Shutting the Door on Islam

minaret 2Recently, The Australian, in one of its irritating two-bob-each-way editorials, described those objecting to the building of a mosque in Bendigo as a ‘mob’ and ‘bigoted’. Apparently, according to reports, the mosque will cost $3 million for the three hundred Muslims in Bendigo. That is $10,000 per person. I think there is an expectation that more will come.

I wrote to The Australian pointing out that that those objecting to the building were not necessarily bigoted if they believed that the mosque would propagate values inimical to Australian values. To his credit, the Prime Minister said more or less the same thing last week, though in a different context. “It’s not compulsory to live in Australia,” Mr Turnbull intoned. “If you find Australian values are unpalatable then there’s a big wide world out there and people have got freedom of movement.” Well said, Malcolm.

He said this when talking at the NSW Liberal Party State Council meeting in Sydney. “We acknowledge the right of each individual to observe his or her faith, to be true to their own conscience, to express freely their own beliefs provided they do no harm to others and provided that they do not preach hatred against others.”

It is hard to disagree with either of these two statements. Yet gnawing away is the premise of the second. Is it possible to observe the Islamic faith and do no harm to others? Mr Turnbull might profitably try to find Muslim spokespersons, even of the most moderate kind, willing to stand up and say that Australian law trumps sharia law. Good luck with that one. There will, however, be plenty of empty platitudes on display, as required.

Numbers of Islamic spokesmen that I have seen and read make the point that sharia law must rule the world. Do they know what they are talking about? Have they got Islam all wrong? All the killing, all the maiming, all the raping, all the desecrating in the name of Islam; have the perpetrators got it all wrong? And then there is the radicalisation of the young in the name of Islam.

Back to the PM: “While Australia is a world leader in countering violent extremism, we must continue thinking about innovative and creative solutions to this problem. We must continue exploring the causes of radicalisation to help us devise new approaches and strengthen existing ones.”

Mr Turnbull, taken at his word, wants to continue exploring the causes of radicalisation. It’s the religion stupid! I would say if it were not so clichéd. Oh, what the hell, I’ll say it anyway. It’s the religion stupid!

It is all designed to drive sensible people into psychological care I think. Exactly how much mayhem does Islam have to create before the political elite connect the dots? I say Islam and not Muslims for a good reason by the way. Any of us would have a high chance of having any enlightenment thinking within us thoroughly compromised if we’d been brought up in, say, Lebanon or Saudi Arabia by Muslim parents. Let’s not blame Muslims. They must be treated with the same respect and kindness as anyone else.

The Godfather‘s Michael Corleone became a gangster because he was brought up by the Mafioso. He wasn’t born a gangster. Muslims are not born despising infidels. They are taught to despise infidels.

Now as Islam has been going since the seventh century and has something like 1.7 billion-and-growing adherents, we have a problem. It is an intractable problem. It cannot be solved. It can only be contained; as, for example, Atatürk contained it in Turkey.

Its containment depends upon Western politicians recognising the source of the problem, which are the scriptural tenets of the religion itself. And they will not be changed. The Koran is the Koran. The Hadith is the Hadith. Exactly who will ever have the authority to change them?

Turnbull’s talk of “innovative and creative solutions” is just so much more ineffective guff. I don’t want to single him out. You can find the same kind of pointless things said by most Western political leaders.

Containment means well-resourced counter-terrorism measures; it means, more generally, targeting Islam by curtailing Muslim immigration. It also means scrutinising the activities of Islamic schools, mosques and charitable institutions and removing government assistance, including tax-exempt status, where there is evidence that values inimical to Australian values are being propagated. To be seen to be even-handed this regime could be extended to any government-assisted institutions, across the board.

I see nothing else that can be done. Defeating ISIS would have a dampening effect on the recruitment of jihadists but something else will spring up. So far as possible, the problem must be kept outside of our borders. To that objective, letting in yet more migrants wedded to Islam is tantamount to gravely risking the infliction of self-harm on us, our children and their children. This might hurt the feelings of some Muslims within our midst. But, really, salving such feelings can’t be allowed to put the nation at risk.

7 thoughts on “Shutting the Door on Islam

  • acarroll says:

    Can somebody answer this: who is responsible for the policy of allowing Islam into Australia in the first place?

    What’s the history?

    Who’re the characters/personalities?

    What’re the decisive events?

  • gardner.peter.d says:

    Peter Smith: ‘It [Islam] can only be contained; as, for example, Atatürk contained it in Turkey.’

    Mustafa Kemal only contained it in Turkey by first making Turkey a homogenous Islamic state, removing Christians, Armenians, the wrong of Muslims (Kurds) and forcibly importing Muslims across the Bosporus. He gave the seat of a failed Turkish empire a reason to take pride in building a new nation. However, Islam had to accept a price in the form of secular democratic government. There are signs that Islam is no longer prepared to accept that, perhaps encouraged by the rise of Islamic fundamentalism around the globe and Islam’s increasingly successful penetration of the West.

    • acarroll says:

      Indeed. The Young Turks’ program of ethnic homogenisation. The Armenian genocide was a direct consequence.

      I heard something about a religious sect being a driving force behind it. The “Donmeh” I think?

  • Keith Kennelly says:

    The Hawke/Keating government, with the ‘Whatever it Takes’ of that other great fool, officially instigated immigration of people of Mid Easterner origins with the intent of bolstering electoral support in Western Sydney.

    Think that wrong? Ask Barry Jones.

  • bemartin39@bigpond.com says:

    Leaving the significance of Turkey and Atatürk to one side, one finds it impossible to believe that the vast majority of western polititians, journalists and other opinion makers would be so incredibly stupid as not understanding the plain and simple truth about Islam, as Peter Smith so vividly details. The handful few who openly warn us about the peril of Islam to western societies are mercilessly and brutally vilified by the blind, idiotic majority. The best example of this phenomenon are calls to cancel the visa of prominent Dutch MP and likely net prime minister of Holland, Geert Wilder. This brave man has been living in a virtual prison for years for his own protection froma the zelous members of the “religion of peace”, simply because he is advocating policies designed to save the culture and heritage of his nation from Islam. Closer to home, Cory Bernardi and Andrew Bolt are labeled islamophobic bigots for the same reason. As Pat Cornell in Britain says it is becoming a badge of honour to be called an islamophobe, because it means you are fighting to protect you western heritage. To say that one despairs is a gross understatement.

  • Homer Sapien says:

    Bill Martin, your last sentence sums my feelings up.

  • brian.doak@bigpond.com says:

    Winston Churchill and those of his time called it Mohammedanism and the term should come back into usage. It is a name not unlike Christianity but usefully descriptive of a religio/political ideology founded by a warlord. The two world movements are diametrically disposed but many Christian churches are not aware of it becoming enthralled as they are by the siren songs of the Left.

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