The Asylum Seeker from Central Casting

nourNow on my way back to Australia, the BBC’s take on the European refugee crisis sticks in my mind. Or, is it in my craw?

“Haven’t they a right to travel?” queried the BBC anchorwoman in conversation with a correspondent reporting from outside Budapest’s chief railway station. Only in my dreams did the correspondent respond by saying, “Sure they do — if you no longer think that having travel documents is a requirement to travel internationally, and that European law can be causally set aside.”

Hungary is acting absolutely in keeping with European law. Others, such as Greece, funnelling asylum seekers on, are not. Asylum seekers have the option to register at centres on Hungary’s border where they can apply for asylum. This, of course, does not suit them. The cameras show hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Syrian asylum-seekers/refugees/economic migrants — choose your descriptor according to ideology and preference — demonstrating outside the terminus, chanting in unison: “Where do we go? Germany!” Note that they are not chanting Wohin gehen wir, Deutschland! (Google translation, be warned), as what they seek is a far wider audience than German speakers alone. They are mostly young men, with the odd woman in a head scarf among them. From that, I safely take it, I think, that they are Muslims not Christians.

Although Angela Merkel has more or less issued an open invitation for Syrians to come to Germany – she has clearly lost the plot! – the police in Budapest are not (currently) letting them board the trains for which they have purchased tickets unless they also hold appropriate travel documents. Hence the demonstrations. The scenes outside the station provide a vivid microcosm of the extent to which Europe is in process of being overrun by people who are simply turning up.

None of this seemly affects the BBC. Like our very own ABC, it has an axe to grind on behalf of the oppressed, the downtrodden and the climate-ravaged, and go hang the interests of Europe’s common people if they get in the way. In this case, the broadcaster sees tactical advantage in putting the best possible gloss on the face of the ‘invasion’. This is illustrated perfectly by the story of Nour.

As the young Muslim men mill around that railway station in Budapest, the BBC’s James Reynolds is reported as being “on the migrant trail through Europe.” He chooses (purely at random, you understand) to follow “the trail of Nour, as she travels 2000 miles through nine countries to fulfill her dream of applying for asylum in Sweden.” Well, let me say, there wouldn’t be many countries, apart from Muslim ones for obvious reasons, who would put too many hurdles in her way, not once you see Nour (that’s her in the thumbnail at the start of this article). She is young and beautiful with long flowing brown hair, perfect teeth and complexion; and in part of the short film of her journey she sports a lowish cut dress. A Syrian who had been living in Turkey and left her mother behind, she didn’t look poor. Indeed, she spent €3000 to reach Sweden. Her English is excellent. She will undoubtedly be a boon to Sweden and I genuinely hope everything goes well for her.

At one point while watching the BBC report, however, I came to suspect she might actually be an actress. But even taking the BBC story at face value, Nour just ain’t your typical Syrian asylum seeker, not if those pictured in Budapest are any guide. I have decided she belongs to a special class of asylum seekers, which can be termed BBC-worthy asylum seekers. Numbers of young children also belong to this group. Basically, they must be sufficiently telegenic to fulfill the requirement of invoking sympathy and calming fears.

Have a look at the story of Nour and see for yourself.

  • Jody

    If you think Angela Merkel will not be paying for this electorally, think again. As a poll showed on a German TV news network when I was there in May, 97% of the people DID NOT want more illegal immigrants, with 3 % in favour. The people of Austria, with the exception of a few vocal people, did not want them either but they are very afraid to say so because of their Nazi past.

    Merkel pontificates about how Europe has to ‘share the load’, not being intelligent enough for a second to understand that the illegal immigrants ONLY WANT TO LIVE IN GERMANY, nowhere else. The fact that they are meant to register in the first country of arrival, this fact is referred to as a “theoretical” issue. Nobody is questioning what it will cost Europe financially, culturally and demographically. As I said, Merkel will pay the political price for this.

  • Jack Richards

    I saw the story of Nour on SBS this week. I immediately smelt a big, stinking, dead rat. She was straight from Central casting; never wore a burka, niqab or hijab; was fashionably dressed in designer clothes; and amongst the hundreds of thousands of poor, vulnerable, refugees the BBC cameras manages to find her in Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Germany and finally were there to see her leave her hotel and go to register at the Police Station in Malmo and claim “asylum”. Of course, as the article reports, she spoke perfect English and had a set of teeth any orthodontist would be proud off. But I wondered why the BBC didn’t follow hook-nosed Samir with his mouth full of quat stained and rotten teeth surrounded by a straggly black beard. I guess the fact he couldn’t speak a word of anything but his local dialect of Arabic, is almost illiterate and innumerate and has no commercial skills at all, and is on the run from Yemen because he is a serial sex offender might have had something to do with it. If he gets there, Samir will fit in well in Stockholm and they’ll soon cure his tuberculosis and various yeast and fungal infections and he’ll spend the rest of his life attending the Mosque, collecting welfare, and taking part in the regular riots and otherwise luxuriating in the “Rape Capital of the World”.

  • Jody

    I note that the PM of Hungary has spoken out saying that his nation does not want people from “populous Muslim nations” living in Hungary. Good for him; he’s got guts!! Meanwhile, the bleeding heart left are calling Hungary “a right wing country”. Ooooh, goodness me. Like Austria, one gets to feel extremely safe and secure in such a country. Bring on Right Wing!! If that’s what it takes to have public order then we need to adopt it here in Australia. I’m tired of ‘freedoms’ for others, which result in little freedom for me!!

  • Jody

    There’s an ironic symmetry unfolding just now in Europe. Austria and Germany have long been, and still are, regarded as antisemitic. They keep this underground and well under control. Now they have admitted an entire demographic who openly hate Jews!! I see the Islamicization of Europe as the greatest existential threat to European Jewry since the Third Reich. And nobody is talking about it!!

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