Enraged Catholics Blow Up The U.N.

poperyNow there’s a headline you won’t see anywhere. Right alongside ‘Catholic rebels decapitate US soldier’ and ‘Catholic insurgents raid Nigerian towns’ or ‘Catholic terrorists fly planes into World Trade Center’.

This week, the United Nations – which has been shipping rapists and child molesters into war-torn parts of the world for years now, alongside plenty of enforced contraception for those stupid poor black people who keep having babies – decided to tell the Catholic Church to clean up its act.

And not just clean up its act, but change its teaching. A UN committee that purportedly monitors the rights of children has insisted that the Catholic Church is standing in the way of these children being killed through perfectly legal and wholesome abortions, and that therefore the Church must change its teaching on this.

People who take part in abortions should not be excommunicated, either. Marriage can’t be limited to just one man and one woman, and of course the teaching on homosexual acts just contributes to “social stigmatisation and violence” against homosexual adolescents and children raised by same-sex couples.

The average Mass attendance across the Western world is now down to around 10% of the total Catholic population, with a good tail-wind. The only Catholics who go to Mass regularly now are the ones who really believe in it all. So why this over-egging of the pudding?

Precisely because the Catholic Church refuses to (a) do as the UN tells it; and (b) lie down and die.

The Vatican is under renewed attack by powerful forces that intend to silence its voice at the United Nations, where it  has the status of Observer State at the UN, which allows it to negotiate documents. And it has a sterling record of using its voice to defend human life, the status of women, and the traditional family.

These forces wanting the Vatican out at the UN include the most powerful non-governmental organisations in the world, including International Planned Parenthood Federation, Marie Stopes International, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States). Their goal is to silence the lone moral voice of the UN.

If the Vatican is kicked out, abortion could become a universal human right, marriage between one man and one woman redefined out of existence, and UN-style population control imposed on families across the globe.

Not to mention the glorious irony of an organisation that has been around for some seventy years — and which became almost immediately corrupt, and has remained so for most of its lifespan — laying down the law to an organisation that’s been around for more than 2000 years, has done a staggering amount of good for suffering humanity, and has shown itself remarkably efficient at cleaning out its own Augean stables, more than once.

Austin Ruse, of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) is calling on people of goodwill of all faiths to join him in signing a petition by following this link. You can sign as a group, or as an individual.

Philippa Martyr blogs at Transverse City

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