Open Immigration and the Damage Done

bilalThere has been much talk and news coverage of Islam lately, which is understandable in the light of recent and shocking events, but Islam and is not the nub of the problem. Rather, the ‘religion of peace’ and its more agitated adherents are symptoms pointing to the greater disease of non-selective immigration — a policy foisted upon a nation by an arrogant elite insulated by wealth and background from the consequences of its collective insanity. Viewed from the other-worldliness of university common rooms, the monoculture of politically correct newsrooms and the citadels of careerism that are our governments’ departments of ethnic affairs, multiculturalism is a raging success. Three cheers for the falafel and please pass the latest grants!

But journey to the unfashionable outer suburbs and ask those who live there what they think of ‘common humanity’ and the many other hollow other catchphrases that are the multiculturallist’s stock in trade. You will soon learn all about the culture shock that has been forced upon them. Their complaints will be uttered sotto voce for the most part, because who wants to be branded an intolerant Aussie bigot, an enemy of progress and tolerance, a simple racist or something even worse? But the subdued volume of their complaints and observations does not diminish their validity, nor the irony. Remember, until Al Grassby made a government-financed industry out of “difference”, the post-WWII transformation of Australia’s demographic profile was perhaps the world’s best example of successful mass immigration, integration and acceptance. It is those New Australians, as once they were called, along with and their children and grandchildren and Australians of longer lineage, who must now taste daily with the bitter fruits of the experts’ policies.

Ask these folk about the bullying their kids see in schoolyards, the bashings and the ethnic gangs hanging around train stations and shopping centres. Ask them what they think about about judges and magistrates who let defendants go free because of “cultural differences”. Ask them about watching their neighbour cut a lamb’s throat and hang the animal on the Hills Hoist to bleed it out. Ask them about the fear, stress, violence, crime and anti-social behaviour successive governments have forced them to live with, all of it the consequence of non-selective immigration.

There is no-one to speak for these people, the forgotten Australians. If they are poor, the Left deride them as drunken white racists or, if they are not, sneeringly dismiss them as cashed-up bogans. And the Right? Rather than do something, it exploits their anger and then does nothing about it. The simple truth is that many purported conservatives are quite simply too gutless to undo the harm they know has been done to our society. Everybody who should know better in one way or another derides these unfashionable folk in their unfashionable suburbs. Government is no longer our servant. It is our master, looking after the interests of its own, its mates and those whom it favours, for one venal reason or another.

There is a lot more to be said about the other pernicious influences that have created the climate for the fear, suspicion and divisions which the current eruption of Islamic belligerence represents — such toxins as a welfare system that is an open invitation for rorting, justice administered via a legal system infested with would-be social engineers, schools that have stripped history and heritage from their textbooks and, of course, an immigration Establishment that cares not at all about its real-world effects. Both political parties have either failed us in all of these areas, and I no longer see the point in wasting my time on a lost cause.

But someone should care — any lawmakers, for instance, with a shred of conscience and concern for the country and taxpayers they profess to serve.

This piece is an edited and expanded version of a comment originally posted over the weekend on this thread at the Catallaxy Files blog.

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    I would like to blame the elites and the media and the political class. They have certainly conspired to produce the multicultural mess we find ourselves in; but, and it’s a big but, how have they got away with it? Why haven’t candidates for political office standing for the preservation of our cultural heritage stood and won? I think you have to look deeply into the erosion of our self-esteem, our pride in who we are, our collective embarrassment in standing up for our values. I don’t know how it has happened but it goes right through society. It is not confined to the elites; at least not anymore. I think the game is lost. Apparently patriotism – which I thought ran deep – was just a patina waiting to be stripped away by a few supercilious ponces. Peter

  • Keith Kennelly

    It is our writers poets and artists who have let us down.
    Once they were from the community and spoke with a community voice. Once that was the vehicle of philosophy.
    Now our writers poets and artists are from the elite and they mouth the philosophy of the elites either because of funding determined by the elites or because they are from the community of the elites.

    Listen out for community poets and writers they are the voice of the Australian community.

    These days they are online.
    EG manlyandwomenpoets. wordpress.com

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