‘Arrest Me, Abbott, I Dare You’

18c-2Dear Prime Minister,

As you will note, I have filled in the blanks in the form below, published by Quadrant Online.  No honest or sensible person could disagree with these assertions, but under Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, which you have broken an explicit promise to repeal, I am liable to prosecution for “offending” self-declared members of the Victim-Australian Community.

Somewhere in Australia, someone will be offended – and, as you now prefer to ignore, that is all that is required under Section 18C

I therefore demand that you refer me for immediate prosecution. As you have dishonoured your promise to fight for free speech in the name of “national unity” (whatever that means), moral consistency demands that you have me charged.

You are not prepared to defend free speech, but I am – even if I must do so from the dock and, I hasten to add, at the ballot box.

Consider this an act of civil disobedience. Now prosecute me. I dare you.



Signature: __________________________




Fill in the blanks below with the name of whatever group seems most appropriate. Hint: It won’t be ‘Presbyterians’.    Send the completed form to:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott
Parliament House,
Canberra, 2600

Be aware that completing this document represents an act of civil disobedience. It will constitute Exhibit A in any charges brought against you

1/ Members of the ______ community are disproportionately represented amongst those recently charged and convicted with plotting terrorist acts.

2/ Members of the ______ community are disproportionately represented amongst those charged with female genital mutilation.

3/ Some leaders of the ______ community are prone to denouncing the society that has welcomed them.

4/ Other leaders of the ______ community remain pointedly silent as their co-religionists journey overseas to join known terrorist organisations.

I will be at home and available to be taken into custody at the following time:  __.__ am/pm


Signature: ________________________________


This document was drafted by Quadrant Online editor Roger Franklin, who would be proud to be charged with violating Section 18C.



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