Yet Another Mass-Murder Mystery

freedom jihadiI flicked between Fox News and CNN on the day (last week) when five marines were gunned down and killed, and two other people wounded, in Tennessee by twenty-two-year-old Mohammad Yousuf Abdulazeez. He was apparently a devout Muslim born in Kuwait but brought up in the US from a young age. He apparently did well at school, was well liked, and earned an electrical engineering degree at college. His father had been on a terrorist watch list at one point but had been taken off some years ago. A picture (below) of the killer and his family showed his mother and two sisters in hijabs. Presumably all of the family were devout.

Why in the world did such a successful and, by all accounts, well-adjusted young Muslim go on a killing spree, with an AK47 fired from an open-topped car at two separate military installations, near the end of Ramadan? Sure, ISIS had called for these murderous acts, with the promise of even more paradisiacal rewards if they were perpetrated in Ramadan. And he had recently spent time in the Middle East. Then, as well, there was his father’s chequered past. Still, surely, this offers no explanation?

Certainly, in any event, it was a mystery to the CNN anchorlady I saw. She interviewed a school friend of Abdulazeez who said nothing but good things about him and was as astonished, as was the interviewer, at what had happened.  In this case there was no ready evidence to suggest he was disadvantaged, drug-addled, or insane. So what the heck could it be? The FBI at that stage too had not ruled out common or garden murder; which, when you think about it, is also pretty astonishing.

Fox News wasted no time at all. A number of commentators nailed it as a terrorist attack inspired by ‘radical’ or ‘fundamental Islam’. Both terms were used. That’s Fox News for you, always ready to assume the worst. Never mind that it may have negative repercussion on moderate Muslims who are the vast majority. Alright, numbers of them might regularly kill people in the name of their religion but that has nothing remotely to do with their religion.

tenn shooter

Seriously folks, that Australian renegade, Rupert Murdoch, has a lot to answer for in starting a politically incorrect news network which insists on trying to tell the truth when only half-truths, evasions and downright lies are now permissible – that is, if the truth inconveniences any minority group. Read for minority group any group that isn’t white and male or Christian.

Exactly how many killings will it take – 9/11, London’s 7/7, Madrid trains, Mumbai hotel, Boston marathon, Charlie Hebdo and on, and on, and on, numbering many thousands all told, before we collectively get it? This religion inspires killings. There is no mystery. It is there openly in the Koran and in the Hadith. Unbelievers must be converted, subjugated or killed. You can’t find that in any other religion. You can find it, or something like it, in any number of despotic secular tyrannies. Religion is something else again. It is so much more difficult to defeat.

The biggest problem is not the fanatics; it is the vast majority of self-identifying Muslims who do not, of course, want to kill other people. It is the biggest problem because the fanatics could not exist without them. There would be no religion to speak of without them. Moreover, they are the biggest problem because they create an impression — by being peaceful — that the creed is peaceful. Gullible people like David Cameron take the bait. And, if well-briefed political leaders can take the bait, then why not the commentariat and ordinary folk?

I don’t want to be pessimistic, but the faith itself cannot be ridded of its unsavoury parts. Nothing of substance would be left. The answer lies only in moderate and peaceful Muslims realising that their faith is incompatible with an open society and leaving it behind. What are the chances of that? Very small, as it stands, I would suggest. It is made much smaller by according Islam the same respect as accorded other religions. It is completely undeserving.

Eventually, to prevent a new Dark Age, Islam must be confronted ideologically. The religion must be exposed and taken on without impinging adversely on the rights or lives of Muslims in Western societies. Egypt’s President el Sisi made a show of starting the ball rolling but, really, he is in no position to lead the charge. That must come from Western politicians of courage and commitment. Hmm?

In the meantime, there is nothing to see here as devout Muslims, shouting Allahu Akbar, kill military personnel; Jews in delis; artists caricaturing Muhammad; writers not showing appropriate sensitivity and reverence; people in the street, in buildings, in cafes, in hotels, in railway stations. The perpetrators must all be mad or driven to desperation by disadvantage and historical injustices. They don’t represent Islam. They think they do, as do those radical Islamic scholars who have spent their whole lives studying the sacred texts. We know better.

And you can bet your bottom dollar on that same CNN anchorlady wondering anew what it all means when the next, inevitable, Islamic-inspired killing occurs. Was it purely random? Was it workplace violence? Was it a bank robbery gone wrong? What, there were no banks in the vicinity. It’s a mystery.

  • [email protected]

    The question nobody ever asks of peaceful Muslims is this: Why are there no vehement public rallies, demonstrations by a multitude of peaceful Muslims every time their violent brethren commit one of the never ending series of atrocities in the name of Islam? The answer, of course, is that they either tacitly sympathise with the jihadists or scared for their lives if they were to openly display their disapproval, or both. In any case, all those saintly, peaceful Muslims are of no earthly use either for the redemption of their own religion, nor for our protection against the murderous fanatics.

    • gray_rm

      I wonder – not to be accused of Godwin’s Law I hope – whether there isn’t a similarity with the German population and the Nazis in 1930’s?
      Surely some Germans thought the Nazis malodorous, but we’re too afraid for their safety to rebel? And, just perhaps, there is a similar underlying misplaced sense of aggrievance and due?

      Neither suggest an uprising soon. Yet if the ‘ordinary’ Muslims don’t, as we know, someone else will have to clean the entire mess up and, after years of bloody war, we will see the same ‘moderates’ looking at the horrific videos, death camps etc. saying “we did not know”?

  • en passant

    You have told it like it is, but you are probably too late and you will be roundly condemned by almost every weaselling politician of every brand. I have worked with muslims in the M.E. and Oz. I have had fairly open and often radical debates with them. My assessments were that some smiled and tolerated me, but had no capability of ever considering me as a friend, just a co-worker. A tiny minority (two actually) refused to even shake my hand – and one of those amused me by hanging up if a female phoned him. As an aside, he later asked me to sponsor him and his family to Oz and was somewhat miffed when I said ‘No’ and explained why.
    I used to travel extensively and have always chosen to immerse myself in the local culture, food and social activities. It is simply not possible in a muslim country – and that includes Malaysia and Indonesia as they do not want to associate or socialise with us.
    Through its (“They are just people like us”) immigration policies Oz has created an ugly monster that did not exist 40 years ago but is now a permanent affliction. I am old enough to remember walking through Immigration with a cheery wave and going straight to my plane. That will never happen again thanks to the self-inflicted infection of islam.
    I have a close muslim acquaintance who (to my face) tells me he only ‘sort of’ believes, but he still regularly attends the mosque because failure to do so would cost him his ‘friends’. I have long since rid myself of such political, religious and ethnic ‘friends’, but he apparently cannot. His brain has been permanently damaged by early indoctrination.
    Frankly, we are doomed when our first line of defence, the ADF is deliberately infected and diluted by the Orwellian Assistant Defence Minister, Stuart Robert actively encouraging the recruitment of muslims while chanting the bizarrely deranged “Capability through Diversity” slogan, instead of the rational “Unity is Strength”. Multiculti gone mad. When islam takes over it soon sorts out that idiotic myth and imposes conformity or death. They do give a choice.
    The time to recognise that we have a problem with this death cult is now, but it will not happen because the solutions are all unspeakably unpalatable, so the myth must continue until our appeasement destroys us and our culture. Just watch Tony Burke for the ultimate grovelling performance for the muslim vote. No dancing bear ever gave a better performance.
    It took Spain 700 years to roll back the Islamic tide – and they did so by expelling the muslims. Could that happen today? I think not, but France, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and Holland will be the test cases. If they fail – and the indications are that they will – then Oz will too, and it will not take much longer.
    Have a nice day and try not to think about it and maybe it will just go away.

    • [email protected]

      en passant, Your last sentence pointedly reflects the general response I get from those around me. I think it fits with the view of some Jews in the early days of Hitler’s rise in Germany. Trying to counter it can make you seem hysterical – not a good look. Ah well,she’ll be right mate. Peter

  • [email protected]

    I’m compelled to make another comment. We are all familiar with the term “jumping to conclusions”, meaning , of course, the passing of judgement on flimsy evidence. There ought to be a term that means the opposite, that means failing to make a judgement in spite of overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence. It could be “jumping from conclusion”. That is what law enforcement authorities are practising in Tennesy concernig the murder of 5 service persoonel by Mohammed Youssef Abdulazeez. They are “unable to be certain of his motivation”. (!!!) We are not unfamiliar with this rather stupid attitude here in Oz, either. They will twist and turn and contort trying to deny the bleeding obvious. And a horde of “ueseful idiots” eagerly support the farce. Is it any wonder that decent, law-abiding Australians take to the streets over their very real concern for their country?

    • [email protected]

      Bill, “Jumping from conclusions” I like it. Can I use it? Peter

      • [email protected]com

        You are most welcome to use it Peter. I’m sure you will make it count, as always.

  • jenkins

    I suspect it really IS all about the oil after all. My freedom and rights have been traded for oil. That’s the only way I can make sense of what’s happening.

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