Smart Islam, Dopey West

oz burqa 2Australia is in a war with Islamism it knows little about, blinded for years by political correctness, wilful ignorance and capitulation, especially under the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd administrations. For nearly fifteen years, the co-ordinated assault on Western civilization by global Islamism has been intensifying. It is being carried out in accordance with the strategy mapped out in The Priorities of the Islamic Movement in the Coming Phase (1990), which in turn is based on the mysterious document Towards a World Strategy for Political Islam (a.k.a. ‘The Project’), which was prepared in 1982 by the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood as a blueprint for their global strategy for Islamist supremacy. It came to light after police raided a Swiss Bank in November 2001.

As Jennifer Oriel observes today in The Australian (March 13, 2015) beneath the headline “Once upon a time in the West”, ‘The Project’ describes the “gradual manipulation of Western government ‘centres of power’, public health, education and the media towards Islamist ideology”. I discussed it in detail in “How to be a Useful Idiot: Saudi funding in Australia — Part II” (National Observer, No. 77, Winter 2008 (http://www.nationalobserver.net/pdf/2008_saudi_funding_in_australia_part_ii.pdf )), one of the articles that ensured I had no future in Australian universities dominated by ‘useful idiots’.

The strategy described in ‘The Project’ can be summarised as follows:

It involves a complex process of organizational development, involving mosques, community groups, schools, hospitals, charities, advocacy groups, academic centres, Islamist think-tanks, and publishing companies, all of which are to be linked internationally. The latter are to be used to produce books, magazines, pamphlets, and other publications and media (e.g., first cassette tapes, now videos, CDs, DVDs, and computer software) legitimizing and promoting the broad Islamist ideological position, and attracting, cultivating, and promoting Islamist intellectuals.

The strategy also involves ordinary political activity in existing structures (e.g., political parties), and alliances with ‘progressive’ Western organizations (e.g., NGOs) that share attitudes and goals with Islamism (e.g., anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, anti-Americanism, anti-Zionism, etc). It requires extensive network building, and the infiltration of existing or potentially sympathetic organizations — Muslim and non-Muslim – while avoiding open alliances with publicly known terrorist groups; always promoting a public profile of moderation, coupled with a relentless insistence on Muslim ‘victimhood’, with a special focus on the situation of the Palestinians, which is to be dramatized at every opportunity.

Merv Bendle: Yearning for the Apocalypse

All target organizations are to be gradually realigned ideologically in accordance with the principles of Islamism and Jihadism, using whatever tactics of proselytizing, re-education, subversion, manipulation, deception and dissimulation are required. During this stage of development The Project’ emphasizes that it is vital to avoid or minimize any conflicts with or within Western societies that might provoke a backlash and lead to restrictions on Islamist activities. In the longer term, the aim is to develop ‘security forces’ that will protect Islamist organizations and intimidate enemies.

All of this is to be promoted through the media, which has to be carefully cultivated and monitored, while extensive use is to be made of strategically placed agents of influence and useful idiots in newsrooms, universities, councils etc.

This strategy echoes that implemented by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. This used the Communist International, the KGB, various espionage agencies, and front organizations to exploit sympathetic organizations, fellow travellers, useful idiots, and agents of influence in the West. As with that earlier program of infiltration and subversion the Islamist onslaught has been extremely successful, especially amongst intellectuals and in the universities, as I described in “9/11 and the Intelligentsia, Ten Years On” (Quadrant, September 2011).

As would-be jihadists and suicide bombers flock to the ISIS banner, we are now witnessing the results of fifteen years of indolence and treachery.


3 thoughts on “Smart Islam, Dopey West

  • bemartin39@bigpond.com says:

    The vast majority of our politicians, intellectuals and other influential people are either gutless and/or incredibly stupid. The latter is the primary qualification to be a useful idiot.

  • acarroll says:

    Are you sure those two books weren’t written by Islamophobes to drum up hatred of muslims? It has precedent! 😉

  • ian.macdougall says:

    On this issue, I agree 100% with Merv Bendle. Islam is a terrible religion.
    Those born into it (ie Muslims) tend to make the best of it, and cherry-pick from their holy book. As do most Christians.
    But Islam began as a religion of conquest, and its clerics have never lost sight of the goal of total world domination. So ‘Islamophobia’ is a logical and reasonable position to take. Shepherded as they are by Muslim clerics, Muslims display little interest in integration into the wider Australian society. Rather, they incline to form ghettoes of their own.
    They come here commonly as refugees from the wars that have been endemic in Islam since the death of The Prophet. But what they are actually seeking refuge from is the Islamic reality: ie from Islam itself.

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