. That is fascism indeed.

  • Rob Brighton says:

    Excellent article, thankyou.

  • David Barnes says:

    Thank you for the truth. Well written with the passion the topic deserves. For those readers who would like more I can recommend Pat Condell on you tube with a classic take on the ” snowflake generation” infesting UK universities. It’s headed Dumbing Down University. If your unfamiliar with Pat your really missing something. His critiques of Muslims and Islam are devastating. So far, unlike Geert, he doesn’t have to live under armed guard.

  • Ian Matthews says:

    This is the pampered generation of whiners that were mollycoddled into permanent infantilism where everyone deserved a trophy and excellence and winning were dirty words, by parents whose only real concern was which SUV (the vehicle of choice for the girls of both sexes) to buy for their ladyships.

  • Simon says:

    There doesn’t seem to one dissenting voice, or group, in any of our universities. There doesn’t seem to be anyone with the cojones to try and deny these thugs their own platforms. Where is our ‘Winston’?

    What a shame Cory Bernardi wasn’t there – he’d have sorted these buffoons out and no mistake.

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